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The door opened to allow the beautiful woman inside. She said she was a reporter and she insisted on complete privacy while she conducted her interview. The guards didn't bother asking for ID. A quick glance at the long legs protruding from her short business skirt was enough for them.

Finally, she entered the room where she would be allowed to conduct her interview. It was the same as the movies always showed it. Glass split the room in half. There were four seats on either side of the glass and partitions to separate them so that, in essence, there were four private booths with one chair on either side of the glass. The woman sat down in the chair against the far wall and waited.

Finally, the door opened in the other half of the room, the half she was cut off from by the huge pane of reinforced glass. A guard emerged first, followed by the mutant prisoner and another guard. The prisoner's hands were shackled together by a long chain. He was led to the seat across from the woman and left alone with her.

"Ya got 30 minutes," said the guard as he closed the door. The woman nodded her understanding.

Now they were alone. The prisoner reached for the receiver that looked like a telephone and put it next to his face. The woman followed his lead and did the same.

"How nice to see you again, Mystique."

"Wish I could say the same, Erik."

"So, you've let me sit here for four months. I'm sure you heard about the trial?"

"Which one? Yours or Xavier's?"


"Yes, I did. Frankly, I find it rather amusing."

Magneto scowled. "And what is so amusing about me being sentenced to life in prison?"

"Just as freedom is granted to every mutant in the country, yours is taken away."

"I fail to see the humor."

Mystique smiled at him as they sat in silence for a moment.

"I suppose you're here to get me out?" said Magneto with an obviously optimistic tone.

"Actually, no," said Mystique rather wickedly. "I'm here to let you know how bad you screwed it up. I came to answer those questions that must be laying on your mind."

Magneto watched her mouth curl up in a cruel smile. "Fine, I'll play your game. What happened? I thought Destiny was never wrong."

"She wasn't wrong. She said we'd be successful if we kept the two X-Men out of the fight. And in a sense, we were successful. We did manage to kill the President, after all. But we could have won the day completely. We could have destroyed the Congress too, if not for your lust for blood!"

"What?!" cried Magneto loudly. "Are you suggesting this is my fault?"

"It is your fault, Erik. The vision Destiny saw was what would have happened if we had waited another three weeks to attack. But you just had to change the plans. You got angry and impatient and it cost you your freedom, not to mention Pyro's life! And by the way, Wolverine nearly killed me, too! And it was entirely your fault. I've talked to Destiny personally and that was exactly what she said. That the only reason we failed was because you got impatient. When you changed the day of the attack, you nullified her vision completely!"

Magneto sat in silence for a few seconds before responding.

"What about the others? What happened to the Brotherhood?"

"The X-Men had managed to put them all out of the way pretty easily. Colossus rounded them up and carried them off before the building collapsed. They're fine, but I wouldn't expect them to follow you again anytime soon."

Magneto glanced around the room. His hands were shackled together by metal handcuffs, he was stuck in prison like a common thief, and now his followers had officially abandoned him. Life was great.

"They're suppressing my powers with some sort of serum. I can't escape on my own."

"Good!" said Mystique chipperly. "You need to spend some time in here."

They both glared at each other through the glass.

"Then you're not going to help me?"

"No. When have you ever helped me, Erik? If you wanna get out, do it yourself."

"I will," he growled through the glass. "Someday I'll be out of here and I won't forget this conversation."

"Fine, whatever."

"By the way, I suggest you stay on your toes. They're looking for the mutant that killed the President. I've refused to give them any information, but I can always change my mind." He smiled at her menacingly.

"Erik, I can change my appearance to be anyone at anytime. The odds of them finding me are slim to none. So tell them all about me. I'm too good to get caught."

"Then I suggest you run, Mystique. And when they close in on you, remember me."

Mystique stood up quickly, the receiver still against her face.

"Goodbye, Erik."

She returned the receiver to its holder and left the room without looking back at Magneto. She continued walking until she was out of the building entirely. Then she slipped into an alley, changed her appearance to that of a young man, and left the federal prison for good.


August 19, two weeks after the trial, was the first day of school. As such, it was also the first day that Scott, Jean, Logan, Remy, Ororo, and the Professor had inside the mansion without the kids. They spent the day cleaning. The X-Men had returned to the aboveground portion of the mansion a week before, but there was still plenty of work to be done. Fortunately, the army had already cleaned the blood left from the day of the attack. But there were still many jobs to be done. Bulletholes had to be repaired. Windows had to be replaced. The mansion had to be generally restored to being a home again. It would take months for the warm feelings of home to return, but they would eventually come. In the meantime, all they could do was wait and live their lives, their free lives. Free from the threat of detention camps. Free from the threat of Sentinels. Free from the threat of Magneto. To Scott and Jean, it seemed like the happiest time they could ever remember.


Rogue, Kurt, and Kitty stood on the steps of Bayville High School for the first time in nearly a year. It was the first day of school. The last time they had seen this building had been the day the Anti-Mutant Act passed and they had been called away so suddenly. It had been the day that had defined their lives for ten months. It had been the day that had changed their lives forever. It had been the day Evan died.

And now, they stood together at the entrance to the school debating whether they could go back or not. Things could never be the same inside that building again. For one thing, they had all been held back a year, an inevitability when you're unable to go to classes. The classes at the mansion had kept them sharp, but could not substitute as required work for school. As a result, they were all now forced into classes with people they didn't know, people who had always been in the grade below them, and perhaps, people who hated them. They each took a deep breath to prepare themselves.

"Well, its now or never," said Kitty.

They all nodded, climbed the stairs, and entered the school building together with their heads held high.


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