Autumn Rain

A Gravitation Fanfic
By: Starsweeper

Summery: The sequel to "In the Rain" ~ So Shuichi and Yuki had a wonderful step in their relationship. Shuichi has grown a little since then and has come to understand that no matter how much he loves Yuki, maybe it really isn't enough. This is a fic delving into the relationship and mind of Shuichi (scary place isn't it?). What if Shuichi thought it would be better to be on his own...but could he leave his Yuki?

Walking into the apartment that he called home, Shuichi silently stripped off his coat and threw it over the armrest of the couch. He slipped his shoes off before walking into the main room of the spacious apartment that belonged to his lover. Sighing he went to his favorite place, the soft, gray couch that he usually spent most nights on. Shuichi brought his arm up to rest over his eyes. He was tired…extremely tired. It had been a trying week and sometimes it didn't seem like the worst was ever going to be over.

Thinking back on the week Shuichi started to wonder if anything he wanted to do was really worth it. He was always getting yelled at when he was at work because he just wanted to have fun with his music…the first love in his life. But everyone wanted him to be serious and do this or do that…they never let him do what he really wanted to do. Usually he just took it all with a smile and tried not to let it bother him while he was at work. Because he knew they were right, sometimes he just needed to do the stuff he didn't want to do and get it done with. But then they would treat Shuichi like a small child all the time, someone who needed to be told what to do and when to do it.

Then the whole episode he had with Yuki a couple of weeks ago…when he had walked in on him with his beta-reader hanging all over him. That night had to have been one of the best nights Shuichi could remember having in a long time, even though it started out to be one of the worst. He had ran out of the apartment not even knowing if he could ever return. Not even knowing if Yuki wanted him to return. Just as he was on the verge of breaking down Yuki had come for him. He had shown up and convinced Shuichi to come home…had even convinced him he was important to him. He was a dark and handsome knight that had just appeared in the mist of the rain and had swept Shuichi off his feet. After they had gone home Yuki had insisted on having a hot shower so that they wouldn't catch a chill. Shuichi had assumed that he had meant separate showers…how wrong he had been. How deliciously wrong.

After their shower they had gone to bed that night…together. Yuki hadn't made Shuichi sleep on the couch like he usually did and that night he made Shuichi forget all of his troubles. For a couple more nights that week it had been the same, Shuichi would come home and he and Yuki would actually share a dinner together then maybe go their separate ways for a couple hours…but in the end they always ended up in bed together, whether they were sleeping or doing something else.

Yet, Shuichi seemed to have realized that it couldn't last forever. Yuki was starting to pick up his old habits again. Shuichi hadn't realized it until he had made them a really nice dinner, only once in a great while did Shuichi actually manage to make something decent. It wasn't his fault he couldn't cook, but he did manage to make something edible once in a while. Then walking to Yuki's study Shuichi had walked in to announce dinner was ready and the first thing Yuki had done was snap at him for not knocking first. So Shuichi had apologized, and then asked when Yuki was going to join him. He wasn't really going to let Yuki's quick flash temper get to him. He was used to it actually…it was just weird hearing it from him since they had been on such good terms.

As Shuichi waited to Yuki's answer he started to fidget with the corner of his cooking apron. He usually wore one because most of the time he ended up with most of the ingredients to his disastrous masterpieces on his clothes. When Yuki continued to ignore Shuichi as if he hadn't even asked him a question Shuichi asked again. This time though Yuki stopped typing, turned to look at Shuichi and told him he wasn't hungry…that he had eaten earlier before Shuichi had come home.

That was where it all started Shuichi confirmed to himself with a nod. After that night Yuki stopped eating dinner with him every night and ended up locking himself in his study till late in the night. Shuichi wouldn't feel Yuki join him in bed until it was almost three or four in the morning. Then usually Shuichi would get up early to leave for practice and slipped out of the room quietly so he wouldn't wake Yuki. It started to get to the point where they were only able to really talk to each other a couple times

Shuichi didn't know how much longer he could take this. Could he take Yuki's constant ignorance of his existence. What the heck had he gotten himself into when he had decided that he wanted to love Yuki? Oh yeah…he hadn't had a choice. Somehow he had just fallen in love with the mysteriously cruel writer. Scrunching in his eyes in sudden realization Shuichi came to a decision that would affect the rest of his life. He would fall OUT of love with Yuki. If it was so easy to fall IN LOVE then it should be easy to forget him….right?

I know nobody as seen me writing for a while and I have a great reason why ^_^ Being in wonderful college my days have been really busy and when I go home for the summer one I don't have internet and two I usually work all the time so I don't really have time for myself.

But I actually wrote this short piece last year after everyone like my first Gravi fic "In the Rain". So this is sorta like a test run of this would be continuation. If people want me to continue ya know what a I wanna hear…if not…no big deal I have a couple other animes to work on.

So tell me if you guys think I should continue or not…I would really like to know.

Thanks ~ Sweeper