A Pearl By Any Other Name

Chapter One: Openings and Surprises

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* * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 1: Openings and Surprises

It was a clear and sunny day in the city of Domino, Japan, and the smoke from each breath hung in the air visibly moments after each word was spoken by most of the people outside.

The students at Domino High School hugged their sweaters and coats around them tightly as they made a mad dash for the school bus or their rides that would take them home again that Friday afternoon.

It was the first week of November, and Yugi Motou and his friends, unlike most of their classmates, were still inside the school building, waiting patiently outside the art classroom.

Yugi leaned against the wall, letting his backpack sag to the floor, where it landed with a small thump. Beside him, Tea Gardner checked her watch, and sighed when she saw the time.

"It's only 3:06," she informed Yugi, as well as their other friends, Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor, Duke Devlin, Ryou Bakura, and Amber Johnson, an exchange student from America. "We still have almost 10 minutes to wait before the club starts."

Yugi and Tea had seen a sign regarding a chess club that would be starting at their school, and had decided that they ought to at least check it out. Amber and Duke had readily agreed, both willing to try something new, and Bakura reluctantly decided to come along as well. It had been a bit tougher to convince Joey and Tristan of the worth in coming along, but in the end, both had given in to Tea and Yugi.

Now, the seven of them were standing outside the door of the art room, where the club was going to be held. To Joey and Tristan's annoyance, no one else except Tomoya Hanasaki, a wimpy boy with glasses from their class, had shown up to participate in the club.

"Man, I'm going to look so stupid when everyone finds out I've enrolled in chess club," Joey grumbled, glancing down both sides of the hallway nervously, as if he were afraid the entire school would suddenly start laughing.

Tea sighed in irritation.

"Joey, no one is going to CARE whether you've joined chess club or not," she told him sternly. "It's actually a great opportunity. They say chess really helps students."

Tristan huffed.

"I don't need help," he replied, playing with a yo-yo as he waited. "I just want to get home and play my new Playstation game."

Tea narrowed her eyes.

"You GUYS!" she groaned, putting a hand to her forehead.

Duke shrugged, twirling a stay lock of his black hair around his index finger.

"It doesn't really matter to me," he said simply. "Chess could be fun."

Yugi nodded.

"Yeah, any game's good enough for me to play," he agreed.

Amber also nodded.

"I've played a few times," she said to the others. "It's cool. There's lots of different openings and stuff, so that everyone sort of has their own tricks and traps. Kind of like Duel Monsters."

Bakura nodded, hoping Joey and Tristan would lighten up to the whole thing upon hearing that. Joey, however, just shrugged and sighed. Amber looked down at her watch again, smiling eagerly, as if she were waiting for something.

"What's with you, Amber?" Joey asked, bored. "You can't be THAT excited about chess club."

Amber scowled a little, but didn't look all that irritated.

"No, silly, I'm excited because my little cousin is going to arrive in Domino this evening for a visit," she explained, Duke nodding beside her.

Yugi's eyebrows shot up.

"Your little cousin?" he asked, tilting his head slightly.

Tea's eyes lit up.

"Oh, is she the cousin who sent you that letter you were reading last week?" she asked, remembering Amber talking about this while she was with her and Mai in the mall once.

Amber nodded.

"Yeah, I haven't seen Pearl in nearly a year, so it'll be kind of fun to catch up with her," she replied. "Plus, she's been taking beginner Japanese this year, so she'll be dying to see if she can communicate with any of you."

Duke laughed at that statement.

"Oh well, it should be interesting to meet her," Yugi said with a smile as Mr. Zaliki, their homeroom teacher, walked down the hallway and over to the art room, a set of silver keys jingling in his hands as he walked.

"Greeeaat," Joey grumbled to Tristan as Tea and Yugi stepped aside so that Mr. Zaliki could unlock the door. "Mr. Z's the instructor?"

Tristan didn't reply, although the look of pure irritation on his face told Joey that his friend agreed with him.

"Inside, now," Mr. Zaliki muttered, motioning for everyone to enter the room.

To everyone's surprise, their teacher really didn't look all that happy about having to teach a chess club as they filed into the classroom, and sat down at the long art tables, where a few boxes containing chess boards and pieces were placed in the center of each.

Joey pulled out a knight and a bishop and examined them as Mr. Zaliki walked up to the front of the room and pulled down a long diagram of a chess board. At this, nearly everyone in the room began to look nervous. Could their strict homeroom teacher turn even a game into a subject as boring as his science class?

Yami appeared beside Yugi, looking quite interested.

