(Note: The only thing that belongs to me in this story is the plot and a few of the characters.)

Lily and James: The th year and how they got together

chapter 1: The Journey to Hogwarts

Lily Evans stood outside platform 9 3/4, realizing, as if it were the first time, that it would be her last time to walk through, as a Hogwarts student. Lily took a deep breath and walked into the barrier, between platforms 9 and 10. Right away Lily began looking for her two best friends, Catrina (Cat) and Maria, both 7th years like Lily. Cat was slightly taller then than Lily with brown hair that flowed a little below her shoulder blade; she also had amazing blue eyes. Maria, on the other hand, was about the same height as Lily, with dark brown curly hair that went a little below her shoulders; she also had creamy chocolate brown eyes. Lily, was a beautiful red head, with hair a bit longer then Cat's with an elegant curl at the tips. But the thing that made Lily Evans so beautiful, were her sparkling green eyes. The three could easily be called the prettiest girls at Hogwarts. They were all beautiful, tall, and intelligent.

Lily quickly spotted them and waved. She ran toward them and the three began catching up, and talking about what happened over their summers. Before they knew it, the whistle blew for the train to leave and they were all rushing inside.

"Oh, by the way nice badge, Lily." Cat said with a bit of sarcasm as she tried to catch her breath.

"Well thanks! It's beautiful isn't it?" Lily said as she showed off her Head Girl badge. All three of them giggled.

Lily headed for the place, where the prefects met for instructions from the head boy and girl while Maria and cat went to find a compartment. But as Lily slid opened the door a bunch of prefects headed out of the room followed by James Potter.

'Oh no, not potter! Here it comes, Lily will you go out with me?' she thought, 'he's so annoying!'

But to Lily's surprise all he said to her was "I already told the new prefects what to do, I didn't think you would mind." Lily stood there speechless, just gaping at James. "Well...Bye, Lily." he said and began walking off.

"Wait!" Lily called after him, coming back to her senses.

"Yea..." he said as he turned around.

"Your head Boy?!?" she yelled quickly.

"Yea... Sorry if I disappointed you." he said with a quick charming smile and walked off not giving Lily a chance to reply. But to Lily's surprise she didn't feel hatred like she usually did when Potter gave her that cute smile of his, instead she felt a sort of sympathy.

'Wow. What did Potter do to me? Did I just actually feel sorry for him?' She thought as she watched James turn the corner.

She quickly put her thoughts at the back of her mind, and decided to look for her friends.

She looked for her friends in various compartments, yelling at a few more people, until she saw Maria step out of one a few ahead.

"Hey Maria!" she called out.

"Oh hey Lily. We're all in here, sorry but this was the only compartment left that fit us in it too, I'm just going to go change into my robes.

"Okay." Lily said a little puzzled as to what she meant, she walked into the compartment.

'Just my luck!' Lily began to think. It was James Potter and the rest of the Marauders as they liked to call themselves. The Marauders included: James Potter, Sirius Black (They were kind of the leaders of the group), Remus Lupin (the quiet shy type with a book in front of him a lot), and Peter Pettigrew who didn't seem to fit all that well in the group.

James was tall, maybe about 6 to 7 inches taller then her, he had messy black hair, and hazel eyes that made your heart melt, but were covered with his glasses, and muscles from playing Quiditch. Sirius was about the same height as James, with jet black hair and beautiful eyes as well, with a smile that made every girl at school almost faint at the look of it, he was built like James but showed off a little more then he did. They were both, the hottest guys at school, and any girl would die for a date with either of them. Then there was Remus. Remus was tall, kind of skinny, but still pretty muscular but not as much as James or Sirius. He was shy, and quiet, and very intelligent, but a lot of girls loved him for his charm and gentlemen like ways, although he usually looked a little Peaky. Peter was the shortest, he had mousy hair, and watery eyes, not many girls spoke to him because he really wasn't that social.

Lilly stared at James for a moment, feeling a little embarrassed for a reason she didn't know of, and then sat her self next to Cat across from Sirius.

"So my sweet sweet Lily. Why is it that you look so pale? You act like you saw something unbelievable. Is it because you saw James with that badge?" Sirius said taking her hand and forcing her to listen to him.

Lily just stared at him. "Now, why would I be shocked that Potter got the badge? Am I that narrow minded?" she said staring into his eyes with a mean look on her face.

"It sure seemed like it." James said from beside Sirius, he was staring out the window.

Lily didn't know what to say. He was right. She stared at him waiting to see if he could say it to her face.

"Um...well, I'm going to go change into my robes." Lily said after an awkward silence where they all stared at each other, with the exception of James who just continued to stare out of his window. Lily got up and headed for the changing room.

"I think I'll go change too." James said, and he left too.

--In the compartment--

"Wow! I've never seen anything like that." Cat said after James had left.

"Seen what?" Remus asked.

"Well...James...He didn't once ask Lily out or hit on her while we were in here!" she said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "Does he still like her?" she said.

"Of coarse he does! He's bloody well in love with her!" Sirius said with a big smile on his handsome face.

"Then what happened to him?" Cat said.

