Fire of the Phoenix

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Chapter36 Epilogue, A Chance to Live.

Weeks following Voldemort's demise past quickly in a kind of silent reverie. It was as the wizarding world was in shock, and didn't know what to with itself.. Life seemed to go, but know one seemed to really believe that the horror, and the darkness was truly over. In Diagon Alley, anything with or about defense seemed to sell out as soon as they were put on the shelves. You constantly watched people looking over their shoulders for the stray Death Eater that may have escaped the ministries clutches. It didn't help that some renengade Death Eater's occasionally shot the dark mark at random. Even through all the chaos Harry and Ginny still managed to keep their spirits up and dreams alive. For the first time Harry could truly live his life. No renegade Death Eater could take that from him.

Harry looked over at the slow reconstruction of their world. He understood the reason for all the paranoia, after all look what happened last time with Voldemort. He also knew that life could not continue as it was, for no one was truly living. Why did war have to be so bloody hard. But through it all Harry knew they would recover. After what happened when they last let they're guards down, Harry could hardly blame them. Constant vigilance, that's what Mad Eye would say anyways. The old ex auror was laid to rest a few days ago, finally giving in to his injuries, sustained from the last battle. Though many were lost, in the war, but they weren't forgotton. In the old Riddle house, an Orphanage was being constructed, for the wizarding children who were now homeless. So hopefully no one had to grow up like Riddle, and Harry did, unwanted, and unloved. Harry thew a rock into the pond and skipped it along on the shimmering pond. If he could help it, no one child would have to endure what he had to with the Dursleys'. Harry was so caught up in his thoughts he didn't notice Ginny was comming towards him.

She was so beautiful with the hair like like flames, small petite figure. Harry felt his spirits rising as she came near

"What's up Harry?" Ginny tossed her long crimson hair over her shoulder. Even after a year later, she still gave him the butterflies in his stomach. Ginny reached over and put her small hand in his. Harry felt a comfortable warmth wash over him.

"I just thinking Gin. Iwish that there was a way to make people come out and live again Ginny. I want to eventually have a family, and I don't want them to grow up in a place where people are so afraid of each other, and no one trust another. There has to be some way to bring them back together."

Harry brought Ginny's hand to his lips and kissed gently. He saw the gentle warmth that radiated from her bright chocolate brown eyes.

"They will come back around, they just need time to recover, and heal physically and emotionally." Ginny reached over and brushed his raven black hair off of his scar. She reached up and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Don't worry so much, don't time heal everything?"

Harry gently traced his fingers going down her face . He cupped his hand gently under her chin. "How did you get to be so smart witch?"

"I guess I always knew when to listen." Ginny leaned her face up to collect another kiss. Harry moved in willingly and obliged.

They were broken up with a sudden splash. Harry and Ginny were soaking wet. Harry spun around and saw Fred and George sauntering in from a distance. " Oi you guys mum says to tell you that dinner is ready mate. Although you may want to dry off a bit, now that you are all cooled down now." Fred smirked evily at them. "I would hurry up though the whole family is there, including Hermione."

Ginny brandishes her wand, and the twins hastily retreated back to the Borrow. Harry let out a chuckle, there was no one else like Fred and George. They can make you laugh even at the darkest of times. Harry quickly pointed his wand to his robes, and dried them. He gave a short jab of the wand towards Ginny, and dried her robes also. Harry held out his hand and together they walked back towards the Burrow. The sun was setting turning the sky crimson, and gold. It oddly reminded him of the Gryffindor colors.

The Burrow loomed ahead still crooked and leaning to the side. Harry loved it along with all it's quarks. The sunset was shining the crimson, and gold light from behind the Burrow, bathing it in it's magnifecent light. Harry felt happiness, and contentment as he gazed on the house which had became a second home to him.
His gaze slid to Ginny she gave him a loving smile as she opened the door, and began to slip inside. She held her hand out lovingly to him. Harry reached out and grabbed it. They were small and slender, and fit into his hands perfectly. Harry felt that he could not be happier, for he was home, and truly living.

The End!

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