"Hm, I think I'll learn this game as well," he thought to himself, sitting down in an empty chair, although Yugi and Bakura were the only ones in the room who could see him.

"Now, we'll begin by learning the names of the pieces and how they move about the board," Mr. Zaliki began, in a manner not unlike the way he taught chemistry formulas.

"This is going to be a long lesson," Joey grumbled, slumping down in his chair and narrowing his eyes in irritation.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Across town, over at the Kaiba Corporation's headquarters, the tallest building in Domino City, Seto Kaiba was sitting at his desk, sorting through stacks of paperwork regarding the new products the company was about to put out on the market. The boy sighed as the document he had been looking for floated off the desk as he set down another stack.

He was walking over to retrieve it when he noticed the door to the office open and his younger brother walk in, a smile on his face. Seto snatched the paper up and smiled at his brother.

"Hi, niisama!" Mokuba chirped, putting his backpack down by the door.

"Hello, Mokuba," he replied, replacing the paper on his desk. "How was school?"

Mokuba grinned as he flopped down on the couch.

"Okay," he said, glancing at his brother's bag, which was sitting on the ground beside the sofa.

A hot-pink slip of paper was sticking out of the top, and caught the young boy's eye. Curiously, he pulled it out to examine it.

"Just okay?" Seto asked, returning to his seat to enter the figures from the paper into the computer database.

Mokuba didn't reply, as he was reading the piece of paper with interest. Seto raised an eyebrow and glanced over the side of his computer screen when his brother didn't respond.


Mokuba jumped a little, then grinned embarrassedly.

"Oh, sorry, niisama," he apologized, holding up the pink paper. "School was kinda boring, that's all. But why didn't you join this chess club that's advertised on this flyer? I mean, I know you're really good at it and everything..."

Seto shrugged, then gestured toward the mound of paperwork sitting on his desk.

"Well, for two reasons, really," he explained, putting down his sheet of paper and looking over at Mokuba. "Firstly, it's probably a beginner class, which I don't need. And secondly..."

He looked down at the paperwork covering his desk with a sigh.

"I have to enter these new figures by tonight, so doing anything this afternoon was completely out of the question anyway," he sighed.

"Oh," Mokuba replied, still looking down at the paper. "Well, I'd better let you get back to work then," he said, standing up. "When will you be home?"

Seto shrugged, growing more annoyed at the work by the second.

"Probably late," he explained. "I'll call before I leave this evening."

Mokuba smiled.

"All right," he said cheerfully, although he wished his brother didn't have so much to do. "I'll just catch a ride home then."

"Be careful," Seto warned, turning back to his work. "Bye."


Mokuba shut the door to the office quietly and started off down the hallway. If Seto was busy, then what was he supposed to do? Other than homework, Mokuba thought to himself, shuddering. I'll put that off as long as possible. After all, it IS Friday.

Just as the young boy was rounding the corner, however, he spotted someone that caused him to grin.

"Hi, Priest!" he said cheerfully, waving at the nearly transparent figure that was hovering a few feet above the ground.

The man looked nearly identical to his own brother, although this spirit was wearing ancient Egyptian clothing, and was roughly 3000 years older. He was Seto Kaiba's ancient self, who had been assigned by Bastet, the cat goddess of Egypt, to watch over Domino in her place, and more specifically, the Millennium Items.

Priest Seto smiled down at Mokuba.

"Hello, Mokuba," he responded. "What are you doing here?"

Mokuba shrugged as he pushed the elevator button to go down to the bottom floor.

"I just came over on my way home from school to see if niisama was finished," he replied as the elevator door opened, and he stepped inside, followed by the spirit, who looked at the elevator with suspicion.

"I see," Priest Seto replied, as the elevator began its decent to the bottom floor. "Was he?"

Mokuba shook his head.

"Nah, he had a ton of paperwork on his desk," he muttered, as the elevator jerked to a stop as the bottom floor and the two stepped out. "He said he wouldn't be done till really late today."

"Oh," Priest Seto replied, feeling sorry for the boy.

Mokuba and his reincarnate were such good brothers, a fact that always made the spirit happy, considering some of the events that had happened in his past, back in ancient Egypt.

"Well, since your brother is busy, is there anything I could do with you?" Priest Seto asked, hoping this would make Mokuba a bit happier.

Mokuba grinned.

"Maybe!" he said excitedly as he ran toward the doors. "Let's go home and find out!"

* * * * * * * * * * *

Back at school, Mr. Zaliki had finished his half-hour lecture regarding how the pieces moved about the board that proved very beneficial to both Bakura and Tea, who were beginners at the game. Now, the students had been split up into groups of two, and were attempting to play games with each other.

