Title: Luthien's flute

Author: B-witched83uk (bwitched83uk@aol.com)

Rating: PG

Summary: Aragorn, Arwen and the family travel to Lothlorien after receiving a mysterious letter from Celeborn.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Lord of the Rings. The whole of Middle Earth belongs to Tolkien.

Additional info: Aragorn and Arwen's children:-

Eldarion 21

Galadwen 18

Celebriel 15

Luthien 13

Chapter One

Letters from Loved Ones

The hem of the Queen's dress glided across the polished stone floor of the hallway. The midnight blue bodice with silver embroidered veins clung to her curved body as though it were a second skin. The skirt, a simple flowing, sensuous gown, was the colour of twilight, the exact colour of her eyes.

The Queen's eyes were usually soft, calming to gaze upon, but not today. The Queen's eyes had a sharper tone and her walk was more determined as she made her way to her husband's court.

He had been working so hard of late, trying to restore the city of Edhellond after the great storm a few years back. Aragorn came to bed long after her, and he awoke long before her. He had been eating his meals in his study and it had been weeks since last they made love. Arwen was a good wife, a patient wife, she understood how important the King's duties were, but this was simply ridiculous.

As she neared the sturdy oak door, two guards, dressed in Gondorian tradition, straightened themselves up. "My Lady," both the men bowed to her as she walked straight past them, only giving them a slight nod.


Aragorn and the gentlemen he was meeting with were taken back by the bursting open of the door. Why would the guards have let someone through unannounced? Aragorn saw the look in his wife's eyes and instantly went cold. The men had heard of the temper of the elves, they had also heard stories of the power this woman could harness.

"Gentlemen, please, would you excuse us?" his tone was calm, hiding his real worry. He held out his hand for his wife to take but she simply walked right past him and through the adjoining door that led to his sitting room.

Aragorn followed her through, knowing that he was about to get it. She faced the window and the room went deathly cold. "Arwen it could not be helped. . . " He came to stand behind her, his arm snaking around her waist with the caution and expectancy that she would push his arm away. However, Arwen leaned back in to him a little despite herself.

"We were to meet an hour ago. I sat alone in the gardens for an hour waiting for you to come. I should have known where you would be."

Aragorn had completely forgotten about the picnic they had arranged the day before, he had been so caught up with work. He was angry at himself for taking his beautiful wife for granted in such a way. "Arwen there is no excuse I can give that is worthy, however I promise you I will do whatever it takes to make it up to you." He rested a kiss upon the back of her head, breathing in her perfumed hair.

Arwen turned in the circle of her love's arms, the coldness in her eyes now replaced with longing and desire. She could never stay mad at him, not whilst he held her in such a way. She rested her hands against his heaving chest and let herself be pulled in for a kiss. She could never grow old of his kisses, the smell of him, his breath so warm, his tongue so sweet. . . She wished they could retire for the day back to their chambers. Sensing her urgent response he pulled away whilst he still could, and treated her to a knee weakening smile. "Later my eager love."

"They do not need you more than I right now" she indicated the door that hid their affections from the others. She pushed her body against him, and felt his need for her grow, his smile never leaving as he groaned, "Arwen, I beg of you not to do this to me now." She could always awaken his primal urges with such simple actions.

Arwen couldn't help but smile at how he now begged her. She enjoyed this particular game of theirs above all the others. Pushing each other as far as they could without breaking had been a game they played since before they were wed, whilst respect and promise had kept them out of each other's beds. All that teasing had led to an explosive wedding night, one they both remembered with such passion.

"Surely you would not send your wife away when she is in such need of you," her hands slid across his waist and over his buttocks, pushing herself even harder into him. He stroked his nose against hers slowly, enjoying the sensations. "Arwen, if you do not stop this, I will not be held accountable for my actions. I will soon have no choice but to take you here and now." As appealing as that sounded to the both of them, they knew that the King and Queen could not make love away from the privacy of their bedroom, especially whilst Aragorn's men were in the very next room.

"Arwen sina dome Amin naa lle nai."

*This night I am yours to command*

Arwen's smile was unmistakable at the thought of what she had planned for him that eve.

