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The Grey Side; by me, henriette.

Summary: Harry befriends the Malfoys and change sides. Public drama and field days for the newspapers. Hermoine with help from Ron are playing Harry, making him believe she's still his friend, so that Dumbledore can use Harry against Voldemort. Will he figure it out before it to late? Will the betrayal finally break him?

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¤¤Harry when thinking¤¤.

"Everybody when speaking".


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Previously in The Grey side
"Harry could we talk in a more secure place, I have something important to tell you, but not under all these eyes." She hinted towards Ron.

Harry nodded and glared at Ron. "Of course 'Moine, we can talk after the feast, I'll come and see you okay?"

She kissed him cheek and smiled. "Okay."

Both Malfoys watched with a frown as Granger kissed Harry on the cheek. Something just wasn't right with the picture, and why did Dumbledore seem so interested in their previous conversation?

And the cards were laid. But who would win?

Chapter 7: Trust the trustworthy.

"Student of Hogwarts, Staff and Governors, welcome to a new school year." Headmaster Albus Dumbledore stood at the Staff table and beamed at his minors, though few beamed back at him.

"This year I have a surprise to all students from 4'th to 6'th year. You might already know of it, since it has been written about in the Daily Prophet by the ever up to note Rita Skeeter. This year we'll have a Resorting of all students from 4'th to 6'th year after the usual first year Sorting."

The noise started right away at these words even though nearly all had known of it before they entered the Hall. Many were existed, but lots of students were also worried and anxious about switching Houses since they rather really liked their current House and House mates. Harry wasn't one of them though…he cast a longing glance over at Draco and the Slytherin table before his eyes fell back at his current table. He looked from Draco to Hermione. Would she mind if he ended up a snake, would she leave him like Ron had? Yell at him, betray him and hurt him like he had done?

A voice in his head hissed back at him that he didn't need her, that he had been just fine over the holidays with the Malfoys. Why would he care if she left him? It was her lose, he would survive, he had Draco. Draco's friends would surely welcome him too, Draco had assured him that. Though another mild voice also reminded him of what Hermione had told him; that she didn't care whom he associated with. She would always be his friend and support him, she was nothing like that backstabbing asshole Weasley. She would never sink so low as to take orders from Dumbledore to befriend him. She was a true friend, a loyal, wise and trustworthy girl. She was his friend.

Harry turned to her and sent her a warm smile when she patted him on the arm, she must have see he's anxious behaviour.

From across the Hall Draco tried to get eye contact with Harry, the Granger bitch was up to something. He couldn't seem to get Harry's attention for one minute. To him it looked like she tried everything to get Harry's attention towards her and her fake happy grins. He had seen the whole act, and he didn't trust her one bit. The girl was a backstabbing, cunning, cruel and untrustworthy crud. She was his enemy.
"I know that not all of you wish to be Resorted into a new house. But trust me, nothing horrible will come out of this. The Hogwarts Staff and governors have discussed this between us, back and front, to make it a win-win solution. The fact is that students in 4'th to 6'th year are in a changing stage of their life, personality speaking. They have started to change their views and personalities and therefore it's only natural that they get a change to join a House that shares the same personality that they have gained in their later years. And if you haven't changed then you probably don't' have to change Houses either. But if you have, you will get to join a House that now fits you better then your former House." Dumbledore said more seriously, trying to convince his students that this was a wise move to make. He himself had no choice when it came to it, he had to sign it after that Skeeter Bitch post it in an article in the most popular paper in the wizarding world. So if he had to sign it why not make the students think it was his brilliant idea to begin with, it wouldn't do for them to think that he, Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorcerer, Founder and Secret Keeper of the Order of Phoenix, Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, defeater of the dark wizard Grindelwald and the man behind the discovering of the 12 uses of dragon blood, had been force by some stupid brainless governors and a mingling reporter to do something he rather not do.

He wasn't stupid after all, he knew what this Resorting business could resort to. Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, had always and would always be more fitting for Slytherin. He knew it, Harry knew it and the blood HAT knew it. And now the whole school, possible the whole wizarding world, would know it and there was nothing he could do about it. He would just have to come up with some clever ideas to get Harry to look like a lost poor orphan and not a Gryffindor turn Slytherin turn dark little shit like he really was... Albus knew he had his work cut of for him, but he didn't earn the title of Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards by being incompetent and powerless like some other pureblood snobs…

"And if this works out, " he continued beaming with a friendly and comforting twinkle, "we might do this every year, Resorting the forth years every year to make the changes in us fit our Houses better."

