Boundary of Chaos

By: Theodore 'Blitz' Leung

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon. Toei Animation Inc. does. All original characters and Digimon introduced in this series of fics belong to me or other respected authors. Please ask for permission if want to use them. This fic is based within Lord Archive's Diaries universe, and is written with permission. Thank you.

Someone once said, 'expect the unexpected'. But how can you expect something that is meant to be a total surprise…? I just don't understand it. Maybe it's my brain working on overdrive…maybe it's something else. I'm not sure, I just got a feeling - I have to 'expect' this 'unexpected' today…

~Kayrina Freyna

* * * * * *

Her emerald eyes followed the motion of her comb, brushing her brown hair down and straight, untangling the mess created in her sleep. Sunlight shined through the cracks of the blinds, providing some illumination to the room.

She gently, almost silently, placed the brush back on the desk, gazing at her reflection. She admired how all it had to do was imitate the real person, never thinking, never doing, only copying - a mannequin that can move only in symmetry. One could almost say she was envious of her own image.

Pushing the stool back, she stood up and admiring the reflection for one last moment. It wore what she wore as well: long black jeans with a tear on the right knee and a white T-shirt with a black stripe right across the chest. She took a step away from the desk, pausing for a moment, before returning to it, sliding a shelf open, revealing a large pile of miscellaneous goods. On the top of the pile lay a small, square, white device with rounded corners. She picked up the item, fitting comfortably in her hand.

"Can't forget you," she spoke softly, opening her hand. The device had a small LCD display on the front, with three spherical grooves surrounding it, tracing out the image of a triangle. Using a clip on the back of the item, she attached it to her jeans. The girl made sure her good luck charm was secure before nodding and headed out.

* * * * * *

Kayrina Freyna, age fourteen, five feet, four inches, eighth grade student attending Cummer Valley Middle School. She sat in the far corner of the classroom, head propped up against her shoulder, staring out towards the backfield of the school. The events that brought her here cycled through her mind.

She moved to Toronto a bit more than three years ago, after her parents, both researchers, found a job opportunity they could not refuse, much to her disappointment. She didn't like the idea of leaving her friends from Covina, California and everything familiar to her behind. She resented her parents for that. It especially did not help when they had to work almost twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

It only made it worse when forests and mountains materialized right in the downtown core of Toronto overnight. The city was in a state of panic, especially her parents, for reasons she was not allowed to hear. She really hated her parent's new job, they never have time for her, and they can never tell her anything because everything they do is classified three fold.

Sighing softly, she let her head hang. She recalled the events that transpired afterwards: the many citizens who were lost in the downtown core, the numerous rescue teams that just went missing without a trace, and finally how the city just declared the new area a 'Digital Zone' and made it off limits to any non-authorized personal.

She unclipped the small device from her jeans, staring at it. That device was the only good thing to come from the whole string of events. It appeared the same day the Digital Zone 'occupied' downtown Toronto, glowing brightly inside her room. The illumination subsided quickly when she touched the small device. Thankfully, it was a bright afternoon, so it blended in with the sunlight outside.

The device proved to be a charm or ward or something similar - Kayrina kept it as a good luck charm. It keeps any sort of trouble from coming to her, mostly…

"Ms. Freyna!" the teacher exclaimed from the front, slapping a metre stick against the blackboard. She snapped to attention, gasping in surprise from her teacher's outburst. "Is my lesson boring to you?" she questioned, glaring at her - if looks could kill, that would have nuked the school.

"N-No ma'am!" Kayrina stammered, trying to collect herself quickly, scrambling to find the section of the current lesson in her textbook. She could hear the impatient tapping of her teacher's ruler against the board, though that was mercifully drowned out by the fire alarm going off. Kayrina breathed a sigh of relief, but caught the glimpse of an annoyed glare from her teacher. Not wanting to incur the wrath of the teacher anymore, the female student quickly joined the rest of her class. They evacuated into the backfield, waiting patiently, some thankful to get out of class, others curious if it was a drill or not. Kayrina could only stare out towards the former downtown core, an uneasy feeling lingering in her mind.

A sudden explosion nearby made everyone in the field jump, silencing them completely. Smoke billowed into the sky, coming from the school's parking lot. The crowd could only stare, some muttering 'cool' and 'awesome', others trembling in fear, the rest only staring in awe. Kayrina was one of the few still able to move after that, wading through the crowd, heading to the front, watching the trail of smoke quickly raise into the air. Without even thinking, she sprinted off towards the site of the explosion.

