Eventually, Danny and Rachel left the airport terminal. Danny walked Rachel out to her car, and he kissed her once more through her open car window before they went their separate ways. Danny walked to the other side of the parking lot alone. He unlocked his car and settled into the well-worn driver's seat of his Dodge Stratus. When he sat down, he felt something pinch against his side. He reached down into the inside of his suit jacket, and then he remembered. Jordan's Mix CD.

Danny Taylor smiled and let off a silent laugh. He slid the CD into the car player, buckled his seat belt, and started the car. A waltz beat began. The guitar kicked in, followed by the bass, and then light, lively piano chords. Danny laughed softly, this time out loud. He backed up the car out of its space and made his way out of the parking lot. He paid the fee, and he turned his car onto the open road.

Danny rolled down his window and put on his sunglasses. He hummed the tune of the song. In his mind's eye, he could see Jordan sitting in the passenger's side of his car that night he picked her up in Fairton. She'd gazed out of the window and then looked at him.

The music just means so much more when someone's gone, you know?

Having heard the song before, Danny sang along very softly. "I'm never gonna know you now, but I'm gonna love you anyhow."

Above him, airplanes soared into the sky. Danny took an exit and entered onto the freeway back into the city. He would call Jack and the rest of his team to let them know that he was on his way. Today would be another busy day.

The End