"Well....well....never mind I'll tell you later okay?"

"Fine." She said with a hint of attitude.

"Oh come on love, you know you can't stay mad at me too long." he said pulling her face toward his.

When she saw Sirius' fake puppy eyed face she couldn't help but giggle. But Sirius was right. She could never stay mad at him. She had liked him since their 5th year, but really never had the guts to tell him.

'If only I could be more like James and just tell Sirius I like him so much.' Cat thought as she stared at him laugh at one of his own jokes he had been telling Peter. Right then Maria walked into the compartment in her school robes.

"Hey Maria!" Remus said with a huge smile plastered onto his face.


'OK James, your doing great. Just don't slip up and say something stupid to Lily. But I want to talk to her. Maybe if I ask how her summers been going. Yeah she can't get mad at me for that!' he thought as he stared at himself in the mirror. Then once everything was on properly he headed off toward the compartment again.


'What is happening?!? Why am I feeling bad for Potter? Maybe it's nothing. Once I get back to school everything will be back to the way it's supposed to be. Potter will ask me out, and I will say no. Then he'll pull a prank on a little third year and I'll yell. Okay great.' With her thoughts ending she got up and walked over toward the compartment. On her way out she spotted James and slowed her walk so he wouldn't notice her. James was just walking, nothing unusual about what he was doing. Until he spotted a third year trying to get her way through the train but was being pushed down repeatedly from older students. To Lily's surprise James didn't push her down. He knelt down and helped her up.

"Your...your...your James Potter!" the little girl said shaking nervously as he helped her.

"Right you are little lady, are you having trouble?" he said sweetly to the girl.

"Well...yes, I suppose I am." she said still shaking.

"I can fix that!" James said excitedly. And another shock to Lily. James picked up the girl and placed her on his shoulder. She was a little scared but looked as if she was enjoying it. And instead just jinxing people out of his way, he was asking politely for them to move. Once he got across, he placed the little girl down, and she thanked him nervously and hugged him tight around his waist. James just patted her on the head gently, and said "it was no problem at all."

The little girl rushed off to her friends to tell them what James had done for her and they all giggled excitedly and went into their compartment.

Lily couldn't move or say anything. She just stared as he walked away.

'That had to be the nicest thing I've ever seen him do! To think Potter being nice!'

With that she began walking back to the compartment.

--In the compartment again--

"Hi you guys." Lily said as she looked around. She sat her self in between cat and Maria and they all went back to their conversation they had, had before they got on the train.

After awhile though Sirius had pulled Cat into a conversation, Maria was talking with Remus, and Peter was asleep. That left Lily and James alone. "So had a good summer?" James said a little nervously.

"Yea...why do you want to know Potter?" Lily said.

"I was just asking!" James said a little mad.

"Well what did you really want to ask!?" Lily yelled as she stood up.

"Forget it Lily, I was only trying to start a conversation!" James retaliated.

"Well fine then!" Lily screamed and stormed out to patrol the train.

"Ugh, she can be so frustrating!" James said as he sat back down on his seat, realizing that he was standing.

"What happened to being nice?" Sirius said a little sarcastically.

"I was." James said sounding as if he had lost some thing. "All I asked was if her summer was good."

"Oh...well sorry then...I thought you asked her out." Sirius said apologetically.

"Well I didn't." James sad as he left the compartment.


"Hey you two! Get away from there! And you hand over that dung bomb right away." Lily screamed at some unexpected 4th years.

Then her thoughts began to pile up on her brain again. 'Why did I do that?!? Potter was just being nice. Maybe this just some stupid plan he has for getting me to fall for him. Well it's not going to work! But he didn't know I saw him help that little girl! But maybe that was a part of his plan too, he probably paid her off or something.' She was so confused but she was awoken from her thoughts as she fell over. Some one had bumped into her. It was Lucius Malfoy, he was a Slytherin and hated muggle born wizards as much as anyone could.

"Move it mudblood! People far more important than yourself are walking here." he spat at her. She just sat on the floor trying to get up.

But then she heard a voice from behind her." Just move along Malfoy, your blocking the halls!" James screamed at him. Then Malfoy shot a look of disgust at Lily and continued walking. James ran over to help her up. He held out his hand for her to take, and she placed her hand in his letting her pull her up. She then realized who it was as she was dusting herself off.

"Thanks Potter but I can take care of myself." Lily said and continued to patrol the halls.

'Well at least she said thanks this time!' James thought to him self, and decided to go back to the compartment.

James turned around with a smile on his face to find that Sirius was running toward him.

"Hey mate!" James said as he watched Sirius catch his breath.

"What happened to you?" Sirius said as he finally caught his breath.

"Lily," James said making his smile wider. "That's what I thought but why are you smiling?"

"I think my plan is working!" James said excitedly.

"How do you figure?" Sirius said looking puzzled.

"Well...Lily just now said thanks to me, sure it wasn't exactly a heart filled thanks, but still." James said smiling a little more then he had before.

"Oh...well...lets go back...were gonna play some muggle game." Sirius said, "They wanted me to find you so I did!"

James and Sirius began to walk back to the compartment.