"The Gray Side"

It's all hers.

Harry befriends the Malfoy's and change sides. Public drama and field days for the newspapers.

First Chapter: a rescuer comes along.

He sat on the hard bed of Dudley's second bedroom. The pain was intense. He sat there with tears in his green eyes. Hate and sadness filled his, before so joyful eyes. That night he made up his mind, he would not to just sit here and take this anymore, he had to escape.

It had been days since he had sent his `help me` letter to Dumbledore, but Hedwig had come back empty-handed. Dumbledore wouldn't help him, he wanted him to do nothing and accept his beatings like a good boy, but guess what? He wasn't a good boy, he was a hurt and scared boy.

Start of school wasn't until next month, but he couldn't stay here in this hell Dumbledore called a safe place, so he took all his belongings and climbed out of the living room window. Harry ran as fast as he could down the street and into the park. He didn't know where to go so he decided to camp in the park until tomorrow, then he would come up with something to do.

He found a comfy place between some bushes and a big oak tree. He was just about to go to sleep when he heard a familiar voice.

¤¤So here's where Dudley spends his evenings, I wish I could just jump at him with my wand and scare the shit out of him. But that would be extremely stupid because then he will know I've run away, and besides, he's probably not alone anyway¤¤.

So Harry wrapped the invisibility cloak tight around himself and went to sleep on the hard ground.

He woke the next morning to birdsong. It was a great feeling, the feeling of freedom, and he decided that he would never go back to his `family`.

He was hungry and would have to find something to eat, but that was easier said than done. He had no money, no muggle money or Galleons and that may give him the slightest of problem.

He took a look around the park, maybe he could find some berries or something.

That night was not as pleasant as the one before. Harry was extremely hungry, he hadn't found anything but a fistful of some nasty-flavoured berries. That night he dreamt of something worse than Voldemort, he dreamt of Dudley eating a tremendous chocolate cake, the American kind, while smirking at him and telling him how good it tasted with sounds of `mmm' and `yum'.

That was it, he had to get something to eat. He would have to go into the city today and look for scraps of food left in trashcans.

He earned some strange looks on his desperate search for food, but he didn't care. He found enough food to get strength to walk, so he decided to change sleeping places, this way he wouldn't have to walk those long painful kilometres to the city. He found a place near a junk food shop. It wasn't as comfy as the spot in the park, but it was dry and half-warm.

A whole week went by, eating and sleeping, Harry had lost all track of time but wondered how he was suppose to get to the station the 1st September. Life wasn't looking so good for him, he was dirty and sickly thin.

But a rescuer was about to come past him one morning when he lay half dead in the gutter. ________________________________________________________________

Lucius was wandering the muggle streets of London. He had just bought a muggle CD for his son Draco He knew he loved that Marilyn Manson guy, he himself preferred Beethoven.

He was lost in his thoughts and didn't see where he was going. He stopped when his right leg hit something on the ground. He stepped back and looked down to see there was a boy sitting there.

"So sorry lad, didn't see you there" he said but got no response.

"You're alright son?" Nothing, he bent down and lifted the boy's face up to meet his eyes. Green met Grey.

"Holy shit, Potter!" Harry just stared at him emotionless.

"Potter, what's wrong with you? Are you sick? I've seen needles fatter than you, talk to me son" Harry opened his mouth to say something, but could only cough up blood and that was the only thing Lucius needed to see.

"Come on, Potter, you're coming with me. I will not have you dying out here" Lucius took Potter in his arms, his was light as a leaf, and took a portkey home to Malfoy mansion. ________________________________________________________________

"Father you're home, I've been wa........." Draco came running towards his Father, but stopped half way through his sentence when he saw that his father wasn't alone.

"Father...what's happened?" He ran to his father's side.

"Draco, go get your mother and tell the house elves to bring some food and tea" Lucius said calmly while he brought Harry into the living room and laid him on the sofa. Harry was far away, but he was conscious.

