[Title] A Good Influence
[Author] Andro
[Rating] Light R
[Warnings] Yaoi, cursing, probably mentions of drug abuse and violence. It's not really as bad as it sounds though. o_o;
[Type] Alternate Universe, yaoi, general, romance, angst, comedy.
[Couples] RikuSora, milkd LeonSora and more.
[Discalimer] I don't own Kingdom Hearts, or anything pretty much.
[Author Notes]
1. A sort of thanks to Uzumaki-sama. I don't think I would have posted this fic here if it weren't for her. o_o;

2. Thanks to anyone who revies ahead of time.

3. I'll try not to bash Kairi, and I've actually writen quite a bit more than what you see here, and not bashed her, so I'm pretty proud of myself.

4. The beginning is pretty simple. Basically, you get an idea of what Sora's life is like, how people treat him, how they think of him, so on. Next chapter, 'GIFT' is introduced... and we see a little more of Riku.

5. Not beta'ed because I lack one. o_o; Sadness. Fanfiction/Original Stories/icon website at Cerulean.Illuminati-X.net


"You're going to be late honey!"
A slim, tanned hand was run through tawny, messy wild locks of hair, and blue eyes peered into a large mirror. They were wide, innocent looking. Lovely, innocent looking, save for the slight hint of a mischievous, energetic spirit.

Sora licked his lips, bowed his head, splashed his face with water and snatched up a fluffy green towel. Voice muffled, he called back,
"I know!" The terry cloth was rubbed rapidly across his healthy features, then tossed on the counter. He'd pick it up after school. His mom was right, he was running late. Not that it was an uncommon occurrence, but he usually managed to arrive in the nick of time-a minute or two before the bell rang. If he was lucky, he wouldn't be tardy.

Flicking the lights off, Sora passed by his bed, picking up a heavy red and black checkered backpack and sliding it over one shoulder as he spared a final look at his crowded, vibrant room.

The window was open, inviting a breeze to drift inside, and warm sunlight splashed over the dark red carpet, littered with various comic books and not just a few thick volumes of biology and chemistry. On his bed, a golden retriever slept soundly, obviously used to the morning rush.

Posters and stickers as well as glow in the dark stars were plastered over every available inch of wall space, from the lowest corners, to the middle of his ceiling. Sensual music idols grinned and thrust their hips lewdly, planets gleamed from their glossy pictures, and an enlarged picture of him and his friends practically took up half a wall.

Speaking of friends, they were going to kill him if he made them late.

Well, maybe not kill. Just maim.

Running another hurried hand through his hair, the teenager gave a cheerful, bouncy smile and dashed down the hallway, practically flying down the stairs with the motion of someone who was always rushing about. He barely paused by his mother, just grabbed the ego on the plate she had put out in his way, and ducked at the last possible moment, a beautiful crash with his little sister, Kairi.

She frowned at him, feeling remarkably like the older sibling, instead of the younger, and waved at her mother, more calmly picking up a piece of toast.

"Good-by." She kissed her mother on the cheek and then hurried after the read streak that was Sora. Why couldn't he ever get up on time? Kairi shook her head and jogged, but knew she had no hope of catching up with him.

"Morning!" Sora yelled, waving at the old couple that lived a few houses down the road, and liked to sit in their front porch to watch the bustle of other people. They nodded slowly at him with kind smiles, but he was already gone, hopping over the hood of a car that had paused in pulling out of the driveway.

"Sorry!" He shouted yet again, and was glad he couldn't hear the response Mr.Ketterly had replied with. It probably hadn't been kind.

Rocking to a stop, Sora shifted and turned, heading down another street. He could have taken his bike to school, or even asked his mom for a ride-or a ride from his friends, but he liked running around Rokio. It was fun. You knew knew who you'd meet-well, crash into really.

Skill developed by such mornings, and intense soccer practices, Sora dodged and threaded through people walking their younger children to school, waving but not stopping for anyone. He barely evaded slamming into a light pole, and was chased for a couple minutes by a large doberman. He could have wished that whoever owned it would put a leash on it too, but this way, he was sure to get plenty of exercise. There was a reason why he was one of the best soccer players there was.

Wiping beads of sweat from his eyes, Sora wondered why he even bothered to shower in the morning. He'd just show up all dirty anyway at school from all the running he did, and then he'd just take a shower in second period, since he had gym. Then he'd take another shower after school and after soccer practice. He should have probably been given an award for taking so many showers per day.

Finally, the rather imposing gates of Rokio high school rose up, across the gray seamless road, and he quickened his pace, only stopping at the intersection to wait for the light to turn red so he could pass.

