Angel Of Death-Kurenai

Angel Of Death-Kurenai

A few more days to the year 2001!!! Happy New Year everyone!!!

* * *

Once I was the lonely girl that stood by the roses,

Once I was the helpless girl that could only watch him cry,

Once I was the pawn in his horrible plan.

But he came along and gave me life,

He held my hand through the lonely nights,

He showed me love.

Happiness is not forever,

It will come and go,

So we must learn to let go.

He brought us together,

And then he tore us a part.

He brought us happiness,

And then he cast grieve upon us.

How could I repay a man,

Who brought me so much happiness.

Who taught me to love,

Who chased away my loneliness,

Who would grieve for me.

Stay by his side I would,

Protect him from harm.

Give him my love,

Give him my strength,

Let me glow for him.

Although I should have let him go,

Although I should have never stayed,

But I stayed on,

And I held on,

Only to love him a little bit more.

I will protect him,

From those who harm him.

For I am the angel of death,

Your angel of death.


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