Flossie: Surprise! Surprise! I finally updated. I finally finished exams and Saza is back from her unusually long vacation.

Saza: *holding German Beer in hand* That was the best family reunion ever. *Hic*

Flossie: 0.o right. Well I changed my name cuz I got bored with The Radical Edward, so now it's Irish Flossie (because I'm Irish). Well, I promised you "The Gingerbread Sora" and I still haven't typed it with exams and all.

Saza: Ha! Ha! No exams for me!

Flossie: You still have to make them up!

Saza: Shoot!

Flossie: So I'll put it up whenever I feel like it. Since Christmas is coming, I started to get a little festive and type up a parody to "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and changed it a little bit. So here it is and enjoy! *puts on headphones and listens to the strings version of "Obsession"*

Chapter 8: Randolph the Green-Nosed Gruntie

Randolph the Green-Nosed Gruntie

Had a very very shinyful nose (like a Christmas light)

And if you ever seened it (*holds up binoculars*)

You would even saided it glows (like a firefly)

All of the other Gruntie

Used to laugh and called him names (like Fart-Head and Pea Brain)

They would let poor Randolph

Join them in any Gruntie games (like Candy Land)

Then one foggy Hanukah Eve

Juda Macabee came to say (WEEWOOWEEWOO)

Randolph with your nose so bright

Won't you guide my Ferrari tonight? (Is there pay in it?)

Then all of the Gruntie loved him (aww)

As they shouted out with glee (YAHOOO!!!!!!)

Randolph the Green-Nosed Gruntie

You will go down in history (like Cleopatra)

Flossie: Yay! We might do a parody on "The Night Before Christmas". Who knows? I've added a new feature to the fanfics. QUOTE OF THE CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Family Guy) Hank: "Hey Brian! I got a message in my Alpha-Bits. 'OOOOOO' -" Brian: "Hank, those are Cheerios!"

Well, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza, Happy New Year, and Happy 14th Birthday to me in one month! WHEEEEEE! ^__^