DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything, if you recognize it it's not mine. Oh but I own Josh…

Summary: Sara is married to a guy named Josh Perez. Catherine and Warrick are married. Catherine has had one other child, a boy- Christopher. Grissom is still just Grissom. And Nick and Sara…..oh you'll find out!

Chapter 1

Sara Perez was walking into the Las Vegas crime lab. She had just gotten back from her honeymoon with her husband Josh. She had made herself believe that she couldn't have been happier. But it was a lie. She could be happier. She had married Josh because she wanted to feel loved, and the person that she did love didn't love her back…or so she thought. She had wanted to be Mrs. Nick Stokes, but now because she was too afraid to admit her feelings for her best friend she was Mrs. Josh Perez. As she made her way to the breakroom she bumped into him…as in Nick.

"Hey Sara" he said as he gave her a quick hug.

"Hey Nick," She returned, reluctant to let him go.

"How was the honeymoon?" He asked as they walked together to the breakroom.

"It was good. Hey Nick I was wondering even though I'm a married woman now, I still want to be good friends."

"What are you trying to say Sid-Perez" He caught himself. She wasn't CSI Sidle or Sara Sidle anymore. She was CSI Perez and Sara Perez.

"I wanted to know if you wanted to grab something to eat after shift? Josh has to work late, and I can't cook all that great." She smiled.

"OK, but you're paying" he grinned.

"Deal" And with that they headed off to work a wonderful decomp in the desert for 7 hours.