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"You can try to resist, try to hide from my kiss, but you know, but you know that you, can't fight the moonlight. Deep in the dark you'll surrender your heart, but you know, but you know that you can't fight the moonlight. No. You can't fight it. It's gonna get to your heart."

~Leanne Rimes, Can't Fight the Moonlight

Chapter 11: The End, I Suppose

It was cold at the hospital. John was just happy he wasn't in handcuffs. Phoebe, with some fast talking had dropped all charges against the Agents, and held herself responsible for the shot in her side. Considering he could be behind bars for murder with no one except Monica to vouch for him against the Nameth's ridiculous law suits, he was thinking he was pretty damn lucky.

Phoebe was smiling as he walked into her room. She set her copy of Requiem for a Dream on the night table and smiled softly at him.

"How you doing?" He asked her. She laughed a little.

"It's a flesh wound, believe me." Phoebe assured him. John shook his head.

"Now I know why no one believes me when I say that." He stated. Phoebe gave a small laughed. "You were pretty gone. Doctors are saying they lost you on the table."

"Twice, if you talk to the nurses." She added, leaning back on the pillows with a wince. "Believe me, I'll be up and walking around in no time." Phoebe almost said that like a promise. John didn't say anything. "Luke says you don't have a job to get back to."

"Perceptive, isn't he?" John asked with a smirk. Phoebe laughed lightly, wincing again.

"A little too perceptive, I think."

"He's right. That little episode with your parents caused a pretty big stir." Phoebe nodded, sighing deeply. "What do I care. I never liked my job in that department anyways."

"Yeah you did." Phoebe responded. "You found her again." John looked up at her. "Perceptive little brat aren't I?"

"A little too perceptive, I think." He mocked her a little. Phoebe grinned again, for the first time since she had met Doggett. And it looked real too.

"There's just one thing I don't get." John mentioned. "The bracelet." Phoebe nodded. "How does that fit in?"

"I got it as a birthday gift from my father, custom made from the bullets in Inspector Abberline's weapon." She turned her head to him. John tilted his head. "That's how I fit into the story. The three key elements. Walter, Mary, and Abberline…me. Why do you think I couldn't die by your hand?"

"So you're alive because I can't kill you?"

"You'll never be rid of me. I'll keep showing up and showing up until the end of time in your life." John gave a small grin. "So will she." There was an odd silence that followed that statement. Phoebe exhaled loudly.

"You love her?" She asked.

"I don't think this is your type of conversation. Not until I'm dead anyways." Phoebe grinned again.

"No. If you die before her, you'll be with her. And vise-versa." She seemed so sure. "It's where the term 'the dead never really die' comes from. You'll be stuck here, waiting for her."

"And if we die together?" He hated to ask. Phoebe closed her eyes wearily and opened them again, staring at him vividly.

"You'll be together forever, I suppose." She answered weakly. Doggett nodded, looking away. Phoebe stared through him, seeing him looking at the door.

"Take care of him." He turned back, surprising Phoebe a little. The teenager smiled.

"Am I going to get paid for babysitting?"

"That's not funny."

"I'm serious!"

Doggett shook his head. Phoebe laughed silently.

"Yeah. Sure. It'll be fun. Just in time for my Parenting Course." Phoebe elaborated. "I'm going back to school after Christmas Break. Part of my parent's and my new compromise."

"Sounds good."

"Yeah, I guess." She mumbled softly. "I get to hang out with Brian and Joe still. We get a bigger apartment. But I have to go to school and eat dinner with them."

"Sounds like you've got everything worked out."

"No. Nobody can be that in control."

"Yeah. Nobody. Not even anal FBI Agents who put on handcuffs too tight." Doggett laughed again. Phoebe smiled warmly, folding her arms over her waist. "Have a good life Agent Doggett."

"Thank you." He said, getting a smile from Phoebe again.

"First time anyone ever did. You're welcome." John stood up, walking out of the room. Luke looked at Phoebe from the foot of the bed where he was sitting. Her green eyes flickered blue again.

