Title: Luthien's flute

Author: B-witched83uk (bwitched83uk@aol.com)

Rating: PG

Summary: Aragorn, Arwen and the family travel to Lothlorien after receiving a mysterious letter from Celeborn.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Lord of the Rings. The whole of Middle Earth belongs to Tolkien.

A/N: If you don't like how this story ended then go and read No turning back which is the sequel to Luthien's flute.

Chapter 18

Happily ever after?

*2 year later*

"Come on, come to Ada." Aragorn held out his hands for his daughter. Silmai, meaning 'little starlight', fell in to her father's arms giggling. He held her at arms length and swung her through the air before sitting on the floor, the baby on his lap. He placed a kiss upon her head and beamed down at the wonder he now held.

"Yes, you are certainly Ada's girl." The small child reached her hands up to his hair and squealed, "Ada, Ada."

Aragorn's face broke as he heard his child's first words. "Arwen, hurry get in here!"

Arwen ran in to the nursery, half dressed. She instantly looked at the babe, wondering what was wrong. One look at her husband's smile eased her.

"She said Ada. She called me Ada." Arwen could tell that it had brought him close to tears. She settled herself on the floor beside them and brushed a single finger over Silmai's cheek.

"Oh no, and I mist it." Arwen was disappointed at missing her youngest first words.

Aragorn held the child up and look her in the eyes. "Where's Ada? tell Naneth. Ada" Again the child giggled and pushed her podgy fingers in to her mouth "Ada."

Aragorn and Arwen both laughed and hugged their child. Arwen couldn't help but cry, she was sure it wouldn't be for the last time this day.

"Good girl. My beautiful, good girl."


Galadwen was standing outside her brother's dressing room. All the other women of the family were busy fussing over Ithiliwen. She looked at the open door, waiting for him to hurry and dress. She turned as she heard foot steps on the polished stone floors. Legolas was walking toward her and her heart started to beat franticly. It had been so long since she had seen him, she wasn't sure she could handle this, not on the day of her brother's wedding.

"Galadwen, you look radiant." He was right, she did. Her golden gown was spectacular and the golden flowers weaved in to her hair brought out the flecks in her eyes. She was dressed to match her sisters.

"Thank you my Lord. You look well also." They held each other's eyes for a second before either one spoke.

"I am leaving straight after the ceremony." He didn't know what he expected from her but it was more then what he got.

"I hope your journey is a safe one." She smiled at him with warmth and sorrow. Sorrow for what might have been. She knew deep in her heart that letting him leave was the best thing for everyone. He knew it too, which was why this meeting was so bitter sweet.

Legolas bowed slightly and turned to leave. Galadwen's hand shot out to take his, stopping him in his tracks. She continued to smile at him.

"I know not what to say. I wish you all the happiness that this world can offer. I wish you love and peace Prince of Mirkwood."

Her words both soothed and ached him. "And I you, my Lady." He gently stroked his thumb over her hand before bringing it to his mouth. He kissed her hand and they both their eyes instantly closed.

"Will I ever see you again?" Galadwen knew the answer, she knew it was for the best.

"I suspect not." He would make sure of it. He felt a great deal for her but he could not risk causing pain to his dearest friend, he could let her risk everything she knew. Her life would be easier if she did not have to see him. He let go of her hand and she suppressed the urge to beg him to stay.

"Namaarie fair one." With that he left.

Galadwen watched him as he left her standing alone and heart broken. "I guess it just wasn't meant to be."

She had fought the tears for long enough. An icy cold droplet fell down her cheek. "Galadwen!" She turned to find her brother standing in the door way, wearing a look of pity and shock. He simply opened up his arms, a gesture she took gratefully. There he held her, whilst her tears streaked her face. She buried her face in his shoulder and sobbed in the comfort of Eldarion's arms.

"You silly girl. What have you been doing?" His tone was soft and understanding.


The great hall was a splendid sight for any lucky enough to be present. Banners of the white tree hung proudly on the far wall. An alter had been set up of black marble upon a cloth of red velvet. Golden ribbons hung from wall to wall, making the room seem to almost glisten.

The hall was filled with nobles and friends from all manor of realms. Eldarion stood tall and proud behind the oak doors. His hands rubbed together nervously, as he waited for the trumpets to announce his and his fathers arrival. Eldarion snuck a peak out at the crowd. He noticed Gimli son of Gloin, complaining that some tall Elf was blocking his view.

"I'll have you know, I am practically family master pointy ear." Gimli's rough tones could be heard vibrating through the entire hall. He held a small peace of cloth that he used to constantly wipe at his eyes.

Aragorn looked down at his son's hands and smiled. "Perhaps someone should fetch Gimli a box." Covering the shaking hand with his own he looked at his son, his first born. "Today I am proud to call you my son, chil nin, estanesse nin."

*My heir, my first born*

Eldarion smiled gratefully at his father. "Then you should be proud of yourself. For I leant from you how to me a man. A true and good man." Eldarion wasn't sure but for a moment he thought he saw a tear in his father's eye.

Eldarion laughed and clasped Aragorn on the shoulder. "You are becoming as emotional as the Dwarf!" They both laughed aloud.

