Title: This Isn't Right...

By: LilyPWriteryahoo.com

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Chapter 13: Can You Resist?

As the school year was coming to an end, most of the 7th years were in high spirits. The thought of no more O.W.L.s, N.E.W.T.s, homework, or Snape kept a permanent smile upon the Gryffindors' faces. Some 7th years, like the Hufflepuffs for example, were crying their eyes out the day before the End of Term Feast.

Ginny found herself packing very carefully before the feast, making sure that everything was in its place and everything was in her trunk. She even was caught, by Dawn, stealing the wash towels from the girls' bathroom that had the Hogwarts seal on the right-hand bottom corner.

Although Ginny was happy to be finishing school, she knew deep down, under her happy smile and her mask of joy, that she was going to miss the place. Quidditch wasn't really her main thing, but she had started back up in Charms Club, and tiny Professor Flitwick was her favorite teacher.

What Ginny decided she was really going to miss the most were her friends. Dawn was going to work for the Ministry, in the Magical Creatures department. Kiki was going to be a writer at 'Wicked Witch Weekly.' Colin was going to take pictures for the Daily Prophet, and Kyan was going to work in Hogsmeade at a Pub.

Ginny knew she would see them all again, but not everyday like she usually did. Part of her said to thank her lucky stars because she had been around them so long, but the other part knew she was going to cry.

Ginny attended the feast, sitting with the other 7th and 6th years. Colin and Dennis were crying, Dawn was giggling with Kiki as Tony, a very cute 7th year, walked by, and Kyan was smiling at Ginny. "What?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing." Kyan turned back to his food, smiling more.

"No, tell me!" Ginny prodded him with the end of her fork.

"Well," Kyan sighed, not wanting to be shish-ka-bobbed on the end of her fork, said, "I was just remembering the first time I saw you. I used to have a huge crush on you."

"What?" Ginny practically yelled, "But you're--"

"I know, but I wasn't always this way," Kyan pointed out. "I have dated girls before," he added in a whisper.

"You," Ginny smiled, "used to have a crush on me?"

Kyan laughed, "Yes, you crazed lunatic!" Kyan gave her a gentle push into the Gryffindor next to her.

"Hey," Sara yelled at Ginny, whose head was on her shoulder.

"Sorry," Kyan and Ginny said as Ginny sat up quickly.

Dumbledore stood up and raised his arms in the air, looking around the room and smiling. "Another year," he said, "done." His eyes swept over the room, as did the teachers', all looking at their students. "I must say that I will miss this year just as much as I missed the year before." His eyes moved toward Harry, then he looked directly at Ginny and said to the room, "I pray that the relationships we have made over this year will last, for we must all be united."

The twinkle in Dumbledore's eyes seemed to sparkle at Ginny in a knowing manner. Ginny's stomach did a flip as she looked over at Harry with a face of worry and fright. Yet Harry was smiling at her, and he winked before she turned away quickly. Sara and Beth were looking at her.

"You're together, aren't you?" Beth snarled at Ginny.

"No," Ginny said simply.

"Yes, you are! I just know it," Sara barked quietly at her. "Plus," Sara said with satisfaction, "he is our teacher and if it happens to slip to Dumbledore that you two are involved before this feast is over, you will be expelled. No Ministry work for you."

Ginny's face must have given away the truth. She and Harry had been doing things that no teacher should be doing with a student. Ginny glanced at Kyan as if to say, 'Help me!'

Beth smiled evilly and said, "I'll just get up and tell Dumbled-"

At that moment Dumbledore called everyone's attention back to himself, "I do have bad news. Professor Potter has decided to resign from his current position. So, he is no longer your teacher."

"You were going to what, Beth?" Kiki asked with a gleam in her eyes.

"Nothing," Beth grumbled, sitting back in her seat.

"What?" Sara shrieked, "We can still tell them, they were involved before Professor Potter resigned!"

"No, Sara," Beth warned. Ginny glanced at Kiki who had a satisfied smile on her face. It was as if Kiki had flipped the switch that made Beth stand up to Sara, while at the same time cowering in Kiki's shadow.

"What do you mean?" bellowed Sara, "I'll do it then!"

"No, you won't, Sara." Beth gave her a warning glare.

"What's going on?" Ginny asked Kiki, who went back to her piece of cake.

Everyone's eyes were either on Kiki, who had a victorious smile on her face, or Beth, who was looking at the table. Sara's bottom lip was hanging down and she began to kick Beth under the table.

Kiki glanced at Ginny and gave a face that said, 'Tell you later.' That face didn't help. Ginny wanted to know now. She let out a giant sigh and looked up at Harry, who was staring at her. He winked and Ginny began to blush.

The twinkling in his eyes was a sort of gleam of amusement. Ginny's stomach flipped, it was this Harry that she liked the most, not the gloom and doom Boy-Who-Lived. This Harry, the new-and-improved Harry, the one who killed Voldemort last year: he was her favorite. He was cool, calm, and collected; not shy, jumpy, and crazed. Harry had changed, most definitely, for the better.

As Ginny and company made their way to the Common Room, bellies full and a sadness about them, Dawn remembered Kiki's tie over Beth and asked her about it.

"Well," Kiki said with a smile, making sure only her friends could hear her, "I'll tell you." Kiki grinned and pulled them into an empty classroom, lighting her wand so they could see her face. "A few weeks ago, I was doing homework in the Library."

