By: Theodore 'Blitz' Leung

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Kayrina stared out towards the pitch-black darkness that was the night. Her palm was pressed against the freezing glass, though she made no effort to show her discomfort. Instead, her mind continued to wander. However, it did not distract her from watching the Digimon from the corner of her eye, his faint reflection scampering around on the bed, chasing after the seal plushie. She smiled faintly, watching Tricemon continuing to chase after a plushie that he kept knocking away, causing him to repeat the process. The childish antics brought some calm to her wandering mind.

"Just like a pet…" she spoke softly, allowing those words to sink in for a brief moment before snapping to the reality of those words, turning to face Tricemon. The Digimon continued to gleefully play with the plushie…just like a pet.

"Tricemon," she spoke softly, catching her partner's attention immediately. She took a seat on the bed, upon which the Digimon leapt into her lap, getting comfortable and snuggling against her, smiling like a child.

"Yes, Kayrina?" he asked, looking up, curious as to what his partner had to say. She took a moment to phrase her words, petting the Digimon gently.

"You…think…right?" she finally asked. Tricemon gazes curiously up at her, unsure what she was asking.

"Um…one plus one is equal to two?" he finally answered with a joking smile. Kayrina rolled her eyes, smiling though.

"I guess I should ask…do you think for yourself?" she rephrased, getting a definite nod for her partner, who made an offended face.

"Of course I do, all Digimon do," he answered firmly, becoming serious, unlike his previous attitude. He gazed up at her, concerned. "What are you thinking, Kay?" She sighed softly, petting his head again, smiling faintly at his concern.

"All Digimon are sentient…aren't they?" she spoke softly, tickling the Digimon lightly. He began to giggle, squirming in her lap before bouncing off, sticking out his tongue and returning to his childish antics – more specifically, playing around with the plushie. Kayrina's smile widened at the playfulness of her partner.

"Sentient…and living…?" she asked herself silently, her stomach churning a bit in realization that her partner may have just killed another living being. Her smile quickly faded, hoping beyond hope that what she was thinking wasn't true…

Frederick surveyed the scene where the first two Digimon attacks occurred. The additional damage left on the field was emphasized by the amount of police tape that now surrounded the battle site. He knelt down by the edge of the crater, Catavamon plodding over beside his partner, gazing down the crater as well, shuddering at the event that he was part of earlier in the week. The bear cub glanced up towards his partner, who seemed engrossed with the crater. The Digimon turned his attention elsewhere, looking at all the yellow tape that decorated the yard.

"Frederick, what is with the yellow tape?" the Digimon asked, returning his gaze back to his partner.

"It's just to tell everyone not to come in here," Frederick answered casually, standing up and turning away from the sight.

"And…why are we here then?" his partner continued, though getting no response from the child.

"You shouldn't be here," a voice spoke, smooth and direct. Frederick turned around, startled by the sudden warning, only to calm when his eyes fell upon her once again.

"It's you…" Frederick spoke, ignoring her warning, gazing at the blue haired girl whom he met the first time he saw a Digimon. She sternly stood, the cat-eared white ball on her shoulder, glaring as well. The boy only smiled, despite their gaze, whereas Catavamon slowly shrunk, hiding behind Frederick's leg, the glare of the opposing pair frightening him.

"You should leave, now," she continued to speak, never adverting her gaze. Frederick only continued to smile, leaning forward and taking her hand. She gasped, taking a step back, as though never touched by a boy ever before.

"My name is Frederick, it's nice to meet you," he introduced, gazing down at Catavamon. "This is my partner, Catavamon. Thank you for saving him." The female only continued to stand shocked, while the small ball on her shoulder was about ready to pounce on Frederick and tear him apart.

"M-Mei…" she responded softly, looking up at his eyes, with a calmer and friendlier gaze. The 'cat' on her shoulder paused instantly, surprised by the sudden revelation, but calming, returning to her watchful gaze from Mei's shoulder.

"It's nice to meet you, Mei," Frederick told her. She smiled faintly, nodding. The pair never broke their gaze from each other, returning to the park bench they first met. Their conversation bounced back and fourth with each other, and they talked for the whole day long.

A soft wind brushed the pair standing in the ravine. Ryoko gazed at where she last saw the black tiger the day it appeared, pulling her coat closer to her body, blocking some of the wind out, though it felt her black jeans did little to prevent that. Dragukimon stood by her side, keeping alert for anything that may potentially be dangerous, but feeling nothing threatening in the area.

