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"The Love of Sayonara"

by Chiisana Anisa

Part 4

"Here is where I fall"

Blunt truth.

That's what it was, nothing more. It hit hard and it hit right. So... she chose, or rather her heart did.

But the question still was, what do I do now? Do I tell him that truth, right now? At this precise moment, or do I wait for him to say something else...

She didn't get to finish that thought because he did just that.

"I know it's hard, Kagome. Leaving after all that's happened, and after this... But if I ever 'forced' you to make a choice... It's now. Or never."


It seemed to be like the perfect thing for you and me

It's so ironic you're what I had pictured you to be

But there are facts in our lives

We can never change

Just tell me that you understand and you feel the same


While saying it, depressed look placed itself upon his face, his heart obviously not believing one word that was said or is to be said. His eyes mirrored sadness, and some strange, newly achieved mature glint in them, his features once again taking those of a defeated man.

That didn't mean that he was to give up. No, not in the near future.

Future was expected to be bright for him, and he can be damned if he didn't make it so. He needed not only to convince her, but himself also in the process. As it seemed he did... it was her turn to spin the wheel of fortune. Will she?

Those words were painfully scrambled in the back of her mind not letting her rest. She knew how right he was. She knew that she needed to hear him say it. But at the same time - she didn't. For her that three little words only made it worse.

'Wasn't it supposed to be easy?' her mind asked her heart. But got no response. Instead, the thoughts continued on their own way. 'No it was never supposed to be easy, not with him, anyway. Feudal Japan was never an easy doll to play with... Not with all the evil living in it. But she defeated a big part of that evil, didn't she?'

Inuyasha was still there, standing in front of her, waiting her answer with all the patience he could muster at that moment. She could see that, for she knew him all to well.


This perfect romance that I've created in my mind

I'd live a thousand lives

Each one with you right by my side

But yet we find ourselves in a less than perfect circumstance

And so it seems like we'll never have the chance


It was strange that she got to know him like that, but still... she didn't know for the love of herself when did he fall in love in her. Her mind asked her 'When did you fall in love with him?' and she took a walk upon memory lane... So many memories were flashing trough her head, and she tried to somewhat sort them out, because not all were the happy ones.

But remembering one special moment within her minds eye, a smile spread out on her face, startling her company. Yes... it should feel weird, her life was in possible danger then, and yet that was the first time she actually thought of Inuyasha as 'her own'. That faithful, first, so hated encounter with Kikyo... Seeing him lost with her, she thought "I lost Inuyasha." and she even felt like crying. Yes... that would be The Time.

And now? Now she was here. And he was telling her he loved her, and wanted her to stay. Oh, Kami-sama, what did she do to deserve this kind of treatment?! Why couldn't he just say he still loves Kikyou, and make it easier for her by breaking her heart??!

But because she knew him so well, she also knew he would never do that. She is not a fool, so it didn't take her long to notice his overbearing protectiveness on her, his concern... him caring. No, she wan't so blind to see that. But to actually hear him telling her he loved her.. that was another story.


Inuyasha raised his head at her question, waiting for her to continue.

"If I was to say that I just need to go, that I want to go back, even after all of this, what would you do?" - she asked, her hands folding the soft fabric of her shirt, and her eyes stubbornly kept on his mouth, not eyes. She didn't have enough strength at this moment to look at that taunting eyes. But she could see his mouth opening and closing for a few times, before he shook his head and answered her.

"What would I do? Nothing." her head snapped and this time she did look into his eyes, searching for some kind of a clue that would tell her that was just a joke.

"Don't be so stunned, Kagome. I would do nothing to try and stop you. If you choose to go, that's it. This time I can't go after you and bring you back where I think you belong. If you go it's final."

"Don't you think I know that? Don't you know that's why I find this so damn hard?" she screeched at him, her anger flaring up just a bit. Her mind told her he was right, but as stubborn as she was... she wouldn't accept that without a fight.

"You would try to stop me right?" - Inuyasha only nodded here, - "But would you try anything to get back at me? Would you?"

Small smile kicked in on the ends of his lips, but a low growl could be heard, raising too. "Do you even have to ask? After this... Noone would stop me to get back at you."

Hearing that, her eyes swelled up with tears, but not dropping as her vision started to blur. He said the sweetest thing again, when she felt her anger disappearing in a whoosh. This moment was almost perfect, and she was the one that had the power of making it perfect or ruining it completely.


Ain't it funny how some feelings you just can't deny

And you can move on even though you try

Ain't it strange when your feeling things you shouldn't feel

Oh, I wish this could be real

Ain't it funny how a moment could just change your life

And you don't want to face what's wrong or right

Ain't it strange how fate can play a part

In the story of your heart


But would they stand a chance in this world, together? Won't there always be someone to fight against, won't there always be someone to meddle in their affairs... someone with a wish to harm them. Like this past three years. Something always came in their path, not letting them come closer, to bend around each other, to comfort the other one... to love without condition.

No, it was always or Kikyou or Naraku or Inuyasha's damn pride and cockiness or her purity or naivete. Yes, something always was it their path, not letting the forget that she didn't belong here. Or did she?

Was this a test? Test for her to see where could she live and why? Was this their last bridge asking to be crossed? Maybe... maybe Well did just that. It was giving her a chance... she thought just as she sensed that magic around the well starting to gather up and work on the closing. She was out of time...

