Dream of me

While you were sleeping, I saw the secrets I was keeping…

Chapter 6

The summoner sighed and thought of his love. Opening his eyes he saw the sparkling green eyes watching. A smile lit his face, she had always been able to make him smile. Her cropped her hair danced around her shoulders as if blown by some unseen breeze. Her solemn expression was betrayed by the twinkle in her eyes. His hand reached out for a moment, then dropped down a second later. He knew it was impossible. Though he knew it, it still hurt.

"I miss you." He said simply, his voice trembling slightly. "But I know you would not want me to be unhappy. Our daughter-" he stopped.

'Goodbye daddy…I love you'

The two coloured eyes gazed at him, betraying the small grin on her face. They were full of sadness.

His resolve wavered but then snapped into place taut. He would rid Spira of Sin, for Yuna. He would protect her and the people of Spira. He would defeat Sin.

"She is growing, she will be beautiful, like you. My guardians, like me, have been rejected by society but we will defeat Sin. That we show those who doubt us. Jecht, he says he comes from Zanarkand. He seems so convinced, it does make me wonder…" spoke Braska in his soft voice. "And there is Auron. He was expelled from the Warrior Monks. He refused the High Priest's daughter's hand in marriage. They are both good friends and loyal guardians. Though Auron may be slightly distracted at the moment." He gave an amused laugh.

"I am journeying to defeat Sin, so," he paused and became serious "I will be with you soon. I hope. Anyway, I should go now. Goodbye…and I love you." He added in a whisper.

Braska turned away and walked purposefully towards the entrance. Auron stood watching the Farplane, Jecht was exclaiming at it half the time and the other half claiming that what Auron said didn't scare him. Auron was chiefly ignoring these remarks.

"Ready, my lord?" inquired Auron. Braska nodded slowly and giving one last lingering glance to the Farplane, Auron walked out.

Braska was about to follow but he passed Jecht but then stopped and looked back "…Jecht? Is there anyone you would like to call?" Jecht grinned "Nah, I'm fine. The people I love are in Zanarkand." Braska smiled and walked out, followed by Jecht. As soon as they exited the Farplane, an exhausted Guado hurried up to them "My Lord Braska." He panted and bowed low. Jecht heaved a gusty sigh and rolled his eyes then winced when Auron elbowed him. "Yes?" replied Braska. The Guado bowed once more "Lord Jyscal begs to have the honour of thine presence at his repast later."

Jecht sported a baffled look "Right, I, er, didn't get a word of that…" he scratched the back of his head sheepishly. Braska inclined his head "Please present my compliments to Lord Jyscal and inform him it is I who shall be honoured." The Guado bowed deeply again "I shall, My lord. Thank you." And began to walk off.

Suddenly a deep throated roar sounded as a large fiend sprang at Braska. Auron stepped in front of him quickly. Its claws sank deep into Auron's back, then it leapt forward again and stood growling menacingly. Hissing in pain the ex-monk buckled to his knees. Braska and Jecht went into battle position. Concentrating, Braska cast a thundara spell at the beast and Jecht sliced at it quickly.

As soon as the fiend dissolved into pyreflies, the summoner and the blitzer hurried over to the wounded Auron. "Any potions?" Braska asked Jecht curtly. The tanned man shook his head "I didn't think we'd need them!" he said pleadingly. Braska sighed "I can't cast a very powerful cura right after that battle- but I'll try." A faint green light glowed faintly around Auron. Braska examined the wound, peeling back the blood-soaked leather. "Its deep, my cura stopped some of the bleeding. Luckily it's not too serious. We'd better get him back to the inn though." He said grimly. "Where the hell did that thing come from?!" exclaimed Jecht furiously, while hefting up Auron and helping him stand.

A Guado ran over to them, a sulky adolescent trailing behind him. "I apologise." He said, tight-lipped with anger. "My student thought it would be-amusing- to bring a fiend into Guadosalam." He spoke, glaring at the boy. The blue-haired boy looked back levelly "Where's Tromell?" he said carelessly. The Guado ignored him "Apologise Seymour!"

