Best Two Out of Three

Chapter 1: Kat on a Hot Tin Roof

Summary: Rouge has never been the center of attention. But ever since a certain Cajun and his posse moved into the X-mansion, she's gotten more notice than she'd like. ROMY

A/N: Okay, this is my first X-Men fic so.go easy on me! If you see anything that doesn't make sense in here let me know.. it's probably just something I made up in my slightly Alternate Universe.but this story is not really's just special. So, and enjoy!!!


"And then Lance was like 'so, do you want to go to the dance with me?' and he was looking like totally sweet and innocent you know? Like why can't he act like that all the time?" Rogue sighed.

Well she had asked Kitty what the problem was.big mistake.

"Like, what do you think Rogue?" Kitty asked.

"Ah think you need to dump him all together," Rogue answered as she leaned back against the wall. She didn't understand why Kitty wanted to phase up to the roof so badly; they had their own room. But Kitty seemed paranoid that Jean would read her thoughts or Bobby would eavesdrop on their conversation and start a rumor that things were going badly with Lance.

Kitty gasped. "How can you say that, Rogue?" she asked, her eyes open wide with horror at the mention that she and Lance may not actually go out for another ten years, get married and have children.

Rogue gave a small, sad smile and looked up at the valley girl. "Life isn't a fairy tale Kit. Bad things happen." Kitty frowned and furrowed her brow. "That's like so pessimistic Rogue. You need to find a hobby or something."

Rogue smirked. It was funny that Kitty would say something like that. The love-struck sophomore had barely left Rouge with any time to herself. She was constantly hounding Rogue for advice that she didn't have or didn't want to share.

Kitty sighed. "Well, if that's all the help you're going to be then I'll like ask Jean." Rogue glared at her. "It's not like you have a love life or anything," Kitty continued, ignoring Rogue's stare that was quickly becoming her patented Death Glare.

"It's not like Ah could have a love life if Ah wanted to anyways," Rogue said through clenched teeth.

Her patience was quickly crumbling. Even after all the sessions with the Professor, the voices were still annoying her and making her crabby. Well, it wasn't just the voices. It was everything in her life.

Kitty gave her friend an apologetic look. "Like, I'm sorry Rogue. I won't really go to Jean. But you really need to chill."

"Chill, right," Rogue muttered, drawing her knees against her body. She looked north, over to where the city of Bayville was. It was hard to imagine how many people in that city hated mutants. They had no idea that mutants were the ones that were going to save them in the end. Not like they cared anyway.

"Um, Rogue?" Kitty waved her hand in front of Rogue's face, careful not to get too close to her poison skin, like always. Rouge looked up at Kitty. " It's cold up here so I'm like going downstairs now, " Kitty said. "If you want me to phase you down, I'm leaving." Rouge pushed herself up from the ground and let Kitty grab her covered arm. "Alright, let's go!" Kitty shouted letting herself fall through the ceiling. Rogue' s eyes widened. "Kitty! You can't phase here! We're right above the-" But the warning came about five seconds too late.


"I can't believe this. Mags has gone off his knocker!" Pyro mumbled as he kicked a rock with his boot, sending it flying forward into his path.

Gambit shook his head and shuffled his deck of cards for the hundredth time since they had left Magneto's base. This was insane.

"Hey mates! Look a' this! *Insane cackle*" Gambit raised his gaze from the ground just quick enough to see the trees on either side of their path burst up in flames. Pyro looked back at his companions.

"This will probably be the last time I get to do that.knowing the X-Men an' all," he whimpered. Gambit looked back down at the ground. Okay, so maybe they were insane too. It was a good thing Magneto wasn't with them.he would have used his magnetic powers to hurl Pyro at a telephone pole or something. He would claim that he was teaching the fire-maniac "discipline and self-control". Before Magneto, those words probably weren't a part of the Aussie's vocabulary.

"Look, there is the mansion." The Acolytes looked in the direction Piotr was pointing at. The Institute was there all right.

Gambit shuffled his cards one more time and then put them in the inside pocket of his brown trench coat.

"Well mes amis, Gambit thinks dat we've got no choice now. Looks like we're destined to be X-Men."

Pyro looked at the still burning trees longingly and whimpered.

A/N: sorry for the shortness. It was.the first chapter.that's all I can say. Gambit didn't say much and he probably didn't seem that .Cajun-y, and there was no ROMY, but that will all change next chapter! Tschus for now! ^^*