The Griffindor table
Whispers began again as the students nodded along and discussed their opinion about this new Resorting business.

"You think you'll change Ravenclaw Hermione? I'll think you fit their picture much better than Gryffindor. Not that your not brave and all, but I'm sure you would have liked it much better with people who has equally as much respect for knowledge, authority and books as you..And you know…I..I might be Resorted into a new House too…" Harry look from the Staff table over at Hermione. She looked at him and sent him a resuming smile.

"Oh, of course Harry. Don't you worry." She said, patted him on the arm and turned back to Dumbledore's speech.

Harry fought the raising of his eyebrow. What was that? Surely not an answer to his question. Was she listening to him at all? He looked at her, it looked like she had some kind of silent conversation with Dumbledore, that either he or Dumbledore could hear. This didn't make any sense. Hadn't she just begged him to believe she was his good and trustworthy friend? Then why was she ignoring him now, seconds after?

¤¤Don't be so selfish you dolt!¤¤

Harry shock his head and curst himself for doubting his friend so quickly.

¤¤You're not a gram better than Ron!¤¤

Just because she would rather hear what the Headmaster had to say about the Resorting then listen him rant and moan about Ravenclaws and Slytherins didn't mean she hated him! The Headmaster's speech was after all much more important than his rambling. This was the future two years of her life they were talking about, how could he be so selfish and childish as to demand her full attention? Harry felt ashamed as he turned his attention towards Dumbledore too.

"Now, I have the pleasure of giving Governor Lucius Malfoy the word, he's here to watch over the Resorting." Dumbledore sat down after he'd given the word over to Lucius.

"Thank you Headmaster." Lucius said as he stood up and faced the student body of Hogwarts.

"The other Governors and I presented the new proposal of a Resorting this summer after multiply request from students and parents alike. As your Headmaster said this proposal is to make everyone more comfortable even if they feel themselves changing. As you might be first hand experts on, the emotional person you were when you were 11 years old can be quite different from the emotional and mental person you are when you grow older. It would be a sham to force a person who is a Hufflepuff at heart as an 11 year old stay in the Hufflepuff House when he or she has become a Gryffindor at heart later in his or hers teens. And it's especially easy to change in such dreaded war times as these…" The Blond let the sentence sink in before he spoke again.

"Now Miss McGonagall, if you would…"
Harry grinned in amusement as Lucius served Hogwarts the lie of the requests from students and parents. That was what he had told the other Governors too. He grinned up at Lucius but his attention was ripped away from him again as Hermione grabbed his hand and squeezed it lightly and sent him a smile. Harry forgot all about Lucius and his amusement as he smiled back at her.

McGonagall stepped forwards with the Hat again and started to call up every student's name alphabetically from forth to sixth year.

¤¤This can take some time.¤¤

Harry followed the Resorting dully. As soon as his year came up his interest was peaked.

Harry noticed that not too many changed Houses. Hermione become a Ravenclaw though and he was please for her. Neville become a Hufflepuff, Harry figured it was because of his loyalty and hardworking spirit, the boy was probably pleased too, to have the Herbology Professor as his Head. Ginny joined Hermione in Ravenclaw and they started to chat the second they sat down together. The Fifth year Ravenclaw Stephen Cornfoot joined the Slytherins as the first, and he looked absolutely terrified. And his class mate Morag MacDougal left for Gryffindor. Vaisey left the Slytherins and joined the Ravenclaws, Draco seemed rather glad for that arrangement Harry noted. Harper soon joined Vaisey at the blue and bronze table. Wayne Hopkins and his girlfriend Megan Jones were thrilled when they both joined Gryffindor. Zacharias Smith didn't look to down either as he joined the Ravens. The silly but bold-looking forth year Romilda Vane would be joined by Harry at the snakes table. If she knew she would surely be pleased beyond belief that she got to be in his House again, though she wouldn't try to make him fall in love with her again, she still had nightmare after the first time, Ron really gave her the creeps.

Then it was his turn.

