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Victory had come at a great price.

The wizarding population of Great Britain, already dwindling before the war, had been cut in half by the epic battles leading to Voldemort's defeat. And now, thought the newly-elected Minister of Magic, the British wizard was an endangered species.

He had hoped that the months that followed Voldemort's defeat would be filled by a major baby boom. It had happened to the Muggles, after all, following their Second World War. Unfortunately, his correspondents at St. Mungo's and other medical institutions had indicated that there were fewer pregnancies, if anything. So much for letting nature take its course!

Some of the Muggle communities in Europe gave people with children a monthly stipend, in an attempt to encourage childbearing. In days past, the Minister would have gladly attempted a plan such as this. Sadly, it was not possible any more. The British Ministry of Magic was currently low on funding. The war had exhausted the stockpile of gold in the Ministry's Gringotts vault and most of what was left had been given out to war heroes. (The Order of Merlin, like the Nobel Prize, came with a sizable stipend attached.)

No, money was not the answer to this problem. It was time to take action. Drastic action.

A quick Floo call to his wife let her know that he would not be home until late. Getting the wording right on this legislation would take most of the night.

Removing his glasses, the Minister rubbed his eyes vigorously. Then, with a sigh, he replaced his spectacles, picked up his quill and began to write.