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"...Consciously, you've forgotten it..."

~`~`~`~ Hearing someone talking, the nurse hurried out of her office where she had been dozing, and towards the source of the voice. It was Harry. Why would Harry be awake so early? It was still dark outside, but now that it was three AM, it was no longer truly night time. You could imagine the nurses surprise when she saw Harry alone, laying propped up against the pillows, talking. Harry stopped dead when he saw Madame Pomfrey.

"Mr. Potter, just who are you talking to?" Madame Pomfrey asked, seeing no one around.

"I'm talking to Ron and Hermione." Harry replied, as if it was the most obvious anserew in the world.

Madame Pomfrey went silent for a moment, before cautiously saying, "No one is here, Mr. Potter."

"Yes there i - " Harry started, but cut off, glancing around. "Huh...? They must have left." Harry said, frowning. But why had Ron and Hermione left without telling him good-bye? Maybe they were afraid Madame Pomfrey would get mad they were visiting him at such an early hour. Yes, that was it.

Harry didn't blame him. Madame Pomfrey was fiercly protective over the sick and injured students she cared for, and easily got angry at intruders.

"Are you feeling alright, Mr. Potter? Let me check your tempature..." Madame Pomfrey said.

Harry quickly shook his head. Why did nurses always insist on checking peoples tempatures? Even when they *weren't* sick? "No, I'm fine..." Harry replied quickly.

Madame Pomfrey sighed. "Well, alright. But go back to bed, you need your rest. You've been through a terrible ordeal..." She said, glaring sternly at him. Harry muttered something under his breath, but then nodded. He was feeling kind of tired, anyway. Besides, he was looking forward to seeing Ron and Hermione in the morning. Once he fell asleep, morning would come alot quicker. Laying back on the pillows, Harry closed his eyes.

A small frown crossed Madame Pomfrey's face as she watched Harry, laying there with his eyes closed. Had he really said he was talking to Ron and Hermione? Or had she heard wrong?

No, she was sure she had heard right. Deciding she would speak with the headmaster once the sun had risen, Madame Pomfrey set off towards her office.


Harry opened his eyes the next morning. Though he could not see (his glasses were off and laying on the bedside table), he immeaditly knew he was not alone in the room. Harry jumped in surprise when someone pushed his glasses onto his face. The room immeaditly came into sharper focus. "Oh, hello, Headmaster." Harry said, a slight edge of disapointment evident in his voice.

As always, even after all that had happened last night, Dumbledores crystal blue eyes were twinkling merrily behind his spectacles. "What, not happy to see me, Harry?" Dumbledore asked, sounding mildly surprised.

"No, it's not that." Harry said quickly. Truthfully, he had been hoping it was Ron or Hermione. He wanted to see them again. But he didn't tell the Headmaster this. Harry waited paitently for the Headmaster to speak.

Realizing Harry was waiting for him to say something, Dumbledore cleared his throat. "Harry, I wanted to say I admire your strength a courage ... You have been through quite alot, and - " Harry listened to the Headmaster go on and on, praising him and whatnot. Finally, Dumbledore got to the point. "If you are feeling up to it, Harry, you may return to your classes tomorrow. The majority of your injurys have been healed by Madame Pomfrey, so... Unless you feel you are not ready to return to class ... " Dumbledore said. "I would not blame you if you feel you are not ready, Harry." Dumbledore assured him.

"I'm ready to turn to class, Headmaster." Harry said immeaditly, though he was puzzled. Why did Dumbledore suddenly look so grim?

He sighed wearily, suddenly looking his age. "Alright, Harry. Your first class tomorrow is Potions, at eight o' clock ... Good day." Dumbledore waved and left, leaving Harry alone to his own confused thoughts.


"What did he say, Dumbledore?" Madame Pomfrey asked, studying the old wizard closely.

"He said he wishes to return to class in the morning." Dumbledore said gravely, as though this was a terrible thing. In a way, it was. After all that had happened, it would be ... well, normal, if Harry refused to return to classes. But it seemed Harry wasn't affected by what had happened over the week, at all. And this troubled both the nurse and the Headmaster greatly. "We will have to keep an eye on him, I'm afraid..."

