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"These evolutionary disasters, these 'mutants,' are a threat not only to the safety of American families, but also to our national security and our very way of life!"

Senator Kelly's voice resonated nicely off the walls of the US Senate. He smiled as he paused for a drink of water. He had this room right where he wanted it.

"Our culture, our society, the very core of all that is dear to Americans is under attack by the mutant crisis. What is to stop them from using their 'powers' against us? There are some of them who fire lasers from their bodies. Gun control is a thing of the past because people are now the guns! What's to stop them from forming teams and attacking us? They could overthrow our government. We, as senators and upholders of the law, would likely be killed by these savage monsters in an attempt to prove their superiority over us! That is why I am proposing the adoption of the Anti-Mutant Act. According to this act, all mutants in the United States are to be rounded up and detained in camps scattered around the United States. Here, they will be used as a work force to increase production of valuable products that will later be sold, thus advancing our national economy. They see life as a war between them and us, and so we must make them prisoners of war. And make no mistake about it senators, we are at war. I have information in my hands right now that tells of a secret group of mutants known as the X-Men who have learned to use their powers as weapons against anyone that may oppose them. Will we let mutants overrun our great country, gentlemen? For our children's sake, I certainly hope not."

Senator Kelly stepped down from the podium as his peers applauded his speech. Now it was time for the vote. Kelly had been preparing for this for months. He had made deals with friends as well as with people he hated. If everything went according to plan, his act would pass easily.


Senator Kelly smiled broadly to himself as he walked through the doors of the Senate chamber. Those senators around him congratulated him on his great speech.

"Impressive performance, Robert. You got my vote."

"Way to go, Bob."

"Wasn't that your first bill to get approved, Robert? Congrats."

Senator Kelly smiled and thanked them, then turned and headed for his office with his assistant by his side.

"Where's my phone?" he asked.

"Right here, sir."

He dialed a quick number, then put it against his face.

"General, we have approval. You know what to do. That's right, the Xavier Institute is our first target. I want those mutants gone by sundown."