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Haha! Just playing! I am not going to do that! Nope but what I am going to do is tell you about my new story I have decided to write! Sorry if the summary stinks but here it goes:

Okay, Sesshomaru is a senior in Saio High School. He is a dirt bike rider and the most eligible bachelor in the school. Inuyasha and the gang are all in their junior year in Saio High School. (Just so you know, Miroku is a puck rocker kind of guy... ... ... spike bands and everything) Kikyo is the slut of the school and is trying desperately to get Sesshomaru as her boyfriend gags (yes I know... ... ... I'm torturing poor Sesshomaru but it goes with the story. WORK WITH ME PEOPLE! WORK WITH ME!)

You would think that being the most popular would be a blast, right? Wrong. Sesshomaru has gone through horrible ordeals during his life and the pressure is taking its toll. They are destroying him mentally and physically. With all the sicknesses and depression, Sesshomaru isn't going to last much longer.

Well anyway, a new girl comes to school and has a similar problem. Her father, Naraku, abuses her. Shippou, her little brother, doesn't know about it though. Well, this young girl named Tatsuyu has a psychic power, she has the power to read your thoughts and can either add, change, or erase your memories. This is the reason she is abused; her father hates her for her abilities. (More reasons why will be explained in greater detail)

These two will one day discover that to survive their ordeals, and free them from their shells, they will need each other more than ever. Can Tatsuyu help him get through his ordeals? Or will he fall into despair?

Can a silver haired boy help her fight against the restraints that bind her so she can spread her wings and take flight, just like a dragon? Read and find out!!!!

::Wipes forehead:: PHEW! That was longer than I thought! Yikes! Well anyway, there's more to the story but I don't want to give it away, so if you want to know what those something's are, read my story! He he! I hope it doesn't suck!!! GOMEN if it does.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Inuyasha characters... though most of my readers know that I want to. Any other character not form Inuyasha or any other Anime shows are my own creation.

Enjoy the story!!

Chapter 1

"Inuyasha! Will you hurry up! We are going to be late for school, yet again!!!"

Sesshomaru tapped his foot irritably on the ground, his arms folded across this chest. Like always, Inuyasha was still getting ready. You would think that finally becoming a junior in high school, Sesshomaru's little brother would finally be able to be ready on time. Oh how wrong was he.

"INUYASHA!!! I'M SERIOUS, IF YOU AREN'T DOWN HERE IN ONE MINUTE I AM LEAVING WITHOUT YOU AND TELLING KAGOME YOUR SECRET!!" Sesshomaru smirked at his threat. Inuyasha came tearing downstairs, his shirt halfway down.

He gave his brother a look of death. "You wouldn't dare!"

"Of course I would, now pull down your shirt and let's go." He grabbed his car keys off the hook and his leather jacket. A grumbling Inuyasha grabbed his things and went after his brother. Sometimes he truly did hate his brother, especially one who could figure out your whole life by just looking at you. It was a gift that sadly, couldn't be fooled. That's how he found out about Inuyasha's ... secret.

Climbing into Sesshomaru's red fire bird (AN: with leather seats! OW!! Gotta love it! ) they sped off to Saoi High School. Inuyasha held on for great life, for his brother was a lead foot; loved to press the gas petal.

Sesshomaru twisted and turned through the busy streets of Japan. He loved to speed, probably why he was a dirt bike racer, and champion to top it off. Not to mention the most eligible bachelor in the school. Sesshomaru sighed, finally, a senior. One more year of being gawked at by woman and men alike. One more year of having to listen to giggling and sighing at he walks pass. One more year of love notes being shoved into his locker and other things better left unmentioned.

Sesshomaru made a sharp turn, making Inuyasha yelp and hold onto the dashboard. "Ya know something Sesshomaru, you are going to kill me one day!" Sesshomaru only smirked and made another turn. His brother never really did like speed so that's one reason why he always went fast with Inuyasha in the car. It's also payback for taking so damn long in the morning.

Finally he skidded to a halt in the school parking and Inuyasha scrambled out of the car, thanking Kami-sama, once again, that he made it to school alive. Sesshomaru only shook his head, he didn't think he was THAT fast of a driver. He got out and adjusted his clothes; black pants sporting a black belt with a dagger belt buckle, a white button up shirt where the top three buttons were left open, black boots, a cross necklace, and a gold loop earring in his left lobe. Adjusting his leather jacket as well, he closed the car door and walked towards another day of boring school.