The nurse nodded, agreeing one hundred percent with the Headmaster. Something was definatily wrong...


Harry was almost happy to return to class the next day. Almost. Except for the fact his least favorite class was first. The second he entered the room, all eyes were on him. Harry tried his best to ignore this, but found it extremely difficult. Harry glanced around the room, searching for Ron and Hermione. Sure enough, he saw the pair of them sitting in the back of the room together. Harry flashed them a smile and started towards the back of the room.

Harry sat down in between Ron and Hermione. "Hey, guys." Harry said.

"Hello, Harry." Hermione said brightly. Ron, on the other hand, said nothing at all. Harry looked questioningly towards the red head.

Ron gestured towards the black board, where Professor Snape had written which potion they would be brewing, and what the ingredients are. "I think he goes out of his way to choose the most difficult potions for us to make ... "

"Well, thats been obvious for five years now, hasn't it?" Harry asked pointedly. Ron sighed, and nodded. The three of them set to work on their potion.


After Potions was Transfiguraition. Hermione had to go back up to the Gryffindor Common room because she had forgotten her books, surprisingly. And Ron had to go up to the owlery to feed his owl, Pig. Harry knew it still too early to go to Transfiguraition, but he had nothing else to go. Now wishing he had walked with Ron to the owlery, or with Hermione to the Common room, Harry started down the hallway towards the Transfiguraition class room.

Harry passed a group of second years, who stared at him in awe. This made Harry uncomforatable, so he picked up the pace a bit, now walking fast. Why did people always have to stare? He hated it. It was bad enough before, but now that he had finally gotten rid of Voldemort, it was worse then ever! Harry abruptly came to a hault. Someone was following him. Who? Harry glanced over his shoulder but saw no one. He went pale and continued on his way down the hallway.

Though Harry saw no one following him, he couldn't shake off the feeling ... A cold shiver ran through Harry. Someone was definatily watching him, following him. "Go away..." Harry muttered so quietly he barely heard himself over the chatting of students.

"Just go away..." Harry quickened his pace, now jogging. But still, he knew the person, whoever it was, was still on his tail. "Stop following me." Harry said, a little more loudly. He was running now, running ... But the person wouldn't go away. They continued to follow. The unseen person - or thing - continued to stalk him through the halls...

"STOP!" Harry yelled. He yelped in surprise when he felt a hand clamp down over his shoulder. "No. Go - away - " Harry gasped, shrugging the hand off.

"Harry, Harry...It's alright..." A familiar voice said. Harry looked up - up? Was the person really that tall? Harry knew he was short for his age, but he never had to look directly up to see a person - and saw Professor Dumbledore, gazing down at him, worry evident in his eyes.

Harry said nothing, just stared up at the Headmaster, gasping for breath. It felt as if he had run a mile ...

"What happened?" Dumbledore asked sharply, looking towards a group of students who stood nearby, some looking worried, some curious, others alarmed.

A fourth year Ravenclaw girl spoke up first. "I don't know. He just sort of went really still, and ... "

"His eyes sort of clouded over - like he didn't see or hear anyone. Or he wasn't paying a attention." A Hufflepuff boy piped up.

"Then he slid down the wall, and sat down, shaking. Then, he yelled. Thats when you got here." A Gryffindor boy finished.

"I see..." Dumbledore said softly, looking back down at Harry, who hadn't moved. "Harry, can you hear me?" No reply. "Harry ... ?" Harry's eyes filled with tears, he looked like he was about to start crying. Dumbledore sighed.

He knew it was a bad idea to let Harry go back to classes so soon, after he had received such a terrible shock. But he had thought Harry would refuse to go back to classes. He had no idea Harry would so readily agree to it ...

"Harry, please. Stand up." The Headmaster said gently. Harry appeared as if he hadn't heard him. This was not good, at all .... Dumbledore pulled a wand out of his pocket and aimed it at Harry. "Wingaurdium leviosa." He said, levitating Harry into the air.

With one last glance at the bewildered looking students, Dumbledore levitated Harry back up to the hospital wing.

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