"Are you ready for the rest of your life?" The King looked upon his heir, so like himself and felt a wave of love flow over him.

Eldarion grinned sheepishly. "I am ready, if the rest of my life is with her."


The golden trumpets rang through the air like thunder. The head herald stood, proud to be representing his country.

"All stand For King Aragorn Elesser of Gondor, and his son and heir Prince Eldarion.

The pair walked toward the altar. Every being there noticed how alike the two men were in looks and stature. Saved and blessed was the Kingdom of Gondor, for the blood line of Kings again flowed strong. True and strong.

Faramir and Eowyn sat near the front of the hall. A smile played on Eowyn's face as she watched Aragorn. Her niece, Ithiliwen, was so like her in appearance and manor. Eldarion, so like his father. She remembered the time she had loved Aragorn, now her niece and his son would be wed. Eowyn could not be happier.

She turned her head to look at her husband beside her. He instantly caught her eye and grinned. How could she ever have thought she was in love with any other but he? She had known such happiness in her life with Faramir, she could only hope that Ithiliwen would know the same.

As soon as the men had reached the altar, the trumpets sounded again.

"The Queen Arwen Undomiel of the Elves and her daughter's the Princesses Galadwen, Celebriel, Luthien and Silmai." They walked down the aisle in single form. All strangers to the Kingdom gasped at seeing so much beauty. Galadwen was holding Silmai and smiling from ear to ear. She risked a glance toward Legolas, who had know joined Gimli and Astald, and saw him wink.

Once the women had moved to stand at the sides of the altar, the trumpet sounded yet again. "The King Eomer of Rohan, Queen Lothiriel and Princess Ithiliwen."

Eldarion watched as she appeared through the doors, he had to remind himself to breath. Lothiriel went to stand the other side of the altar, whilst Eomer walked, with his daughter's hand in his, straight over to Eldarion. He placed Ithiliwen's hand in his and smiled with love and sorrow. Eldarion kneeled before the King of Rohan.

"I swear to protect and love her like the treasure she is."

Eomer nodded, moved by his words "Thus the bond between Gondor and Rohan strengthens still." Then he kissed his only child on the cheek before joining his wife.

Slowly Eldarion rose, his eyes never leaving hers. "I love you my Princess."

Ithiliwen felt her heart beat franticly as she gazed at her soon to be husband. "Amin mela lle Taren nin"

*I love you my Prince*

Eldarion beamed at her, touched that she had learnt some of his kin's own tongue just for him.

The minister's cough made them turn around and face the altar, about to start their new life together.


Aragorn held his wife tightly as they danced. He hated to dance but Arwen was so graceful and charming that he loved to see her move. Arwen giggled as he flattened his hands on her backside and whispered something un gentlemanly to her.

Eldarion and Ithiliwen had already retired for the evening, Aragorn had agreed to cover for them. Every time Eomer spun his wife near to them to ask where his daughter was, Aragorn quickly avoided him by leading Arwen across the floor.

At the edge of the dance floor, Arwen had noticed, Luthien and Astald were sat. their hands entwined under the table. They clearly thought that their hands were shielded from view. Arwen smiled widely, she had sensed a deeper bond between the two. They had spent the last few years as best friends and now at the ages of 15 and 16 their friendship had developed in to something deeper.

Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to let her husband in on the secret just yet, she herself would have to talk to them. She was not worried for they were both sensible and mature for their ages. Astald respected Luthien and her family far too much to take advantage of the situation.


Eldarion looked down at his wife laying in their bed. His father had given them their own apartment, still in the palace walls. She smiled shyly up at him and stroked the hair from his handsome face. The union of their marriage had been everything they had expected and more. No words were spoken between them, for no words even began to describe how they felt for each other. He lent over her and nuzzled against her nose, the love shinning from his eyes. She had never known such wonderful feelings, as that he had provoked in her. Their love making had made her weep, for she had never felt safer nor more loved.


Legolas mounted his horse and began to ride from the palace, his heart and mind heavy. He couldn't believe that he was really never going to see Galadwen again. His heart and mind spoke of different things, he no longer knew which to listen to. Shaking his head, he pulled his horse round and galloped back toward the palace.


Legolas dismounted and ran with all haste back to the hall. He stood in the doorway, shielded from view. From where he was he could see Galadwen sitting on a chair, her youngest sister on her lap. Both the young Princesses were laughing and seemed in high spirits. Her face was lightened and her loveliness truly shown through. She was now 21 years and even more breathtaking than before. He simply stood there watching her for what seemed like an eternity, even to an Elf.

He loved her, he knew that now. She was like a rainfall in springtime, refreshing and elegant. He knew that he would live forever and never love another. A hard choice now lay before him.

He could have her for his own and brake the hearts of his dearest friends, or he could leave them in a time of joy and break his own heart only.

Legolas smiled as he saw her giggle at her sister's play. He swallowed hard and clenched his fists by his side. He had made his choice and now his fate was set. There would be no turning back, no chance to relive his decision.

"Namaarie tenoio vanya'o"

*Farewell forever fair one*

The End.

The sequel to Luthien's flute is No turning back where this story picks up a few years later.