Without looking at them, the boy muttered an apology then ran off. The Guado took off in pursuit , yelling at the boy.

"At least he didn't bow." Commented Auron absently, then winced as Braska prodded the wound gently. The summoner sighed and frowned "I don't think you'll be able to go to the meal tonight." He explained. "But, my lord-"

"No complaints, I'm not having you pass out halfway through the evening!" interrupted Braska evenly. "I'll take Jecht with me." Jecht looked up "Hey! But I'm the drunken lout!" Auron managed a faint chuckle. Braska rose an eyebrow "You're coming, as long as you don't talk about Zanarkand." Jecht shrugged. "Fair enough." Braska smirked slightly "And the Guado don't drink alcohol." Auron looked relieved at the news. The blitzballer's shoulders sagged but then he perked up "Oh well."

When they got back to the inn, they conveyed the complaining Auron to his room. He didn't stop until Braska told him firmly but fairly to 'Shut up'.

Braska closed the door to Auron's room with a soft thud. He sighed wearily "A sleep spell. I had to put him under a sleep spell. He's an awkward patient." Jecht laughed and pushed himself off the wall.

"Hey guys!" a cheery voice greeted their ears. Braska, who had been pondering a way to keep Auron in one place so he could recover, turned to her with an enlightened smile and a rarely seen devious light in his eye. "Ah, Lerina!" he said calmly. "Could you- do me a favour?" Rikku grinned "Sure Braska!" He glanced briefly towards the swordsman's door " Thank you. Could you please watch Auron doesn't move from there? He was attacked before so I don't want him to aggravate the wound." Rikku's eyes widened "Is, is he okay?" a note of alarm crept into her voice. "He'll live." Threw in Jecht casually. Rikku smiled "Alright. Where are you two going?" as they smiled and moved to walk away. Braska answered "If you need us we'll be at the main house. Lord Jyscal has invited us to dine with him." Rikku nodded in understanding. "We'd better get going actually, we'll be late if not." Reminded Jecht. Braska merely strode over to the exit "Thank you again Lerina." He called over his shoulder. Jecht followed.

As soon as they were out of earshot Jecht glanced back "You're very devious, you know that?" he remarked to the other man. Braska laughed "Just hastening the inevitable, my friend. And anyway Auron does need someone to watch over him." He defended. Jecht shot him a sideways look "Yeah…" Braska gave him an innocent face. "To dinner." He said simply. "Or repast." Muttered Jecht.

Meanwhile, Rikku had watched the two men walk down the corridor. She blinked and turned away towards Auron's door.

After her deliberating session, no new ideas had sprung to mind. And so she just hoped that whatever- or whoever- had sent her back, would see fit to return to her own time. A pang of regret tinged the thought; she suppressed it quickly.

After recollecting she was standing in a corridor staring at a door, she banished any of her confusing thoughts and came down to a more practical level.

"Right, Auron." She rubbed her hands together briskly and pushed the door open.

The room was fairly dark, lit only by the iridescent glow emanating from the walls. Auron was lying on the bed breathing deeply. She wandered closer and saw he was asleep. She felt fairly glad, as from past experience with Auron she knew an Auron in pain was a grouchy Auron. Being careful not wake him, she stepped quietly over to the side of the bed.

Turning up the bedside lamp slightly, she surveyed the sleeping man. Some of his ebony hair had strayed from the band and lay next to his face. She sat down slowly, still watching him.

She felt vaguely guilty for her untoward feelings, she had dated her fellow Al-Bhed Gippal a while back but they had split up because he had infuriated her but he still seemed to keep old feelings.

But try as she might to deny it, this new Auron fascinated her. He seemed so animated, so alive- she checked herself. Technically he was dead when she knew him in more ways than one, she told her herself lightly, trying to divert her thought patterns. Also it wouldn't do to be thinking so much about someone in the past. She could be taken back to her own time at any point. But still…

"Who are you Auron?" she said softly aloud, brushing the stray bangs away from his face.


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