Chapter 5

Sara woke up to the feeling of a strong protective arm wrapped around her waist. She felt the arms tighten around her as she turned to face him. He was still sleeping. She started lightly tracing his eyes and mouth. She lightly kissed his cheek and he pulled her even closer to him not letting go. "Nick, you faker." She smiled.

"I don't know what you're talking about Sar." Nick said keeping his eyes closed. She pushed herself so that she was completely on top of him.

"We have to go to work in an hour."

"I know," he said as he placed light kisses on her face and neck.

"Nick, if you keep that up we're never going to leave this room, and I need a shower."

"I'll help you."

"No Nick, I need to think about some things. Maybe I should go home."

"OK, I understand. But I'll see at work right?" He asked as he released her and she stood up.

"Of course" she answered as leaned down and left a long passionate kiss burning on his lips. "I'll see you later." She gathered her clothes and left.


Sara went straight home; the effects of what she had just done were taking its toll on her mind. "I just cheated on my husband." She said out loud to herself as she stepped into the frigid waters of her shower.

After her shower she got dressed and headed straight for the lab. As she pulled into the parking lot she noticed that Nick hadn't come into work yet. "Thank God" she said quietly. Him being late gave her time more time to think about what had happened between her and Nick. Sara headed for the locker room where she found Catherine.

"Hey Sara, how'd everything go with Nick?"

"Uh good" was her simple reply.

"So, you're friends again?" Sara suddenly became very interested in her hands. "Sara" Catherine insisted, but Sara never looked up. "Oh my god…you slept with Nick?!" Sara slowly nodded and started to cry.

"I don't know why it happened Cath. I'm married. I love my husband. There were plenty of times when I could have stopped what was happening. I don't even know who started it. But I do know that I stuck my tongue down his throat before he could to me. And…" Sara stopped and started to cry even harder. Catherine wrapped her arms around the younger woman. "I don't know what to do Cath. I'm married and I love my husband, but I'm in love with Nick."

"You should do what your heart tells you Sara."

"That's just it, I don't know, my whole body is so confused."

"Maybe you should talk to Nick, and maybe he can help you. And don't worry your secret is safe with me." Catherine said and then left the locker room. Sara let out a deep sigh and decided to wait for Nick in the locker room.

About ten minutes later, Nick sauntered into the locker room. He saw Sara sitting on the bench, and they both refused to make eye contact. He stood extremely close to her body, hovering there. "You have to talk to me sometime Sara."

"Why now though?" She asked. Tears threatening to spill from her eyes.

"Because Sara, we have to talk about what happened. We slept together, and you're married. That's not exactly what you call a normal relationship."

"Then what would you call a normal relationship?"

"I don't know Sara. Maybe a relationship where the other person isn't married?"

"Well I don't know if I can give you that Nick. I love my husband."

"So what do you feel about me. I mean, do you just randomly sleep with your co-workers and pretend not to care?"

"No Nick, I don't," She said. Their eyes still not met.

"Then what Sara? Were you just using me?"

"No Nick! I'm in love with you!" She snapped, she stood up and looked him straight in the eye. Their eyes locked, and it happened again. This time she started it. She kissed him. Parting her lips slightly, Nick slipped his tongue into her mouth. Nick wrapped his arms around her body and pinned her against the lockers. A low moan escaped her lips as he pulled away.

"Tell me you didn't feel anything, and I'll leave you alone."

"I felt a lot Nick, and I am in love with you." There was a long silence between them. "Nick, I'm in love with you but-" Nick cut her off with his mouth on hers again. She responded instantly by tightening her grip around his neck. The need for air drove them apart.

"What are you doing tonight Sar?" He asked, Sara still in his arms.

"Nothing. Josh is out of town, so I don't have to cook and I'm not working."

"Do you want to come over to my place? I'll cook for you and we'll talk."

"OK, but Nick I just want you to know I'm nervous about us. I don't want this to ruin our friendship."

"We won't let it Sar. Let's go to work, and I'll meet you back at my place after shift OK?"

"OK." She replied and they walked silently to the breakroom together.

"Ah…Nick, Sara nice of you two to join us. Now assignments." Grissom said as Nick and Sara entered the breakroom.

"Cath, there's a DB in the desert-"

"What else is new?" She retorted. Grissom just rolled his eyes and continued.

"I want you to take Nick and Sara with you." He said handing Catherine their folder. He didn't notice Sara's look of discomfort, both Catherine and Warrick noticed. "Warrick you and I have a murder suicide at a residential home. OK people let's get to work."

"I'll meet you at the scene Gris." Warrick said as Grissom got up and left. "I'll see you at home Cat." He said and gave her q quick peck on the mouth. She slapped his ass as he walked away.

"You guys ready to go?" Catherine asked.

"Yea" They replied in unison.

"OK, I'll drive" Catherine said and they headed off to the desert.