"Inuyasha! Over here!" A young raven hair girl waved her hand frantically, trying to get the silver haired boys attention. Inuyasha grinned and ran over, only to be greeted by two other people with her.

"Hello Kagome. How's it hangin' Miroku?" A boy with brown eyes and short black hair pulled into a pony went to stand by his best bud. He was wearing baggy jeans and a black T-shirt with the rock band Slipknot on the front, (AN: truth to tell, I hate them but my cousin loves them and I wanted a big rock band). On his arms were many bands and a spiked bracelet on his right wrist.

"Yo! What up my man?!" The boys did a high five and grinned at each other.

"What are you two up to? Not planning on burning the lab room down again are you?" The other girl standing beside Kagome snickered. Both girls seem to be wearing the same thing; long skirts with nice matching blouses, only in different colors. 'Do they do that on purpose or is it by coincidence' thought Inuyasha.

Miroku sauntered over and wrapped his arm around the young woman's shoulder, "Oh come on Sango, that was an accident. You know that." Miroku's other hand trailed downwards...


"Yeah, well that wasn't you hentai!" Sango's face was flustered and Miroku stood up, holding his cheek.

The bell rang and Sango grabbed his shirt. "Come on! You are going to be late again!"

Just before Sango whisked him away, he leaned to Inuyasha and whispered, "Oh yea, she wants me."

Kagome giggled at the two, finally turning to her best guy friend she ever had since preschool, "So Inuyasha, can you go?"

They began to walk to their first class and Inuyasha sighed, "Well, I can go but... ... ... I wanna bring Sesshomaru along with us."

Kagome's eyes widened. "Why do you want him to come? You know that he doesn't like to do stuff like that."

Inuyasha shifted his bag. "Kagome, he's miserable. The poor guy hasn't done anything exhilarating in a long time, besides dirt biking. He needs to have some fun away from his bikes."

Kagome looked at Inuyasha with admiration, this was the first time that he ever showed this much care for his brother. Sure the two were completely different, but it was nice to know that Inuyasha stilled cared about his brother.

Inuyasha gave her a weird look, "What are you staring at?"

Kagome smiled, "That's very noble of you Inuyasha."

"Feh. I need a ride too."

Her smile broadened. "Alright Inuyasha, I see where you are coming from, but how are you going to convince him to go?"

Inuyasha shook his head and rolled his eyes, "I have no damn clue."

Kagome laughed all the way to their first class.

Sesshomaru sat quietly in his seat, the book "Dragon Tears", by Dean Koontz, held up by his face. Like every other day, he was the first to arrive to first period, (AN: Calculus... haven't had it yet but my sister said it was the mathematics from hell) so he always took the time to read, since it became so loud that it was hard to concentrate.

The book he was reading this week, as he could finish off one novel in one week, was very interesting. It's about a young man with certain powers, and thinks he is Becoming, and is creating havoc on people. Right now, the two main characters just escaped one of his golems in a rave party.

As always, his reading is interrupted by his best friend, Antonio Marquez; a foreign exchange student from Spain. "Hola Sessio! How's my silent compadre!" He said enthusiastically, slapping Sesshomaru's back. "Still reading as usual. I swear, how can you be a champion dirt bike rider!" Antonio's accent was pretty heavy, but it grew on you.

Like Sesshomaru, Antonio was a dirt biker, along with that he was even champion in Spain before he left for Japan. His hair was reddish-brown and was cut short, his bangs falling in front of brown eyes. He had a nicely chiseled face and was well built. His clothing was similar to Sesshomaru's except everything was deep red, his favorite color.

Sesshomaru set down his book and smiled, "You know something, you read too little, Tony."

Tony laughed. "Sorry Sesshomaru, but I don't have your patience with sitting in one spot for so long." He took his place behind Sesshomaru as other students came in the class. Many of the girls that passed by smiled and giggled, making Sesshomaru sigh but Antonio waved back and said weird comments in his native tongue.

Sesshomaru rolled his eyes and turned in his seat, "They don't even know what you are saying."

"So. At least you can say things to them and they won't know what it means. Especially when you get pissed off at teachers." Antonio made a face and chuckled. Sesshomaru shook his head and laughed as well. That's one reason why he liked the Spaniard; he always knew how to put you in good mood. More kids entered the room, the noise becoming louder.