Half of the students present had looked forward to this. Harry Potter's Resorting would work as proof. Either that he had gone dark, which it would look like if he became a Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Or the resorting would slay the rumours if he stayed a Lion. Hufflepuff was out of the picture of course. The Boy Who Lived was obviously not a very loyal person: Associating with Malfoys, honestly!

Harry stood up and walked over to where his current Head of House stood ready with the Hat. He knew what was going to happen. Hell, he had even made it happen! But still the anxious feeling gripped his heart tightly. He didn't even want to think what kind of reaction his Resorting into Slytherin would make. Surely people would look at it as the ultimate betrayal.

But did he really care that much what other people thought about his choices, morals and decisions? Did they really care beyond that their saviour left their claws, his treads, to run around freely? No, they didn't care for him as a person, a human-being, a 16 year old orphan. They didn't care for his views or his opinion. They only cared for his powers and what they could do for them...

The Malfoys were different though. They cared for him as a person of flesh and bone. They cared for Harry.

The last Potter looked over at Draco. The blond gave him a concerned look, but it soon melted into a pleased grin. Draco knew his friend would join him soon. He would soon join his rightful House. Harry grinned weakly back and praised whom ever looked over him that he had meet the Malfoys.

A strong urge to look over at Hermione made Harry glance over to the Ravenclaw table. There his eyes were drawn to Hermione's hard brown once. They soften as soon as they had gained his full attention. The Potter heir smiled at her and sat down on the stool. The Malfoys were once again completely forgotten, and replaced by thoughts of Hermione. He didn't see Draco and Lucius' confused and suspicious looks nor did he see Hermione and Dumbledore's smug once, as the brim of the Hat covered his eyes.

The Slythering table
"Welcome to the family Harry." Draco practically shone with smugness.

He held his arm around Harry's shoulders with a pleased expression as he introduced his new friend and his old friends with each other. He was pleased to have Harry here at his side. And he was pleased to get him out of Granger's reach. Something fishy was going on with that girl. Draco had been watching her and Harry all night and it seemed like she had some kind of control over Harry. He couldn't explain it, but every time Harry had looked his way or at his father the girl had touched Harry or gotten his eye some how. And it seemed like he then completely forgot what he had been doing and thinking of. It looked like some kind of spell or potion. He didn't know, but he would find out sooner or later. He didn't trust that bitch any longer than he could throw her.

"Thank Salazar for this Resorting. We got rid of Tracey Davis and gained The Boy Who Lived. What a treat. A sorcerer for a squid!" Blaise Zabini grinned and patted Harry on the head. They were in the middle of the feast, and talk about the Resorting was going around all over the Hall.

"Did you know of this before Draco darling? Did your father tell you before it was printed in the Prophet?" Pansy Parkinson, whom turned out to be a sweetheart in Harry's opinion, asked the blond by her side.

"No, he didn't. He obviously didn't find the need to tell me..." Draco said with a hint of a pout which both Harry and Pansy found adorable.

" was supposed to be a secret after all. But the Skeeter woman had to be brought in to lay more pressure on Dumbledore." Harry said carelessly out of the blue while he bit down in his cupcake. All eyes turned slowly towards him as his innocent replay sunk in.

"You knew!?!" Draco spurted with poorly hidden surprise and irritation.

"Yes." Was all Harry said as he met the eyes of his new House mates. They really were an interesting bunch of characters. He yet again wished he hadn't insisted on Gryffindor all those years ago. But he cherished the fact that he would at least get two years with them.


Draco wasn't ready to lay down this topic it seemed.

"Think about it for a minute." He told the people around him. "Do you really think there exist people dumb and naive enough to contact Lucius Malfoy aka. The Dark Lords Right Hand Man, with the issues of uncomfortable House arrangements?" Harry said with a smug smirk.

"I take it you were the concerned students and parents..." Blaise said and Harry nodded his yes.

"Not that I'm not grateful an all for cleaning the House out, but why?" Vincent Goyle asked in-between mouths full of ham and cheese.

"This Lions den was starting to feel a little chilled. And I felt I needed some decor changes; all the red and gold was killing my eyes. Besides, I wanted to join my rightful House, and bundle up with you of course Draco. I'll take your company in stead of a thousand Gryffindors any day." The last part was spoken to Draco who found himself incapable of staying mad at the black haired boy much longer.