Jogging the rest of the way past the gates and into the busy, crowded parking lot, Sora tossed wet locks of hair beyond his face, and quickly looked around to see if he could find any of his friends. There was a tall blonde guy walking into the Math building that could have possibly been Tidus, but the bell rang, and Sora cursed softly under his breath, then shrugged, a new smile on his face. Oh, well. Two tardies in a month wasn't horribly bad.

With that ever present, cheerful resolution, Sora jogged calmly towards his first class.

A few minutes after the tardy bell rang, a high costly, gleaming convertible pulled languidly into the parking lot and cruised around, trying to find a parking space. The try was laughable, and Riku knew it, but if he did that, then he could truthfully tell his father that he'd actually tried going to school.

Pushing the slipping sunglasses higher up on his face, Riku leaned back, relaxed and confident in his new ride. How sad. There were no parking places left.

He ignored the blatantly free space he'd just passed, and shifted gears, heading towards the exit. His silver hair gleamed in the clear October light, eyes hidden behind the stylish sunglasses he wore. He was vaguely aware that he had a test in History,, but he really couldn't care less. There was no way in hell he'd be forced to suffer for seven hours in a building full of idiots who tried to impress each other all the time with pitiful things. It hadn't been his idea to go to a public high school, and he didn't have to like it.

Pulling out of the school campus, Riku was stopped by a red-light, and took that time to ponder on what he'd do, now that he had school out of the way. Going home was out of the question, and all his friends had been shipped off to boarding schools to keep their parents from pulling out their hair in frustration. Pity he hadn't been able to go with them. He would have preferred to be with Ansem and Seifer, not stuck in some low rate, STD infested hole.

// A few more months. \\ Riku promised himself. In less than half a year, his eighteenth birthday would arrive, and his mother's will would be left to him. Then he'd just to whatever he wanted, and his father wouldn't have a say at all.

The light turned green, and Riku pressed down on the pedal.


"Okay, here comes the big question I'm sure all of you have just been dying to ask, but have been too shy to say it," Tidus began impressively.

Aerith looked at him pleasantly, her maternal smile seemed to be permanently fixed on her face. She wore a pretty, warm pink dress to ward off the chill of the dying year, and her dark chocolate hair was pulled back into half a bun. In her hands was a cartoon of milk, a straw neatly inserted into the open flap. Next to her, Selphie looked up long enough from trying to finish up her book report before it was due next period, and blinked owlishly at him.

"Eh? What do you mean?" She quizzed, twirling the worried yellow pencil between her fingers. Tidus made a note to duck if it went flying.
"I mean," He began, and looked at the fourth member of the group to see if he was paying attention.

He wasn't.

"Eh?" His cousin's wide, blue eyes looked up at him, and Sora's lips curled into an inquisitive smile.
"Pay attention," Tidus chided, and turned towards the two girls.
"Now, who is going with who to the Halloween dance?"
"The what?" Sora inquired, letting his face drop between his hands.
"The.. " Tidus stared at his cousin. Sometimes he could be really dense and stupid. But he couldn't be that bad. Sora simply held his gaze for a long while before a mischievous glimmer entered his eyes.
"I'm kidding, even I'm not that dull," He remarked, sticking out his tongue.
"Yeah, well, you sure don't act like it sometimes."
"Boys..." Aerith began, giving both a tiny frown.
"Stop fighting!" Selphie added, shaking her head at them.
"Anyyyyyhoooooooow.... I'm going with Irvine!" She announced, popping a crunchy golden fry into her mouth.
"Really?" Sora tilted his head. "That's cool." He acknowledged.
"No," Tidus shook his head.
'That's amazing. He's like, the biggest slut in school. Then again, maybe that is why you actually got him to go out with you..." He ducked as the pencil went flying above his head.