"This is where you were knocked out?" the Digimon asked curiously, taking a few steps forward and exploring the ravine, through never stepping far from Ryoko, not wanting to risk anymore harm to her.

"Yes…" Ryoko answered softly, gazing around the secluded area, despite the road that was only several feet away and above them. She shivered slightly, taking a step towards her Digimon, petting the dragon's back softly. The Digimon paid no heed at the moment, more concerned about what attacked the human in the first place.

Ryoko whimpered softly, continuing to pet her partner softly. She glanced left and right, finding no trace of the armoured tiger that attacked her and the mysterious pair. Slowly, she wrapped her arms around her body, shivering a bit more, feeling cold with the thoughts that crossed her mind.

"It's not here…let's go," the human female spoke softly. Dragukimon looked up at her partner, sniffing the air for the moment and nodding in agreement, taking her side by Ryoko.

"Maybe someone dealt with it already," Dragukimon suggested as they walked off. Ryoko's nod was light, almost invisible, huddling her arms closer to her body, cold, the wind picking up around her.

"Ryoko?" the Digimon spoke softly, nudging her arm softly with her snout. The female human gazed down at her partner and friend, forcing a smile and petting the dragon's head softly. Dragukimon purred like a cat once again, nuzzling the human's hand softly.

Ryoko smiled, uncurling her arms entirely, continuing to pet the Digimon's head. Her body felt a bit warmer now, and the wind died down to a gentle breeze in the wake of the pair.

The first day of school for the week – the young girl's eyes were on the blackboard, but her mind was focused on something else. Kayrina's sight grew unfocused, a haze blurring her view, her mind lost on what Tricemon had told her.

Her mechanical pencil tapped against the piece of paper lightly as she contemplated the ethical question in her head.

"They're data…but they think…and therefore, are sentient…but at the same time…they aren't real…they're just digital…" Kayrina mentally told herself, gripping her pencil in her hand tightly. "A Digimon is digital data…but they exist in the real world…

"I think, therefore I am…ironic how well that quote fits right now…" she muttered to herself softly, gazing down at her paper, gaze still unfocused, mind blurred in the confusion of her moral dilemma.

Her thoughts snapped back to realty as the sharp, piercing howl of the bell signalled the end of the day. Slowly, she gathered her books, sloppily throwing them into her bag and shambling out the door, her mind returning to her problem, trying to find an answer that seemed impossible to find.

"So, what is a Digimon…?" she asked herself, sighing softly, finding herself hopelessly drowning in a pool of questions. Her head banged against her locker with a resounding thud, though she visibly ignored the pain, completely removed from reality.

Slowly, Kayrina breathed softly and peeled herself away from the locker, breathing softly, and heading out the door, focussing back into reality for now, whispering words softly to herself:

"You think too much…"

Mei and Frederick sat at the park table, across from each, happily exchanging conversations amongst each other. The second day of school for the week had passed by quickly for Frederick, who was anxious to meet Mei again afterwards.

"So…she's a Digimon…?" Frederick asked, gazing underneath the bench for moment, where Catavamon was poking and prodding at the tiny white ball with cat ears that normally rested on Mei's shoulder. They decided otherwise as not to attract unwanted attention in the park, and left them underneath the bench to remain relatively protected from sight.

"Hachimon..." Mei responded, nodding slowly. Her laptop case rested on the table. Frederick kept glancing back and fourth between the girl and the bag, wondering why she carried it wherever she went.

"Frederick…?" she asked softly, looking up at him. His attention was turned to her instantly and he suddenly ignored the bag entirely. "Where are you from…? You seem…" she hesitated, unsure how to finish the sentence. "…different." Frederick laughed softly, shaking his head.

"Is it that obvious?" he asked, smiling. "I moved here about three years ago, when my mother found a great job opportunity and…" the young boy trailed off, but retained his smile without much of a flinch. However, silence remained after that as well.

"And…?" Mei asked curious, leaning a bit closer, breaking the tense silence. Frederick's smile widened, shaking his head.

"It's nothing important," the young boy responded softly, continuing to smile and turning his head down to face at the pair of Digimon below the table. There, Catavamon continued to prod at Hachimon until she roared in a strange maow and bit into the other Digimon's hand. He yelped and pulled back quickly, scurrying to the other end of the underneath the park bench, whimpering. Frederick smiled faintly, leaning down and petting his Digimon, trying to comfort him.