* * * * * *

A crowd of students ran by, all screaming in fear. Kayrina only ignored them, turning the corner of the building, halting in her tracks in sheer awe.

Before her stood a five foot long, pale green snake, balancing itself on its tail, a pair of silver wings sprouting from its back, flapping to keep it afloat. It wailed incoherently, its screech echoing through the sky. It was making a mess of things too: one car was knocked over, another burning to a crisp, and multiple vehicles with shattered windows and mangled metal. Metal posts were knocked over, parking sings trashed; it was a miracle the section right beside the school was relatively untouched.

"Ha! Ha! You can't touch me!" another voice exclaimed, young and energetic. The snake monster only growled louder, slithering head first into an already mangled car. Another monster leapt from in front, a section Kayrina couldn't see before, landing on top of the car, almost dancing on top as the snake crashed through the windows of the side door, the blow lessened with the fact the glass was already cracked. The monster snake only hollered in frustration, slithering around and towering over the small lizard like monster.

"Hey, Kay!" the lizard monster remarked, waving a webbed hand towards her when it noticed her. She wasn't sure if she should be surprised or afraid that a lizard knew her name, let alone the fact the bi-pedal lizard could talk. Even standing on the roof of the damaged car, he looked short, about three and a half feet tall. It had red skin and webbed feet and hands. A pair of tiny wings sprouted from his back, twitching idly. However, the lizard's carefree nature quickly eroded, glaring at the snake more seriously. It hissed in return, diving towards the lizard once more. Again, the crimson skinned lizard leaped to evade, dodging completely and directing himself to facing the snake. The eyes of the lizard glowed black for a moment.


The lizard opened its mouth wide, a black energy orb blasting out and ensnaring the flying snake, causing it to plummet straight to the ground. In retrospect, the lizard landed gracefully, opening its mouth again, this time, the eyes flashing crimson.


With a puff of smoke, the tiny lizard let out a stream of fire towards the snake, searing it with heat and flames until it was no more, combusting into many fragments of something that disintegrated in the air - nothing was left of the snake monster afterwards. The lizard puffed a bit smoke in victory, bounding over to Kayrina and looking up towards her, grinning.

"J-Just….who…?" Kayrina stammered, kneeling down and poking at the lizard gently, staring in disbelief. "No…not who….w-what are you…?" It sort of giggled, looking up, grinning more.

"I'm Tricemon, and I'm your Digimon!!!" it exclaimed, bouncing into her arms. She fell backwards in surprise, but still managed to catch the 'Digimon'. It snuggled up into her arms.

"Um…ah…" Kayrina tried to say anything, but nothing would come out of her mouth that was coherent, only watching the lizard in her arms.

* * * * * *

"So…" Kayrina spoke softly, elbows propped up against her bed, head in her hands, watching the small Digimon plod on her bed. The only source of illumination in the room was the lamp on the night table, the dark night capturing the sky outside. "You're a Digimon…a monster that is totally digital…coming from a place known as the Digital World…" The lizard nodded. She smiled, finding the lizard kind of cute, poking it in the stomach. He giggled like a child.

"And you're my partner," Tricemon commented, sitting down on the bed, kicking his feet idly. Kayrina tilted her head to the side, stroking its head gently like a pet, watching it curiously.

"That's how you know my name…but…what do I do as your partner…?" she inquired, still petting gently. He sort of blinked, confusion sprouting.

"I thought you would know," it answered, looking up towards her, only to have a confused gaze in return. She stopped stroking its head for a moment, before resuming.

"I guess time will tell…." she told herself silently, watching over the lizard, still stroking gently. Instead, she decided to ask something else. "Are you a guy or a girl…?" It sort of blinked again, wondering what kind of question that was.

"I'm a guy of course!" he exclaimed, almost offended by the question. Kayrina nearly fell backwards in surprise at how such a tiny one can yell so loud. She was only thankful her parents were still working. However, it only brought her to recall how much she despised their decisions. She flopped onto the bed, closing her eyes. The girl felt the warmth of her Digimon partner curled up by her side, relieving her of some of the anger seething through her system.

"So, here I am…three years after coming to this accursed city, three years after that 'Digital Zone' appears. I have a Digimon as a partner now, and I don't even know why…" Kayrina shook her head, reaching over to turn off the lamp, only to hesitate, glancing at the small device that lay on the desk. "And what do you have to do with it…my little friend…?" she wondered, clasping the item for a moment, before letting it slide back onto the desk, turning off the light in turn. She could already hear the faint snoring of her partner beside her, a strange welcome to the loneliness she felt …