Sometimes, it was hard for Wyatt to remember the proper mixture of make-up for his skin color to match the color from the day before. One time, he had to lie and say he had gotten a tan from scouting on an island for a week. It was really hard trying to make a tan slowly dull down. Now, he wrote the formula down and hoped it came out right instead.

Using a soft sponge, he dipped it into his skin formula and he gently rubbed it over his chalk white skin. When he finished with his face, he waited for it to harden before he started with his left hand carefully. His pink eyes watched his hands work, having done this for years now.

When he was finished painting his skin, he stood up and got ready to tighten his corset. Taking in a deep breath, he pulled heavily on the strings, slowly making his large stomach shrink down to make him appear thin and lean. Letting his breath out slowly, he winced at the faint pain he felt in his insides.

Looking at himself in the mirror, he winced as old memories started to flood back to him. As he dressed in a fine purple suit with matching tie, he could hear the old taunts of "White Ass Willy" and "Pink Eyes". Bending down to tie his high polished black leather shoes, he still felt the stings of the wet towels hitting his sensitive skin in the locker room after gym class.

Standing up straight, he searched through one of the drawers for his non-prescription eye contacts. Finding them, he washed them carefully and placed them into his eyes. Blinking rapidly, he looked into the mirror with his now amber eyes and he sighed softly at his sparse amount of white hair.

Turning to his closet, he opened it and dug through some clothes and boxes. Finding his wig on a mannequin head, he took it and placed it gently on his desk. Taking a soft brush, he brushed his wig and arranged the stray strands a bit before he placed it on his head. Making a few adjustments to make it fit, as well as gently placing glue it on to stay for the day, he smiled at his new reflection. Wyatt was read for the public once more.
Well, almost ready any way he amended.

Taking out an eyeglass case, he took out his thin purple sunglasses and he cleaned the lenses carefully. Placing them lightly on his nose, he winked at his reflection before leaving the room, confident in his looks now more than he ever was in the past.