Dream of me

Dream of me, of what could be….

Chapter 1

Rikku slammed the door and flopped down on the bed with a sigh. "Finally!" she said gratefully, Yuna had been browsing for her wedding dress and Rikku had been taken along for the ride. Paine had wisely had something else to do. At first it had been fine but Yuna could shop. She definitely could shop. Rikku sat up and rubbed her sore feet tiredly. After defeating Vegnagun and the return of Tidus, he had proposed to Yuna. The wedding was in at least two months but Yuna was so excited. Rikku couldn't blame her, losing Tidus had been hard on her. Now he was back they were as happy as could be. Lulu and Wakka were busy caring for their son.

Meanwhile Cid was rebuilding a new Home for the Al-Bhed, even though New Yevon and the Youth League had stopped being openly hostile to one another, old habits were hard to break. The Eternal Calm was going well though.

Rikku got up with another sigh and walked across her flat to the small kitchen. Being Yuna's cousin she got her own flat in Bevelle. The Gullwings were having a vacation for a while, as Brother- though nobody actually said it, was feeling a bit off about Yuna and Tidus. The flat was small, but it was comfortable. Rikku filled the kettle and flicked the switch on. She leant back against the counter to await the boiling of the water. Life was a lot easier being able to use machina openly. She thought with a smile of her trusty hover bike downstairs.

Suddenly several pieces of paper slid off the table with a soft thud. She walked over to them and picked up her post. Bored, she flicked through it. Bills, bills, bills, I've won a romantic dinner…. Thought Rikku. Then abruptly a flowing script caught her eye. "Eleni!" she squealed happily and tore open the envelope. The other mail was thrown aside in favour of more interesting news. The note in question read:

To Rikku,

How are you? I'm sorry I haven't written for a while, I've been busy exploring Spira in search of new machina! I'm currently in Kilika where I think there may be some old machina in the woods. You so have to come and visit if you have time. Phone me for the details if you want to. I'm not much of a letter writer so I'll sign off.

Eleni x

A grin curved her lips as she skipped joyfully to the cheerfully bubbling kettle. She poured herself a cup of tea and sipped contentedly. She was going on a visit.


Yuna was busy scribbling notes. Her job as a Maistress of Spira was hard but she enjoyed it. She flicked a stray piece of hair out of her face and scanned what she had written. "You work too hard." Commented Tidus as he sauntered in and sat down inelegantly on the sofa. She turned on her chair and laughed teasingly at him "Well some of us have to govern Spira." He grinned and stretched cat-like. "You forget, I am an eminent blitz player!"

She got up and walked to the window "My job pales into insignificance!" she mocked, placing a dramatic hand on her forehead. He got up and stood behind her as they looked out onto the prospect of Bevelle at sunset. Together, they stood in silence for a while, just enjoying each others company. Yuna smiled as Tidus slipped an arm around her waist. His breath was warm on her cheek.

She turned round and gave him a quick kiss then walked back to her work desk as the phone ringing shattered the peaceable atmosphere. Tidus was still at the window, admiring the pastel colours of the sunset. The sun was a dusky red and the clouds were stained a warm pink. Yellows and scarlet streaked the sky at intervals too. Bevelle shone in the fading light. Although there were few happy memories there, they would make new ones. Flags fluttered in the twilight breeze and the sounds of the population of the city were distant.

Meanwhile Yuna was having a conversation with her cousin.

"Yeah of course I don't mind if you go to visit someone! The wedding not for a while yet….

"Thanks Yuna, I appreciate it. I really want to see her."

"Well have a nice time!"

"I' d better start packing, I think I might go tomorrow….Anyway I'll be seeing you. Bye Yunie!"

Yuna put the phone down and shook her head chuckling, ever the impulsive one she thought settling back down to her work. She picked up her notes and started to write once more.


Rikku hummed as she strapped her bag onto her trusty hover bike. Following the bag she leapt onto it and revved it up with satisfaction. She was in her element.

Several people yelped and leapt out of the way as the bike tore down the road with a maniacally grinning Al-Bhed girl on it. She drove down the streets of Bevelle to the exit. The guards waved her past the checkpoints. She was still a little scared by the guards. The day when Seymour forced Yuna into marriage and Rikku had faced death from the barrel of a gun wielded by a blank faced guard still haunted her. His eyes had been hidden. It was freaky not to mention incredibly frightening. And that monster Seymour had been forcing Yunie to marry him she thought angrily. And the secrets that New Yevon had kept there, including Vegnagun. Instinctively she ground her teeth. Then she took a deep breath and concentrated instead on the wondrous feeling of the wind whipping past her face. She whooped ecstatically as she could gain speed outside of the city.

This is life! She though exultantly as the hover bike shot down the road. After the initial burst of 'need for speed' had worn off. Rikku slowed, she had already made good progress and had reached Macalania forest.

The forest gleamed an iridescent blue-green on the horizon and got ever larger. The morning mist had settled on it and was a silver wreath around the glowing crystals as she walked in. The delicate yet deadly beauty. A reverent silence hung in the forest, like one you find in a temple thought Rikku. Only the intermittent burst of birdsong came to Rikku's ears as she switched off her bike. She had time to spare, she thought cheerfully.

The trees emitted a gentle light as Rikku tugged her hover bike into a secluded clearing. There was a clear lake that shone golden in the morning sunlight. She sat down under an accommodating tree and glanced contentedly at her surroundings. The voice of Bayra echoed in her mind 'the woods will soon be no more…'. Rikku frowned slightly.

She had phoned Eleni the previous night and told her plans to visit. Eleni had been overjoyed, they had known each other since they had been tiny. Unfortunately Eleni's family had moved away to Kilika. They still saw each other when they could though. Rikku closed her eyes as the stillness washed over her….

Rikku…..Rikku……look at me………..


Open your eyes……


Your dreams will be true, your waking reality. You must keep sight of your destiny….Be strong…You must be strong…..


Save him…..You can…..Only you…..Only you….

Rikku awoke with a start, she was breathing rapidly and she looked around confusedly. Everything was as she had left it. A solitary blue butterfly fluttered over the lake. "It was just a dream…." She told herself firmly. "Just a dream…." She repeated.

Your dreams will be true, your waking reality.

The words from her dream returned to her. "What does it mean?" she groaned, burying her head in her hands.

End of Chapter 1


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