My much anticipated Epilogue. I like it, I think you will too. Sorry for anyone who wanted a real love scene, but I gotta keep it PG-13. ~Your Worshipfulness

Ororo looked up from her papers to smile at her fiancé. He seemed unusually jubilant today, a pleasant change from the somber expression he had worn for quite awhile after that night. "What are you so happy about?" she asked, giving him a mock-suspicious look.

"Oh, no reason," he said, winking at her. He leaned over the desk to kiss her quickly. Before he could pull away, she grabbed his collar and held him against her for another, much more thorough kiss. When she finally let him go he looked a little dazed.

"Now, tell me what is going on, Kurt," Ororo commanded. She put her papers into a drawer and walked around to stand in front of him. She perched on top of her desk and pulled him close to her, delighting in his reaction to their proximity.

Kurt gave her a wicked little grin. "You want to spoil the surprise, mein liebe?"

"Very much so," she purred into his ear. She could tell he caught the innuendo because he blushed bright red. Ororo laughed, tossing her hair back and pulling him in for another kiss. This one didn't end anywhere near as quickly as the others. In fact, she didn't allow him to truly get away until the door opened to admit Logan and Rogue. Kurt broke the kiss and stepped back quickly.

"Oh, hey ya'all, we didn't know this room was occupied," Rogue said, almost but not quite blushing. Her accent seemed a bit thicker than usual.

"Yeah, sorry if we *interrupted* anything," Logan said. His eyes twinkled.

Ororo glared at him, more for the intrusion than the insinuation. "What were you two going to do in an empty classroom anyway?" she asked. Then her expression turned disturbed. "Oh my God, you were *not*, please tell me you weren't going to-" she broke off, almost scared of the answer. Logan looked sheepish. Rogue blushed again. "Oh goddess, in a *classroom*?" "In *my* classroom!" Ororo hopped off the desk and looked at his askance. "I will never think of this place in the same way again." Kurt looked as though he agreed, but was too polite to say so.

"Come, Ororo, your surprise is downstairs," Kurt urged, pulling her to her feet.

Ororo laughed and obediently followed him down to the foyer. On the sideboard was a small package with a UPS stamp upon it. Kurt grabbed it, tearing it open and tossing the paper behind him. Grinning, he handed her a small black box.

The weather witch's eyes widened when she saw the ring box. Ororo's hands shook as she gently opened the box and gave her fiance a luminous smile. "Kurt, it's beautiful," she whispered.

"You like it?" he asked, sounding almost shy.

"I love it, it's exquisite," she replied, barely able to tear her gaze away from the delicate silver band that symbolized her love for the man beside her. Carefully she slipped the engagement ring out of it's box and slid it onto her finger. She held it up to Kurt, a small smile on her face. "However we are going to need to get it sized!"

"Was!" Kurt exclaimed, glancing closely at the obviously over-large ring. "I ordered this in your size," he told her.

"Don't worry, we can go get it fixed at the jewelers, come on," she replied. She stood up and started for the stairs.

"You are going now?" he asked.

"We are going," she corrected him. "We still need to commission our wedding bands."

"I do not think this is such a good idea, Liebling," Kurt said, a worried expression on his face.

Ororo turned to him, meeting his eyes. "Trust me," she said simply. Kurt sighed. Being married to Ororo Munroe was going to be a lifelong adventure.


"I do not think this was such a good idea, Ororo," Kurt stated nervously. He looked around and pulled his hat down for perhaps the hundredth time.

"It will be fine," she said soothingly. "Relax." They were standing outside the jewelers while Ororo prepped Kurt for his excursion into society.

"Why can't we just do this over the internet?" Kurt asked.

"Because we are not going to let people dictate where we can go by their prejudices," Ororo said firmly.

"I'm German, liebe, we're used to dictators," Kurt joked.

Ororo gave him an amused look. "We'll just pop in and you give me your opinion on a few of them. It will only take a second." She gave him a pleading look.

"Ach, not the look!" Kurt said, unable to tear his eyes away from her face. His resistance began to waver, then, when she assumed an expression of anxious hopefulness, he felt it give way completely. "Fine, lets get this over with."

Ororo smiled brightly, gripping his hand tightly and giving him an encouraging look. "It's really going to be ok."

"Ja, ja, so you've told me," Kurt said as they entered the dimly lit store. Though he knew the lighting was meant to induce feelings of romance, Kurt felt security as the almost-shadows helped blur his features. He smiled more confidently.

"Hello, can I help you?" a portly man asked. He looked very energized, most likely at the idea of making a big sale.

"Yes, I need a ring sized and then we'd like to look at your wedding bands," Ororo said happily.

"Well, you've come to the right place," the man said. "We're having a special today on wedding rings. Just leave your ring here; we'll fix it and send it to you."

"Wonderful," Kurt muttered a bit ruefully. He didn't really care about the price, but he needed something to grumble about. If nothing else, it took his mind of the feeling of being very exposed. There was an uncomfortable itch between his shoulder blades. Kurt watched as an enthusiastic Ororo was dragged to a chair and shown pictures of the various rings that were available. Kurt found a dark corner of the store where a convenient potted plant all but blocked him from view of the other customers.

Thirty minutes later Kurt was jerked out of a drowsing half stupor by Ororo's sharp gasp. Every muscle in his body tensed before he realized that she was simply excited over something she had been shown by the extremely helpful salesman. As his heartbeat slowed and the salesperson was called away, he strode silently over to the exuberant weather goddess. "Found what you are looking for, mein leibe?" Kurt purred into her ear, carefully keeping the brow of his hat tilted to obscure his face.

"Yes," Ororo said, tilting her head to allow Kurt's roving lips more room to work their magic. "They're perfect."

Kurt looked over her shoulder, staring down at the pictures of two wedding bands made of white gold. There were whimsical, delicate carvings etched along the outside while the inside was left smooth for personalized inscriptions. They were beautiful, undoubtedly ideal for the occasion. There was just one problem.

"They are lovely, Ororo," Kurt said sincerely, "but I think we are going to have a bit of trouble with the fit. My hands are not exactly the norm."

"I intend to take care of that right now," she said firmly, standing up and striding over to the man behind the counter with her catalog. "Excuse me?" she said, attracting the man's attention as Kurt stood nervously behind her. "We are going to need Kurt's ring specially designed to accommodate fiancé's mutation."

"Mutation?" the man said, dropping the catalog that he had just taken and glanced at Kurt in surprise.

Kurt stepped forward, placing his strangely shaped hands on Ororo's waist in full view of the salesman. He grinned widely, showing gleaming teeth and fangs. "Yes, I hope that won't be a problem for you."

"No, there won't be any difficulty, I just need to take your measurements." Kurt was completely unprepared for the man's conspiratorial smile. "My wife's cousin is a mutant," the man said.

Ororo gave him a brilliant smile that would make any man's knees weak and the man blushed to the roots of his hair. He quickly wrote down their specifications and gave them the date that they would come in. They paid in advance and gave the address to have the rings forwarded to Xavier's. As they were leaving Kurt was filled with hope for the future, both for himself and for all of mutant kind.