The Entrance hall
The sixth year Slytherins were talking and joking quietly with each other as they made their way down to the Dungeons. Harry and Blaise were whispering as Blaise shared some embarrassing secrets about Draco with the newest Snake.

Harry was laughing out loud at a particularly nasty dark secret when the whole party stopped as a Raven had come to close for their liking.

"Harry, Harry wait." Hermione Granger was fighting her way over to Harry and his new friends.

"Hermione?" The boy asked, not sure why she had sort him out. Surely she wanted some time with her new House mates like he wanted time with his. They were trying to make new friends after all, right? He had lots of time to talk to her later...

"Harry, didn't you want to talk?" Hermione had reached them and quickly laid a hand on Harry's arm to get his full attention. Harry had said they could talk after the feast, she had something to tell him, and she wanted to do it in private.

Harry looked into her eyes and forgot his new friends who stood behind him and looked at him in confusion. "Sure Hermione. Let's go, where do you want to talk. I'm sure there is an unused classroom some where, we could go there".

"Oh, I know of a place already, it's on the forth floor. Just follow me and I'll show you." The girl said and started to drag him after her.

The Slytherins looked at each other and after the two former Gryffindors in wonder and confusion. It was Draco who spoke up first.


No reaction.

"Harry, Harry!" Blaise yelled and step after the two. Draco also run after them and gripped Harry's hand tightly to make him hail.

"Harry..." The said boy turned around and looked at Draco and all his new friends is confusion.

"Yes...?" He asked them, not sure what they wanted.

Draco looked strangely at Harry and he and his Slytherin friends shared the same suspicion look.

"You just asked us to give you a tour of the Dungeons...have you forgotten already. And afterwards we were going to have a welcome party for the new Slytherins." Draco explained slowly.

Harry looked shocked for a minute, before he smiled. "Oh sure, I remember. Sorry 'Mione', talk to you tomorrow right? I promise. I'm sure you and Ginny wants to get to know your new House mates anyway, right?" Harry turned to smile at his old friend.

Hermione narrowed her eyes at the Slytherins, and tried to gain full eye contact with the Saviour again before this got out of hand

"But Harry, this is important. I must tell you!" She urged and went to grab his hand, but Draco who still was holding the black haired's hand tore Harry out of her reach and sneered at her.

"Sorry Granger, but we won't allow it. He's coming with us. And that's final!" He dragged his friend with him down the corridor before the Bitch, which he now chose to call her, could do anything else to Harry. The rest of the Slytherin party worked as a nice and threatening wall between her and Harry. After a bit of sneering and insults she turned around and left in a huff.

The rest of the evening went as planned. The old Slytherins flocked around Harry and looked for hints of some spells or potions. Draco had told them all about his theory that Granger was doing something to control Harry, a spell or a potion was their best guess at the moment.

But as the evening went on Harry's behaviour didn't give them any hints that he was under any spell or potion. He acted quite normal and didn't even mention the episode in the Entrance Hall with Granger. When they brought it up he acted like it didn't mater and that that kind of behaviour from both her and him was perfectly normal. Though he laughed and said that the Slytherins were more clingy than anyone gave them credit for.

As Harry was in a battle of wits about Quidditch with Urquhart the current Slytherin Captain, his new friends gathered in a corner of the room and discussed what they had learned and thought about the mater. It was obvious something fishy going on, and Granger was the fish, but was she acting alone? Some how they didn't think so. And either way, what were her motives, why was she doing this? They had been seen and confirmed by Harry that he and Ron were no longer friends. After a few drinks and requests, Harry had told the whole story about Ron, Dumbledore, orders, fake friendship and betrayal. It was when he mentioned that Weasley had said that he was in it together with Granger that the puzzles started to fall together.

Even if it wasn't obvious to Harry it was obvious to them that Granger was lying to Harry when she claimed to still be his friend and that she didn't know what had gotten into the Weasel. But they were still at lost when it came to her motives. Were Dumbledore the Puppet Master here? Did he order the Mudblood to lure Harry, to control him? Was she suppose to get Harry under Dumbledore's tomb again, was that the plan?

They didn't know, but they all swore to do their best to find out and protect their new friend from the manipulative asshole who called himself Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

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