"Very well I shall leave you now," Arwen faked a hurt and disappointed look. "If you will not take lunch with me, I will take lunch with our children."

Aragorn's eyes filled with guilt at the mention of his children. He had barely spoken two words to them of late and knew he had to make it up to them somehow.


Arwen found her two youngest daughters weaving flowers into garlands in the Queen's private garden. Luthien, so pale, so pure, so like Luthien Tinuviel, her namesake, from her father's favourite song. If people had said Arwen walked in her likeness, it was nothing to how her youngest looked. All the girls looked like Arwen, but Luthien the most. She now wore a garland of pink roses that set out her permanently flushed cheeks even more so. Celebriel, two years her sister's senior, was more like Arwen's mother in the face: she had the same silver eyes and the same air about her, although her hair, too, was the colour of night.

Upon seeing their mother, the two girls smiled warmly. Luthien held out her hand in a gesture for Arwen to join them. Arwen sat inbetween the two and felt her heart instantly lift.

"Well I see you two have been busy," Arwen giggled at the state her flower beds had been left in. The blanket beneath them was covered in their handiwork and Arwen was reminded of the hours she would spend making such beauty with her own mother.

"Garo aur vaer?" she asked her children,

*Have a good Morning?*

"Yes Naneth we have had a very good morning."

Celebriel placed one upon her mother's head very gently and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Now you match us Naneth. May we take a ride this afternoon? Ada usually takes us, but he has not had the time of late." Arwen could see the look of disappointment in her daughter's face. All the children loved Aragorn and loved spending time with him. She would have to find a way to ease his load.

"I shall ride with you, Eldarion and Galadwen too." the girls eyes lit up at the idea of a family ride. "I may have to take them out of their studies early, but fresh air and adventure are just as important to young people."


Arwen's ride with her children was just what she had needed: her clothes were muddied, her skin was rouged and she could not be happier. After she had bathed and changed, she found herself alone in her chambers with her thoughts. The children had enjoyed the afternoon, but she could sense that they had wished Aragorn could have been with them also. He had himself taught all four of them to ride, and was proud at how accomplished they now were. She couldn't help smiling at the thought of her children so alike yet so different.

Eldarion, meaning "son of the stars," was so eager to impress people and prove his worth as future King. He was gentle and kind with those he loved, yet place a sword in his hands and he became deadly and protective; so like his father. Aragorn had often taken him into the wilds, where he learnt of herb law and how to survive alone.

Galadwen, meaning "maiden of radiance,"' was a beautiful young lady, poised and composed. She was often alone in thought or painting, the thing she was best at. She enjoyed the social scene of court, and was well liked and respected throughout the Kingdom. Aragorn had joked that her temperament was so like Arwen's that at times he felt himself surrounded.

In his ownwords, Galadwen was most certainly "tinu en atarahe."*Her mother's daughter*

Celebriel, meaning "silver light," was an adventuress, climbing trees, scraping knees, she loved to ride and explore. Much less happy with attending court, she would prefer to accompany her father and brother on their expeditions.

The last child Arwen thought of was her sweet girl Luthien, meaning 'Enchantment.' She was extremely inquisitive, always wanting to know where you were and what you had been doing. Her voice was beautiful and her singing could move you to tears. Out of all Aragorn and Arwen's children, Luthien was the most Elven, she had the same magical quality about her that Arwen herself possessed.

The knock on the door brought Arwen out of her thoughts. "Enter." A man walked in with a letter outstretched in his hand. "Your majesty, a letter has just arrived for you from the forest of Lothlorien." Arwen's hand flew out to take the letter. Dismissing the man, she tore at the seal and finally glanced upon the writing of her grandfather, Celeborn.


Aragorn's study door flew open for the second time that day, only this time the woman before him was not angry but excited. "My grandfather has sent word, he wishes for me to go to Lorien. He has something that my grandmother wished me to have." Aragorn took the letter and read it to himself. He knew Arwen desperately wanted to go. He also knew she would go with his blessing or not. She could not go alone; he would have to go with her. Faramir could hold the fort well enough. The children, they could not leave them for such a long time. "Well it is time we did more as a family. We shall all go two days from the morrow."