"Ahh…she doesn't appreciate the attention…towards either of us…" Mei responded softly, slowly standing up and sliding her laptop over her shoulder. The young girl kneeled down and picked up the tiny cat-like Digimon, allowing the digital monster to rest on her shoulder once again.

"Do you have to go already?" Frederick asked, quickly getting to his feet when he noticed Mei's attempt to leave, worried that he may not see her again for a long time. She nodded, turning her back and beginning to walk away. Frederick remained mute for a moment, before asking: "Can we meet again?"

Mei paused for a moment, glancing back at the young boy, analyzing him for a long moment and nodding, before continuing to walk away. The boy let out a soft sigh of relief, smiling once again and nodding in return, though she did not see. He gently picked up his partner and held him like a plushie to advert suspicion, and walked the other way, gleefully happy an anxious for their next encounter.

Dragukimon held her partner closer, protectively holding the human in her arms. Ryoko shuddered and squirmed, panting softly and sweating, but took an unconscious peace with the Digimon holding her protectively.

"What's wrong with you…Ryoko?" the Digimon whispered softly, feeling a pang of guilt as she didn't know the cause. The Digimon worriedly held her partner as the nightmares struck the human for the third night in a row.

The Digimon sighed softly, gazing at the time. Ryoko only fallen asleep an hour ago and it was already six in the morning. She sighed once again, turning her attention back to Ryoko, hugging her tenderly, stroking her hair back and watching over her protectively.

"'Nee-chan…" the Digimon spoke softly. The Digimon felt Ryoko's breath skip for a moment, breathing in sharply before release her breath, her breathing becoming more systematic then the rough panting from before. The Digimon also seemed to feel a bit more at peace, since her partner was slowly calming.

"Help me…" Ryoko whispered in her sleep, shivering and snuggling closer to Dragukimon on instinct. The Digimon kissed her partner on the forehead, hugging the sleeping human protectively. The Digimon's tail wrapped gently around Ryoko, sharing her warmth and hoping to calm Ryoko. The human sighed softly, a soft sigh of content, with a faint smile curling on her lips. Though Dragukimon didn't see through the darkness, she smiled faintly, knowing Ryoko was sleeping more peacefully now.

"Sleep well…'nee-chan. I shall always be protecting you…" the dragon Digimon whispered before closing her eyes, allowing the darkness and fatigue to consume her.

Frederick held his Digimon up to his chest, smiling, seeing the stream of young children laughing and screaming as they raced out the door. The young boy stood away from the crowd, watching like an older brother over them all, taking a strange joy in the innocence of them, though some may be older while others may be younger. Catavamon remained still against the boy's chest, but eyed the young boys and girls racing out to be free from the school after another long day of education.

"One more day of school left and they all think it is over already," Frederick spoke softly like a wise man, but with an innocent and young smile. He drew his Digimon closer to him and followed the crowd of children once most of them had left the building.

The young child inhaled a breath of fresh air with a smile gazing around for a moment at the dissipating crowd of cheerful students. However, his eyes fell on one particular individual who was taller and older then anyone at the school, under the shadow of a tree and gazing towards the distance. She turned to face the door and smiled, beckoning Frederick over. He smiled in return, heading towards his friend.

"Hi Kayrina," he said, taking a seat by the young girl and leaning against the tree, closing his eyes, a soft breeze gently blowing by. The boy let his partner rest on his lap, where he cuddled right in and tried not to move, keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. "I didn't expect you to be here."

"No school…" Kayrina spoke rather blandly, a complete change from the tone she normally used around him. The boy took a gentle amusement from the change in attitude, and he opened his eyes, gazing at the older of the pair.

"You're lying," he responded simply, though smiling in a caring manner, even though she was not facing him. There was a strange silence between them, the only sound coming from a faint shuffle of Catavamon, nervous from the awkward calm.

"Where is Tricemon?" Frederick asked, shattering the silence. He looked up towards her, still finding her unmoving under the shade of the tree.

"Home – my parents area out almost all the time unlike your mother," she responded with a friendlier tone then before, though with a hint of sarcasm as well. Frederick only chuckled once again, acknowledging her words to be fact.

