It was the last class of the day and Hermione had never seen Snape this eager to finish a lesson, with the exception of the time Madam Pomfrey made him teach them how to brew a contraceptive cream. He always made certain that each person produced the potions accurately and allowed no exception in the rules when it came to following the given formula. Today however, he was inattentive and hasty, and even gave Longbottom his first 'good' when the boy was the first to pour his bubbling black syrup like liquid (though the book said magenta red and clear) in to a bottle for sampling.

Hermione drew in a breath of her potion, 'cinnamon mixed with musk, apple' she couldn't identify it, but is made her spine crawl all the way down to her - she corked the bottle and wrote on the label "H.G. Oxy-Hydrogen Love- at-first-sight Philtre "

"Remember to not remove your dragon-skin gloves until you are cleaned out your caldron, and placed the sterilised instruments in their appropriate place" he spoke in a monotonous low tone, hastily wiping the formula off the blackboard with the flick of his wand.

"Miss.Granger, please make haste as some of us, has more pressing matters to attend, than to idle about after class" Always the perfectionist, she took time to glue the label on straight. The last of the students was filing out, and Harry and Ron had already rushed off to Quidditch practise, leaving her alone in the dungeon. "Sorry professor" she murmured, making her way up to his desk and placing it in to a small wooden crate.

She thought for a second that Longbottom's bottle trembled, but concluded it might have been the a trick of the light and turning to leave. Snape who cradling the crate in his arms, marched up behind her, eager to depart, and they were both feet away from the door when, an explosion erupted. Hermione felt a splash of liquid hit her in the back of the head and found herself sinking helplessly to the stone floor.

It all became black.