Antonio's laughs died and he pointed, "Uh oh, slut at three o' clock!"

Sesshomaru turned to see the one, the only... Kikyo. Or as Antonio puts it, the 'slut'. Though his word weren't off the mark. She always wore heavy make up, her shirts were cut too low and were too short, and her skirts weren't better either. She wore short, tight skirts and it looked like her ass would fall out. Another thing was that she had a reputation for being the most flirtatious, and being able to get every man she wanted; all but two.

Kikyo spotted both boys and sauntered over, swaying her hips a little more than any woman should. Sesshomaru groaned and ran his hand over his face, in the process removing his rebellious bangs out of the way.

Kikyo smiled. "Well, hello there. So, how is the most sexiest man in the universe?"

"Quite well, thank you very much, only your ugly face just ruined my day." Said the Spaniard who sat there with his arms crossed. Sesshomaru had to choke down a laugh.

Kikyo, on the other hand, gave a huff and stomped her foot. "You know something Tony, I wasn't talking to you!"

Antonio gave an evil smile, "Hey Sessio, did you hear a dodo bird squawk just now? Oh wait," he sat up straighter and pointed a finger at Kikyo, "there's one now! No wonder I heard it! I thought they were extinct!" He flapped his arms like a bird and made squawking noises.

Sesshomaru couldn't hold back anymore. He let out a rich, loud laugh. Everyone else must have heard Antonio's comment because they joined in, or because that laughing is contagious and when one person starts laughing, other people will too. Kikyo looked like she was going to kill Antonio, but he just gave his trademark cocky grin and winked.

"Muy bien!"

The bell rang and in ran the teacher, followed by a few students as well. "Alright, class is now in session. Please, Kikyo, kindly take your seat and we can get started with today's lesson." Kikyo gave one more death glare before taking her seat at the other end of the class. (AN: O.o how she got into Calculus is beyond me.) The teacher set her briefcase on the desk when a knock came from the door. "Sesshomaru-kun, would you mind getting the door for me?"

Sesshomaru shrugged and got up. When he opened the door it was the principal, Yoshitomi-sama. Sesshomaru bowed and moved aside so the principal could enter. The stout little woman smiled and made her way to the teacher, whispered something in her ear and swiftly walked back out.

"Class, I have just got word that there will be a new member to this classroom. Please give a big welcome to Harashima Tatsuyu." When the young woman walked through the threshold, the men gaped.

The young youth was stunning. She had long red, curly hair shot with blonde highlights, and stopped just about her backside. Her eyes were a strange honey color hidden behind long lashes. A slender nose sat above full red lips. She had high cheekbones and a nicely shaped face. Her body was perfect. Not too big yet not a stick either. She had a shapely figure and she was showing it off.

She wore a red peasant to where the sleeves billowed far out and was nicely shaped with her chest and stomach. Black leather pants and boots adorned her bottom half and she wore an emerald necklace in the shape of a shamrock. Sesshomaru swallowed the lump in his throat, for this wild beauty was staring straight at him.

When Tatsuyu stepped through the door, a flash of silver had caught her eye and it took her gaze to a very handsome looking boy. Long silver hair, amber eyes and a nice toned body. His hair was pulled back in a low ponytail, but his bangs stood out, giving him a roguish look, yet also kind and gentle. She held her breath; Kami-sama was he beautiful.

The teacher cleared her throat, drawing back the girl's attention and snapping Sesshomaru out of his reverie. "You can sit on the other side of Sesshomaru there, in the second seat, dear."

"Thank you Chikanatsu-sama." The girl's voice was inhuman, soft yet you could hear every word; a low tone that put you in a trance. She bowed and took her seat, almost looking as if she was walking on the air. When she took her seat, the other students were still staring at her. Tatsuyu slouched a little, never really liking being the center of attention.

The teacher's voice interrupted the classrooms' thoughts, "Now class if you could please turn in your homework we will start with chapter 3 in our books." The rustling of paper and the sounds of people groaning filled the room, going unbeknownst by a certain young man sitting beside the girl.

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The book "Dragon Tears" actually exists and was written by Dean Koontz. It was the book I was reading when I wrote this so I added it in... so, I do not own Dragon Tears OR Dean Koontz (but I bet you already knew that) Very good book though. I highly recommend it.