Draco and Narcissa came running into the living room where Lucius and Harry were.

"Lucius darling what's happened?" Narcissa asked while placing herself on the floor in front of the sofa looking with wide eyes at Harry.

"It's Harry Potter, I found him today in a muggle street, I think me might have run away or something. He's sickly thin and not well, when he tries to speak he only manages to cough up blood" Lucius explained to his wife.

"Oh my, poor child, here let me heal him" Narcissa took out her wand and put him under many different spells. Harry looked more and more like his old self after every spell, but he was still very thin.

After she was done she gave him a sleeping potion, because after a good sleep he should be able to eat or even talk.

The three Malfoy's moved their dinning table out in the living room so that they could keep an eye on Harry and nurse him if he woke.

Draco couldn't eat, "Will he be alright father?" he asked with worry.

"Yes son, he will be as good as new but we have to explain everything to him when he wakes up. I think he would be a bit shocked if he knew he was here with us" said Lucius to his son while he stroked his cheek.

"Yeah you're right" said Draco and ate the rest of his food in silence. ________________________________________________________________

Harry woke up the next morning with a scream and found himself laying comfortable on a soft sofa in unfamiliar surroundings.

Narcissa had heard his scream and walked down into the living room.

"Ah you're up, how nice, how are you feeling? I hope my healing spells did you some good, you were rather bad off though so I should probably do an extra check on you. I was a nurse once you know, before I got married that is". She explained to a very confused Harry.

"Eh...not being rude or anything, but who are you and what am I doing here, and where is here exactly?"

"Oh darling, my husband found you yesterday on the street. You were very ill so he decided to bring you home to us. I'm Narcissa and you're at Malfoy mansion" she told him while preparing some tea for him.

"I'm WHAT? The Malfoys? But.....I'm so dead" Harry murmured to himself while shaking his head, which he found out rather hurt a lot.

Narcissa smiled sweetly at him and handed him the cup of tea. "Come, come dear, it's no reason to worry, Lucius will explain everything to you later. Just drink this and I will bring you some food as well, you need to eat something or you will surely die"

Harry looked at the cup with suspicion "What's this potion?"

"No, no, dear boy, it's only some apple tea, why would I ever hurt you?" she bent down and kissed him on the forehead and despite himself Harry leaned into the touch It had been so long since anybody had touched him with such love. He really craved to be loved. But why was she being so kind to him?

Harry stared at her with confusion, but drank up all the tea. It felt so good and he was so hungry. His stomach made that clear with loud grumbling noises.

"Oh yes, the food" Narcissa said and walked into the kitchen.

When she came out again she had Lucius by her side smiling, he was actually smiling. Harry was wondering if he'd got smacked in the head by something hard, because it wasn't an evil smile on his lips, oh no.

"Good day Harry, how are you feeling today?" Lucius said.

Harry may be ill, but he was not stupid. "Something is wrong with this picture. Why are you smiling, are you planning on giving me to Voldemort but think you should at least try to be friendly to me before I get tortured to death? Is that it? Well you can't fool me, just give me over, I do not wish for your pity".

Lucius backed back a little at this, he had expected a reaction but this was beyond.

"Shush boy. I know you're confused, but I'm here to answer all your questions. But you may be a little weak so I'll just tell you what I think you want to know, and if you're wondering about anything else don't hesitate to ask".

Harry barely nodded.

Lucius called for his son, "He will help me explain" Lucius said.

Draco ran towards them, Harry gasped, because he too was smiling. Harry had never seen Draco smile like that before, he could light up a room.

"Is he alright?" he asked his father. This made Harry even more confused.

"Yes Draco he is but he is a bit shocked of course, so we're going to explain everything to him" Lucius addressed his son.

"Very well" was Draco's response.

Lucius turned to Harry, who sat eating a tasty full English breakfast.

