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Chapter One: BT and the 3 Bears.

Once upon a time, there was a wave master named BT.

BT: Hi! I'm BT!

There was also a Heavy Blade dude named Bear.

BT: Aww. look at da cuddly bear! *pets Bear*

One day, Bear's friends from "Da World" went to Miami for a week. He couldn't go because they didn't allow shirtless men with blue paint there.

Bear: This life sucks!

He got lonely and created 2 mini-me's named "Bear-Thing 1" and "Bear-Thing 2".

*2 Bear-Things come out of a box. They're Heavy Blade's too, but with plastic toy swords*

2 weeks later, Bear made cereal for breakfast. Everyone had a complaint about the food.

Bear: My Fruit Loops are too colorful.

Bear-Thing 1: My Frosted Flakes are too Grrreat!

Bear-Thing 2: My Fruity Pebbles have rocks in them.

Bear: Let's go to "Da World" for a while. Maybe when we come back, the cereal will be just right!

The 3 Bears left the real world and went to visit Tsukasa, Mimiru, and Subaru in "Da World". They wanted to here about their trip to Miami.

Bear: I hope they brought me a present!

Then, BT came to Bear's house and knocked on his door.

BT: Hey Bear! You wanna play Dodgeball in traffic? *no answer* Bear?

BT walked inside and saw the cereal on the table in all its sugary glory.

BT: Yummy! *eats the Fruit Loops* mmm. colory! *eats the Frosted Flakes* mmm. grrreaty! *eats the Fruity Pebbles* mmm. rocky! I'm full!

BT ran to the living room and sat on Bear's big chair. She noticed the chair was solid stone.

BT: My ass hurts!

BT sat on Bear-Thing 1's chair, but the chair was covered in cat hair*


BT sat on Bear-Thing 2's chair and felt comfortable.

BT: Ooh! Comfy! *starts jumping up and down* WHEEEEEEEEEEE!

Then the chair broke.

BT: Oops! I'll just blame it on Sora!

BT ran up to the bed room and sat on Bear's bed, but the bed had Hamtaro bedsheets.

BT: EWW!! HAMSTERS! *tears up bedsheets*

She sat on Bear-Thing 1's bed, but the bedsheets were Avril Lavinge.

BT: POSER!!! *throws sheets in fireplace*

She sat on Bear-Thing 2's bed with Inu-yasha bedsheets.

BT: DOGGIE EARS!!! *strokes ears and falls asleep*

Later, Bear and the Bear-Things came back from "Da World". They were hungry and decided to eat the cereal. But when they got there, the cereal was gone.

Bear: Someone ate my Fruit Loops!

Bear-T 1: Someone ate my Frosted Flakes!

Bear-T 2: Someone ate my Fruity Pebbles!

They went into the living room.

Bear: Someone hurt their hiney on my chair!

Bear-T 1: Someone sneezed on my chair!

Bear-T 2: Someone jumped on my chair and broke it!

In the bedroom.

Bear: Someone tore my Hamtaro sheets!

Bear-T 1: Someone burned my Avril Lavinge sheets!

Bear-T 2: Someone is sleeping on my Inu-yasha sheets! Gross! She wet them! I just got those cleaned!

All: Eww!

BT woke up and saw the 3 Bears. She didn't know how to explain the damage.

BT: Sora did it!

She ran back to "Da World". Bear never saw her again until he went to "Da World" the next day to kill Sora.

Radical Edward: Yeah! I'm done. I'll type up the next chapters VERY SOON, so wait patiently. In the meantime, read hack/INSANITY. Very funny fic from a fellow .hack/SIGN fan. Read it!