I can't run the meat grinder, I haven't the proper training!

Totoro sat in the cheap polyester knit chair reading a Redbook dating June of 2000. He doesn't normally read Redbook, but if he was caught reading the Highlights for Kids, the shapely woman sitting across from him would think he was a dork. Totoro thought about it for a second and decided to put the Redbook back. The waiting room in the doctor's office was amazingly dull, even for a waiting room. His old doctor had inspirational posters and such on the wall. Uninspired, Totoro slouched in his chair. The woman across from him looked up from her Golf Digest. Totoro pretended not to notice. He corrected his posture and looked at a spot on the floor until she resumed reading her magazine. Totoro gazed longingly at the Highlights for Kids. How he longed for the crazy antics of Goofus and Gallant. But, alas, his pride was at stake. The man next to him rang. He reached inside his pocket and grabbed a small cell phone and held it to his ear. "Hello?" the man said, much louder than one needs to talk, even on a cell phone. "Yeah, I called you at two. I just wanted to let you know I sent you an e- mail." "Why would he call the other guy to let him know he sent him an email?" Thought Totoro. The man continued, still very loud. Totoro looked at the woman across from him. She was looking at the man on the phone, then she looked at Totoro and rolled her eyes. Totoro laughed. She continued reading her magazine, leaving Totoro to deal with the jerk next to him. "Was that laugh over the top?" thought Totoro. "I should have just smiled. No! I should have rolled my eyes back at her! Stupid!" thought Totoro. The man on the cell phone began talking about business affairs that weren't of any particular interest to Totoro, The woman looked back up. Totoro rolled his eyes. She looked back down. "Stupid!" thought Totoro. "She thinks I rolled my eyes at her!" Totoro picked up the Highlights for Kids. Some brat already filled in most of the word puzzles with answers that weren't even close to being right. In fact, this kid filled in his name for half of them. Totoro began to wonder if this Daniel was very young, or just an idiot. Totoro looked up from his magazine and looked at the woman. She just kept reading her magazine, only now is was the Redbook Totoro had previously discarded. Totoro looked at the door to the doctors office longingly. Totoros hate to wait. Moral: Seriously. Totoros hate to wait.