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Summary: A shocking murder hits the world of wrestling, and it's up to two different cops, partners in the homicide division to find out who did it and make them pay. But will one of them lose their heart along with the investigation?

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"Bruiser, down boy! Just do your business so we can get home where it's warm. Marah does not want to be out in this weather any longer."

Bruiser, who by now had stopped jumping at the shadow in the window, had obviously found something else that piqued his interest, mainly by the use of his nose.

Prancing his little paws down the alley way he veered off to the side and buried his nose in a bundle of wrapped up old newspaper, causing Marah to again lose her patience.

"Bruiser, what did I tell you? Stay out of the alleys and on the main street. And for God sakes get your nose out of those papers now. God knows what's on them."

Moving down the alley way pulling gently but firmly on the leash, she immediately saw what the little dog was so interested in. Moving closer to be certain what she was seeing, Marah kicked some of the newspaper out of the way and that's when she saw it.

Two human legs, draped in blood wearing pantyhose, and red expensive pumps.

"Oh My God! Noooooooooooo!!"


"Lady found her lying over there. She watched her dog being nosy, and when she went to pull him out, she caught sight of the body."

"So what do you think a classy lady like that was doing down an alley at this ungodly hour Dave?" Bret asked his partner, who obviously recognized the victim.

Dave was young and new to the force, and just the type of person Bret Haverman hated to have as his partner. He was young, which means he hadn't sowed his oats, and thought he was God's gift to all women. Little did he know, and what Bret hated to have to teach him was that being God's gift to women didn't mean shit when it came down to being on the beat and being around a mostly female homicide division.

"Do you even have a clue who she is Bret? This isn't just your run of the mill lady. What she was doing in our city and this alley, I don't know but I guess we are going to have to find out, because right now, I haven't a clue."

"Okay Dave, what gives? Who was this lady and why wouldn't she normally be in an alley?" Bret asked, still shaken as he always was in the thirty years on the force in homicide when he had to deal with a female attack and murder. The sight of a murdered woman never ceased to amaze him and he almost never got over them either. To hear this one was different freaked him out more then he wanted to admit.

"Bret, this is not an ordinary woman. Our victim in this case is none other then Linda McMahon, the wife of WWE owner Vincent McMahon."

"Holy Shit! I'll be damned."

"So now you see why we need to solve this one, and solve it fast?" Dave asked casting a worried look in his partner's direction.

"Yeah, because if we don't solve it, it means our asses end up in this alley way next."


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