"Checkmate," Joey yawned, moving his queen across the board, over three of Tea's pawns, and right next to her king.

Tea gritted her teeth, and put on a forced smile.

"First of all, that's not checkmate because I can just take your queen with my king," Tea explained, demonstrating the move. "Secondly, the queen can't move over pieces. Only diagonally, and back and forth."

Joey sighed.

"Whatever," he muttered, taking his move back. "I'll just capture one of the wimpy guys then."

"Pawns, Joey," Yugi corrected, smiling over at Hanasaki, who was flipping through an openings book. "Why don't we just try to make it through a game before deciding on an opening strategy, Hanasaki?" he suggested politely, having only made one move in the ten minutes that they'd been playing for.

Hanasaki set the book down.

"All right," he replied with a sigh, moving his knight out.

Tristan was playing against Bakura, who already knew how to play chess, and was promptly creaming his opponent.

"Man, there goes my last piece, other than the worthless king," Tristan muttered, flicking the white king with his fingertip. "Man, I don't like how you've got all your pieces out at once, and can't think about when to play one on the board."

Bakura shrugged as he advanced his queen toward Tristan's side of the now quiet empty field.

"That's just how chess it played, I suppose," he replied. "That's checkmate, by the way," he added in his innocent voice, trying not to smile.

Tristan groaned and put his head down on the desk.

"Ahh, lost again," he muttered.

"Check," Duke declared, moving her bishop along the same diagonal as Amber's king.

Amber jerked her head up and looked down at the board.

"What? Oh, sorry," she muttered, blushing, moving her king out of the way of harm. "Just kinda distracted."

She glanced out the window. Duke smiled as he moved another piece.

"Aw, I'm sure you're cousin is fine," Duke replied, glancing down at his watch. "What time was she supposed to be at the Black Crown again, though?"

Amber closed one eye, trying to remember.

"I think it was...5:00 or somewhere around there," she muttered, opening both eyes again. "Why? What time is it?"

Duke gulped.

"Er...4:49," he muttered, glancing up at the front desk, where Mr. Zaliki was grading their science tests they had taken that afternoon. "I think we'd better start heading home..."

Joey jumped up out of his chair at these words.

"Yo, Z!" he called over to the other side of the room, where a disgruntled Mr. Zaliki glanced up at the group.

"I thank you to call me Z, and what is it, Wheeler?" he barked, coldly.

Joey shrugged.

"Well, we've got important thing to get to, so we gotta be heading out now," he said casually, picking up his backpack and heading toward the classroom door.

Mr. Zaliki sighed and looked at his watch.

"Fine, fine, the class was going to end in ten minutes anyway," he muttered, putting away his books and papers.

"Yes!" Tristan muttered, grabbing his bag and knocking over his pieces accidentally.

"See you guys!" Joey called, sprinting out the door, closely followed by Tristan.

"Wait up!" Yugi called, running after them.

Tea narrowed her eyes as the art room door slammed behind Yugi.

"Those boys," she muttered, picking up a handful of pieces and putting them back in the box.

"Yeah," Amber muttered nervously, throwing a board into the box as well as Bakura, Hanasaki, and Duke helped pick up the pieces. "And I've got to be back at the Black Crown by 5:00 to meet Pearl."

Duke nodded, taking the box and putting it up on Mr. Zaliki's desk.

"Thanks for the class!" he called, as Tea, Amber, and Bakura hurried out the door, closely followed by Duke, who accidentally pulled the light switch down with his backpack as he left the room, causing the lights to go out in the room.

Mr. Zaliki narrowed his eyes in irritation as Hanasaki nervously picked up his backpack and walked over to the door slowly.

"Those kids..." Mr. Zaliki muttered angrily, picking up his things as Hanasaki timidly flicked the light switch back up again.

* * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, Joey, Tristan, and Yugi were racing each other down the sidewalks, trying to see who could make it to the Black Crown first.

"I'm winning!" Tristan called back to the others, who were lagging behind, turning his head around to see them. "Ha, ha!"

Joey gritted his teeth angrily, trying to speed up and catch up with his friend as they all approached the Black Crown gaming store. Suddenly, Yugi gasped, seeing something large and yellow pull up right in Tristan's running path.

"Tristan look out!" Yugi yelled, as a loud horn blew and Tristan turned to face forward again, only to come face to face with a yellow taxi, hurtling straight toward him.

* * * * * * * * * * *

End of Chapter 1

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