"I guess I should start at the beginning. Well, I bumped into you on a muggle street. I don't know if you remember anything, you were rather off this planet if I my say so. You looked seriously ill, and were not talkative so I brought you home to us so we could heal you. There is one thing you have to understand; I do not wish to cause you any harm, nor do my wife and son. You may think that we're with Voldemort, but that is just because we want you to think that. We're not dark wizards Harry, but we do possess their power and knowledge. We do not work for the dark side, we work for our own side which we like to call the Grey Side.

I appear to be evil, so do my family, but that's just because it suits us well. We're spies on the dark side and the light, we get information. When we appear dark, the dark side think they have got us, and the light side is dying to have us as spies for them or think they can make us light again.

You see, we neither wish for Voldemort to rule, nor Dumbledore. The world is not only black or white, there're shades of grey as well, and we will like to fight for that grey to appear. There really is no such thing as good or evil magic. It's only power and the people who wish or not to seek it!

What do you think of Dumbledore Harry, do you think it's wrong of us to wish him no power over the wizarding world?"

Harry had swallowed every word that came out of Lucius mouth, he found the subject really interesting. "Well, to be honest, I think he should be at St. Mongos. He's manipulated me for years now, said he only did things for my own good. Like being beaten and tortured by my merciless family is for my own good! I send him a letter telling him about this, but he just send my owl back empty-handed, that nitwit. I'm just a tool, a tool he can use to get to Voldemort, because when Voldemort is gone he will get all the power, and then he'll toss me away like a broken arrow. I'm nothing to him, neither are any others, he just uses us to get power and revenge. He makes me sick!"

Harry had gotten really hot in the head after the first words, it felt so good to finally say those things. He had been thinking it and holding it inside himself for so long and now he could just come out and say it, and to people who were actually on his side on the subject.

Lucius smiled "You take the words out of my mouth Harry! It's good to know such a great person like yourself feels the same. Any questions?"

"Yeah, you just act like a bad person around everybody, right? That's why you and Draco (it was odd for Harry to say his name, but he saw Draco smile by it, and smiled back) have been total pricks around me since I meet you, but why are you telling me this now?"

"Well I've been watching you Harry, at school and I have seen that you've changed. So we thought that you would be trustworthy if we told you and that maybe you felt the same, that's why. And I tried to be kind to you when we first met, but I couldn't be too kind because I am a Malfoy after all, and we're supposed to be the meanest there is" Draco spoke for the first time, he smiled at Harry's growing smirk.

"You're going to give them a shock then, when you take over the ruling throne" Harry said bemused.

Draco laughed "Yes, they won't know what hit them".

Lucius looked at them both, glad they where getting along.

"Well if you don't have any other questions Harry I would like to get something to eat. What do you feel like Harry?"

Harry thought about it then smiled brightly, "Something non-healthy".

"Well, Narcissa won't be happy about it, but we have to fatten you up after all so I think I call for KFC" Lucius said smirking.

"Oh thanks Father! Mmmm, can't wait" Draco said hugging his father who laughed and went out to the kitchen. "Come on Harry dinner will be ready any minute" said Draco and dragged Harry up of the sofa and into the dinning room (which was huge by the way).

After a lovely and greasy meal Harry and Draco spent the evening playing chess and getting to know each other, well Harry would meet the real Draco Malfoy and Draco would meet a more understanding Harry Potter. After a while they found out that they were quite similar.

"Oi, Father, did you know that Harry's favourite colour is green and second black then white? That's me all the way isn't it?" Draco said as his father turned the page of his book.

"Yes it certainly is Draco Have you asked Harry if he would like to stay here for the rest of the summer until the start of school?" he asked calmly, Harry's eyes were filled with joy.

"No, I haven't how silly of me. Come on Harry I'll show you the guestroom, because you're mad if you don't want to stay. Besides have you seen my Quidditch pitch? I think not, I'd better show you tomorrow then!" Draco dragged a grinning Harry with him up to the guest room which lay nearby Draco's room.

When Harry fell asleep that night he felt happy, joyful, comfy, relaxed, safe, excited and loved. It had been one hell of a day.