"Nyah!" It was now Selphie's turn to blow a raspberry, until she realized she'd just lost the only writing instrument she possessed.
"Oh, no! Who has a pencil? A pen? Quick!" She yelped, grabbing her bag and rummaging quickly through it.
"Sorry..." Sora shrugged, not having even his backpack with him for lunch.
"Nope. You just tried to kill me anyway, why should I help you?" Tidus pointed, stealing the brownie from Sora's plate, ignoring the startled sound from the boy.
"Because I'm the Princess of your Heart?" Selphie tried, batting her eyelashes. They looked like butterflies in distress.
"Yeah. Right." Tidus snorted, and ducked having a french fry tossed at him as well.
"Peace children," Aerith interrupted again, handing a pen towards her friend. She neatly closed her bag again, cutting off the sudden smell of flowers and gazed at Tidus.
"You brought up the question. Why didn't you answer?"
"What question?"
Sora smiled, and nudged at his 'Wednesday Mystery Meat Surprise' with a plastic spork.
"Your own question."
"That's not helpful," Tidus began, exasperated, until he almost smacked himself.
"Duh. That question." He rolled his eyes. "I'm not going with anyone. You?" He pointed to Aerith.
She smiled calmly.
Selphie gave a tiny squeal, and promptly abandoned her work.
"Reeeeaally?" Her blue eyes were wide.
"Yes, really," Aerith confirmed with a quiet nod, not looking insulted with the disbelief being tossed at her announcement.
"That's cool." Sora repeated again, pushing his plate away. He thought he heard the 'Mystery Meat' burp.
"I'm not going with anyone," He added as an afterthought, letting his chin drop between his hands again. He didn't look bothered by the admission.
"Really? I thought Quisty had asked you...." Tidus trailed off, raising an eyebrow. His cousin smiled sweetly, and nodded once.
"She did," He admitted casually, picking up his chilly can of Pepsi that hadn't been opened yet.
"But I turned her down. She's going to the dance with Cid now. I think." He paused, and offered another smile, this one a touch sheepish.
"You know how I am, I can never keep track of all this." The brunette defended himself.
"Yeah, we've noticed." Tidus replied wryly. "Anyway. I can't believe you turned Quistis Trepe down... she even has her own fan club... Not that you don't." He threw a fake glower at his best friend, who simply blinked blandly back at him.
"I do? Why was I not informed of this?" He looked around, as if trying to find the fan club. He probably was.

That was exactly why Tidus didn't get jealous of his cousin. He was so.... simple.
He laughed and shook his head.
"Never mind, if you haven't noticed them for a year now, you'll never notice them." He murmured, quite plainly aware of the three blonde girls several meters away, sitting at a round table and occasionally sneaking looks at Sora, then giggling between themselves.

He could understand them, but then again, not really. Sora wasn't really handsome, he fell more along the words 'pretty'. In a few years perhaps, he'd mature into a masculine handsome face, but so far, Sora looked pretty androgynous. He was on the scrawny side and looked more like your average cute twelve year old kid, instead of the fifteen year old star of RHS's soccer team. So there was that, but Tidus decided it was just Sora's personality. He didn't have mean bone in his body. Not at all. He'd never seen Sora angry. He was just happy. Happy, energetic and plain weird. A bit of a mad scientist when he really got into his science, but he was really just an average person. He liked that. If Sora hadn't been his cousin, and so earnestly open, he probably wouldn't have liked him at all.

He shook his head at the thought of a nasty, egoistic Sora and turned his attention back to the conversation. It had shifted from the topic of dates to their upcoming soccer match against East Side. Out of the three of them, only Aerith had nothing really to do with the sport.
Selphie was on the girl's team, and on the cheer leading squad, Sora and himself were on the team, but Aerith's forte lay in acting, which was why she usually got first, or second lead in whatever play the school decided to make. Still, she was usually willing to hear them talk about it.

"We're going to win." Tidus jumped into the topic, with that confident statement.
Selphie raised an eyebrow.
"How can you be so sure? Their female team is pretty strong you know. They won the island championship last year," She pointed out.
"But their male team is weak." Sora replied softly, stating the bare facts.
Tidus nodded.
"They suck. Badly. And even if they're better this year, you just don't go from the lowest ranking team from the best in one year. It just doesn't happen." He nibbled slowly on a golden french fry.
"And we're not slackers either. Our goalie is good, our star," He grinned and nudged Sora with his elbow. "player, is the best there is. I'm pretty good myself if I do say so, and you know Coach Gray wouldn't ever let anyone into the team if they didn't meet his expectations." And Coach Gray's expectations were high. Came from being in the army for several years probably.

"We won't underestimate of them of course," Sora took a sip of his pepsi, rubbing his free hand against his jeans, wiping away the cold moisture.
"But we have a strong case. It is rather probable that we shall win."

"It sounds like it, " Aerith concluded.
"But either way, I wish you both, and the team good luck."
Selphie nodded quickly.
"Yeah, me too! Weak or not, a victory is a victory." She grinned, her white teeth practically gleaming.
"Maybe you'll even get to be the number one team this year!"
Sora laughed, clapping.
"Now, that would be great."
"Yeah! Then we'd get to brag that we're the best! Mwuahahah!" Selphie put her hands on her hips.
"And the girl's team will try their best too! We shall kick arse!" She thrust a fist into the air, and then suddenly hopped back, off the seat.

"Eeeeexcuse me, but I think that's the sign up sheet for the committee with the dance. I shall be right back!" She waved her hand and headed towards the bulletin board, where quite a few other girls had crowded around with the step of a determined femme fatale.
"Is there any dance, party or whatever-sort of festival thing that she hasn't managed to completely take over in the past three years?" Tidus complained, twirling an unused straw between his fingers and bending it out of shape.
"Nope," Sora drawled, stealing back his brownie.


End Chapter 1