"Homework?" Kyan asked with an eyebrow lifted.

"Ok, I was reading up on Greg Flamox, that sexy wizard in April's issue of Teen Witch."

"OH!" The girls squealed.

"Anyway!" Colin yelped.

"Well," Kiki said after a giggle, "I was in the library and Beth came in and rushed up to me saying, 'Kiki,'" she adopted this mock pitiful voice, "'you've got to help me! I'll do anything!' And I said, 'Why should I help you?' and she goes on and on about how she would do anything to return the favor, all I need to do is ask. Well, turns out that she peed her pants and needed me to sneak her to the Common Room before anyone could notice."

Everyone began to laugh and joke about Beth and how funny this whole predicament was when Ginny paused and began to sniffle. "Wh-whats wrong, Gin?" Dawn managed to ask between giggles.

"This is the last time we are going to laugh in the Charms classroom," Ginny rubbed her face as she felt the burning sensation of tears in her eyes. Her friends slapped her.

"You freak," they called as they pushed her out of the old classroom and up to the Common Room, making fun of her the entire way.

The next morning was bright and sunny. A cold breeze seemed to wave good- bye to everyone. Ginny and her roommates were doing last minute packing and it seemed to take longer with the occasional tear coming out, the reminiscing, and the old memories coming back to say ado.

Ginny grabbed one end of her trunk and heaved it out of her dorm and in the hall outside the door. She pushed it to the stairs and let it clank and clunk all the way down to the Common Room, (it sounded like an elephant was running to make it to the train on time).

Ginny walked down after it and smiled at everyone who was watching. "Going out with a bang, eh, Weasley?" A very cute Gryffindor 6th year said.

"You got it, Matthews," Ginny grinned and put a spell on the trunk to levitate it out of the Common Room to follow Kyan and Dawn's trunks.

Walking down the seven flights of stairs seemed to take longer than usual as Ginny paused to remember significant moments that happened in certain spots. She paused at every floor and even stopped at most picture frames to say good-bye to their occupants. She even said good-bye to the Bloody Baron, Peeves, and of course she had to say 'so long' to Nearly-Headless Nick.

In the Entrance Hall, her teachers stood lined up saying their good-byes to the 7th years. Ginny received a hug around the middle from Professor Flitwick. Snape didn't pay much attention to her, though she knew she would see him at Order meetings soon. Sprout told her that it had been a pleasure, McGonagall winked at her, and Ginny was pleased to get a large hug and a kiss upon the forehead from Headmaster Dumbledore.

As Ginny ascended onto the grounds she began to feel a weight lift from her shoulders, a pressure that she never realized was there. Ginny rode in the horseless carriages across the grounds until she reached Hogsmeade.

"Its over," Ginny whispered as she watched her luggage being put in one of the compartments.

"What?" Kyan pushed her.

"Its over," Ginny said louder to him.

"What do you mean? Our lives are just beginning!" Colin piped up from behind her.

Ginny turned and looked at her friends faces. "Well, this is one part of my life that is over! Done with, finite!" Suddenly all her friends ducked, and so did some people around her as if avoiding a flying object. "I don't have my wand out guys, you're not going to lose your heads."

A few people laughed, some mumbling about how things will never change. Ginny's friends looked a little past her and said, "We'll save a seat for you."

Ginny raised and eyebrow turned to where they were looking. Harry was leaning up against a stack of trunks that had not been put in the luggage cart yet. He was smiling and walked over to her. "Miss Weasley," he said, "Good morning."

"It is a lovely day, Professor," she smiled.

"Well, Ginny, it seems the one time I don't need to hear that, you finally learn it."

"Oh," Ginny pointed to him playfully, "that's right, I heard you were fired."

"No, no, no, I quit," Harry corrected her.

"Fired, quit, whatever," Ginny grinned.

Harry glared lightly and smiled at her, "This means that I am no longer your teacher. I may not your mentor, but I am your elder, and I demand respect." He gave her a cocky grin.

Ginny blushed and poked him. "Like you'll get it," she joked. "Anyway, what's your point?"

"That means we can't get in trouble--"

"Why would we get in trouble?" Ginny shrugged and glanced around, teasing him.

"Well, if we ever decided to get together."

"What are you implying?" Ginny asked. She suddenly realized that the space between them seemed to run out. Harry placed at hand on her arm, then her pulled her into a lose hug.

"Well," he said, "I sure know we never did anything at the Masquerade Ball, Christmas, inside my office, or anywhere else." He winked at her. "So I was wondering, since we have never done anything together that implies anything, would you like to go out on a date or something with me?"

Ginny was well aware of the fact that the students from the platform were all watching their teacher and fellow student in a very cozy looking hug, and the ones not on the platform were watching from their compartment windows. She could just make out the outline of Sara and Beth a few feet away from her.

"Well," Ginny paused, "I'm not sure." She looked sideways at him with a grin on her face.

"Ginny, I really like you," Harry said, "I mean, I have for a while. Do you think that maybe we can get together?" Harry smiled and added, "Of course, how could you resist me?"

Ginny playfully pushed him. He laughed and added, "...because I know I can't resist you." Harry's eyes began to adopt a gleam of passion. Ginny knew what was going to happen.

"Ok, I guess that we can meet up sometime, for coffee or something. But," she added, "don't get your hopes up." With that, she leaned in and kissed him right there, in front of everyone.

He was right: she couldn't resist him.

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