"Think he's happy?" He asked hopefully, coming closer to Phoebe and curling next to her like a cat. Phoebe nodded.

"He'll be fine." She assured him. "He'll be just fine."


"I brought by my letter of resignation as you requested Deputy Director." John said, setting the papers on Kersh's desk. The man pursed his lips in anger, looking at the two Agents in front of him. "Can you make this quick?" Doggett asked impatiently. "I have a 12 o'clock interview at McDonald's."

Monica resisted laughing at that one.

"Well, it seems you have this whole thing worked out, don't you John." The Deputy Director said, looking at the papers from both John and Monica. The two looked at one another and then back to their employer. "I just want to know, in full detail, what you two think you were…"

He never got to finish. The door opened and his secretary interrupted.

"Sir, I know you're in a meeting, but there's a call…"

"Hold it."

"I would but the Nameth's lawyer has threatened to sue me if I do." Kersh rolled his eyes, picking up his phone and pressed for the line.

"Hello Mr. Co…" He didn't finish that. The voice on the phone was so loud he had to pull the phone from his ear. John watched as the Deputy Director tried to slide in two words, but never got the chance to before there was a click on the other line. Regaining composure, their superior set the phone back down on the cradle.

"You two seem to have a guardian angel." He commented. "Since the Nameth girl put up such a fuss that the lawyer will sue me for false pretences and keep me in prison for fifty years." Monica's eyes widened and she and John stifled a laugh.

"So get out of my office and don't expect that you will get a reprieve next time."

They didn't. John and Monica practically skipped out of the office.


Joe set down the phone and rose slowly. Phoebe watched form the couch, Brian sitting on the coffee table intently waiting for what Joe had to say. After hearing him shout at the Deputy Director's secretary and the Deputy Director himself, they were practically pissing themselves.

"We did it!" He said loudly, turning quickly and grinning from ear to ear. Phoebe gave a small laugh from the couch, gripping at her bullet wound gingerly and Brian and Joe shouted carelessly. The two came back to the couch, sitting down next to her and stared at the TV, where a muted Due South was playing.

"You watch this too much." Joe commented.

"You're in my way!" She said loudly, trying to push them away.

"Aww, but we love you Phoebe!" Joe said, curling on her right side. Phoebe laughed as Brian curled up on her left. Tight fit for the three.

"This isn't going to get kinky is it?" She asked, as the two curled tighter. Neither replied as their breathing deepened and they clocked out. Phoebe smiled, relaxing as the throb of her wound ebbed. "Night guys."


"So is it over?" Monica asked, running her fingers through John's hair as her lay on her chest, running his fingers over her bare waist. Her partner nodded and she gave a relieved sigh as she stared off into the dark ceilings of her apartment. "I'm happy."

"Same here." He said. His partner smiled.

"Would you have done it?" She asked, making John turn over as he looked at her. "Killed me."

"We've been through this Monica."

"No, I mean if Phoebe and I had switched places. Would you have pulled the trigger?" John didn't have an answer. Monica wasn't expecting one.

"No. I don't think I could have brought myself to it."

Monica smiled softly, her eyelids drifting closed. She leaned up on her elbows as John kissed her, laying back on her bed with her. Monica opened her eyes for a moment.

"Neither would I." She said quietly. "In that same position."

"I promised you…over and over."

"Will you keep that promise?"



"Just kiss me." She grinned and laughed a little.

"Pushy, much?" John rolled his eyes. Monica kissed him again, moving hands down his waist on over his shirt. Something rough moved under her hand and she pulled it from John's pocket.

"Oh great." John said, taking the charm bracelet from her. "I am going to kill that kid."

"Well, considering we kept our jobs, I'd say this thing is pretty good luck." John looked at the bracelet, the Japanese symbols shimmering in the moonlight coming in from the window. He looked at Monica.

"I got you in bed. I'd say this thing is working miracles." Monica laughed again.

He set the bracelet aside and kissed her over and over. The bracelet shimmered on the table by the bed, watching them as the Never Ending charm broke off.

The story had changed. And somewhere in the darkness of oblivion, a black demon disappeared.


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