"What is on your mind then?" Frederick spoke in a matter-of-fact tone, gazing down at Catavamon. Kayrina sighed softly, gazing towards the younger child for a moment, then towards Catavamon, reaching over and gently petting the Digimon with the tips of her fingers.

"Catavamon…" she spoke softly, catching herself though, wondering if she should ask the questions that could bring more harm then good. She quickly pulled her hand away, thinking otherwise for a brief moment as the Digimon stared curiously at the female. She paused though, gazing at Frederick's smile, a reassuring smile that showed their trust in her words. She nodded slowly in return, catching her normally jumbled thoughts and mashing them together into something coherent.

"Catavamon…Digimon are…sentient beings…" she continued in her soft, recalling her anxieties and fears of the issue, looking up at Frederick with a calm fear. Catavamon only nodded slowly to that comment, curious as to where the discussion was going to go. "That means…when we kill a Digimon…we kill a living being, just like we would kill a human being…" she trailed off, turning away and gazing down, her leg twitching a little. "Does that…make us less humane if we do…?" she asked, curiously and afraid of the answer, closing her eyes. There was silence once again between the trio, only to be broken like the wind by the Digimon's soft whisper.

"We fight to survive…that is what we believe, this is how we live," he spoke simply and softly to not raise any suspicions towards his existence. The agitated female paused to analyse those words, though it did not bode well in her mind. She emitted a sigh. Frederick only remained mute during it all, his emotions hidden behind a calm smile and stoic gaze, though in the tense air hinted otherwise.

Unbecoming silence ensnared them for a long while, with attempts at conversation, but with no audio to accompany it. Without a sound, they silently departed.

Ryoko awoke with a start, cold sweat on her forehead. Slowly, her vision focussed from the blur it was before, though there was not much to see within the dark room. She felt the warm beating of her partner's heart in bed by her, sleeping peacefully, the dragon's arm gently around Ryoko in a protective embrace. A small smile curled from her lips, content to have her partner, friend, and sister nearby.

"Sister…" the young female thought softly, a shiver crawling up her spine as her mind wandered to some unpleasant thoughts. Ryoko shifted a little to slip out of bed, Dragukimon moving a little to try to find the void of the human being, though settling with it soon after some mumbling. The dark room remain still, the only sound and light from a passing car.

She shivered a little, the cold night air bitterly chilling her, as she was away from the warmth of her bed and partner. Ryoko rubbed her hands together for warmth, finding them wet with cold sweat, her nightgown sticking to her body thanks to that same recurring nightmare. She sighed softly and shivered once again – a combination of memories and cold, deciding to think otherwise and dashing off to the bathroom, locking the door behind her.

She panted softly, closing her eyes tightly, trying to seal those memories off, finding her resolve failing quickly. She quickly flicked on the light, and in an instant, blinding light snared the room, causing her pained memory to fade as quick as the darkness. The young child feel to her knees, panting softly, wiping the forming tears from her eyes and slowly standing up once again, wobbly at first but regaining her balance over time, silently walking to the shower, turning the hot water dial and slowly stripping out of her nightgown and undergarments while it heated. Not caring for the temperature, she stepped under the scalding hot water, finding it a sufficient distraction that kept her thoughts away.

The white-haired girl brushed her soaked tresses back, quickly growing accustomed to the heat and finding her mind slowly wandering back to the memories. Mingled memories of good times and bad lingered close, causing her to catch her breath softly, a fearing smile creeping up as she closed her eyes, laying her head against the tile siding of the shower.

Her hands wandered, taken over by a foreign entity that used them to its whim. A haze wrapped around Ryoko's mind, distracted through the memories.

Her mind wandered as she pleased herself more and more, recalling the good memories, back in Japan, before moving, with all her friends, and her brother. Happy, running and laughing, without a care in the world, young children of innocence – how she enjoyed those times. She wished she could return to them, to those naive and young years, and how she wished she enjoyed them more, and to be more open to her heart at that time.

With a cry, she fell to her knees, the hot water rained down on her, calming her nerves as she gradually regained her sense of reality, almost breaking down into tears immediately after, but fighting them back, slowly standing up and turning the shower off, reaching for her towel.

"Life goes on as usual," she spoke in a bitter and sarcastic tone, closing her eyes tightly, wrapping the towel around her body, rubbing some of the fog from the mirror, gazing at the delicate figure in the mirror. She fell to her knees once again, losing complete control and sobbing silently.