Inuyasha noticed it too, his ears picking up the sound from inside the well. Signs of closing. So in a desperate attempt to stop himself from losing her he grabbed her hand and pulled her hard into his chest, setting his other hand firmly at the small of her back, his claws flexing around the fabric.

"I just won't let you go." - he said, his voice full of authority, and such resemblance to Sesshoumaru's it gave her urge to giggle.

"Um... Inuyasha... The Well.."

"Fuck the Well! You're not going anywhere until you here me say what I have to say! Understood bitch?" - his cocky tone was back, although it still hold that bit of greatness in it, like a demand.


"Just listen, Kagome!" - when silence greeted him, he went on - "Once you said you wanted to stay by my side forever, right? So why is it different now? We have no-one to worry about, Kikyou won't bother us again because her soul finally rests at peace in you, Naraku... I won't even go there, and even Kouga noticed that he can't make you his. So why not?"

Throughout his speech, her heart bumped hard in her chests, and she knew she had a slight pink on her cheeks, because his hand just kept rubbing her back in such manner.. She was firm on the fact he didn't even know he was doing it.

And of course, once again he was right. Damn that hanyou for maturing so much! The sound form the Well and the strong sense of magic that now flowed even to her, made her shake a bit, as if she was cold, and upon feeling that Inuyasha's arms brought her even closer to his body.


Sometimes I think that a true love can never be

I just believe that somehow it wasn't meant for me

Life can be cruel in a way that I can't explain

And I don't think that I could face it all again

I barely know you but somehow I know what you're about


Her blood started boiling a bit, he always did that to her, and the flush of pink in her cheeks turned to red. His hand was travelling up and down his spine, comforting her and giving her some strange sense of security even with the Well closing behind them.

It took her a minute to figure out that was supposed to feel that way if she decided to go back. Why would she feel safe here if...? her thoughts were broken when Inuyasha continued his little charrade.

"And before you even ask, I don't love you because you have Kikyou's soul inside of you. I love you for how you are, and that should be enough. Like you said to me that you like me as I am, as a simple hanyou, a half-breed... I love you as a weird girl from the future, as a powerful miko and simply as a woman I chose to love. There is nothing more to it."

After hearing that, Kagome almost melted right away in his arms, but instead on big, and hard sigh could be heard escaping her lips in a defeated manner. So, she was right when she said that the choice was made. But Inuyasha just made it final. Sensing that he was to speak up again, she interrupted before he succeeded.

"Stop... Somehow I think you had me at 'stay'."


A deeper love I've found in you

And I no longer doubt

You've touched my heart and it altered every plan I've made

And now I feel that I don't have to be afraid


The moment she said that, magic at work behind her died down, and every trace of it being there was erased. Now, all she could hear, and it went for Inuyasha too, was the sound of rustling leaves, forest birds chirping around and somewhere out there, probably one of Kouga's wolf's howling.

She raised her head from where it was buried in the croak of his neck, just to look at his stunned expression, blinking that amber eyes at her in wonder. "What did you just say, bitch?"

This time she did giggle. "I think you heard me loud enough with those cute ears of your own."

A smirk formed. "Well, I don't know. Can you repeat that?" A claw flexed again around her back, and the other one cupping her chin.

"I said..."

His mouth came down on her own too fast for her to finish that, immediately gaining access to her tounge. Everything seemed to click in place right then and there, his mouth devouring her own, his feeling falling inside of her and her skin almost burning under his touch.

She didn't notice that growing wines that started to cover the Well, the same ones that held Inuyasha three years ago when she found him. That bounding wines. No, she didn't see, notice or sense them at all. All that mattered right now was that she chose and that Inuyasha was kissing her.


I locked away my heart

But you just set it free

Emotions I felt

Held me back from what my life should be

I pushed you far away

And yet you stayed with me

I guess this means

That you and me were meant to be


Finally letting her go to take some air in, she managed to murmur against his lips those same words of endearment.

"I love you too."

With her eyes still closed, she could only feel his mouth quirking up in a smile-smirk, before saying it. "Keh, I know that!"

Slowly, she lifted her eyelashes to look at him eagerly and found only reflection of love in those eyes. Yes, she made the right choice.


Not so far away from them, one special spot on one special tree glowed again, and disappeared from its surface totally. No-one saw it, but the one who put it there in the first place felt it shift, for that same girl, shivered only for a moment in her lovers arms, but she didn't knew yet why.

The surface was once again smooth on that place, and the Tree seemed to be glowing in all its magnificence. It's quest was over and done with.


Five thousand years in the future, a woman with tear-full eyes stepped back from the Tree, removing her hand from it's surface. But then, her fingers slowly traced the marks in it's core... tracing those five words enchanted, still glowing with blue sparkling light. Letter by letter, her hand felt it, new tears forming again.

But in spite of those tears, big, motherly smile graced her lips when she stepped completely away from the Tree, finding the path to her home trough her blurring vision. As soon as she turned her back in it, the light sparkled once more and died down, this time the marks resting on the Tree's skin peacefully, as if finding their long lost nest.



Those words didn't hurt Kagome's mother, for a mother always knew when she lost her daughter to the cause of love. And just to think she lost her so early... But Kagome's last goodbye was enough to be sure that she was well and most of all... happy where she was.


Then again, one small hut full of people cheered long into the night, full of excitement with those sudden news brought out to them. That hut hold something it hasn't for almost fifty years.

A family of it's own.




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