Hermione awoke, curled up on the cold dungeon floor in a foster position. Her head was aching severely as from a strong hangover, and the dim light of the various candles, stung painfully in her brown eyes. She couldn't remember at first how she came to be here, but shifted her stiff and aching body around, to focus on her surroundings. All she could see was broken glass, and small puddles of pink fluid that had already began to seep in to the stony floor. That and the shape of another.

She now remembered the explosion, and leaped rapidly back to her feet, a mistake as she was both nauseous and unsteady and had supported herself on a nearby desk to not fall over. Clumsily she stepped over the broken bottles and a crushed wooden crate, and dropped down beside the man, her potion master.

"Professor Snape..!" she pushed him over to his back exposing a pallid and motionless face, severely cut and bleeding, she gasped ".. I will get madam Pomfrey!" she spoke, shifting to leave, but stopped by soft murmuring sound erupting from the mans lips, he was coming around.

Black hollow eyes opened carefully, twitching at the bright light and focusing on her face.

Black hollow eyes.

. met large warm cinnamon brown eyes.

Black hollow eyes caused a shiver of arousal to creep down the length of Hermione's spine, and she trembled.

The man didn't speak but simply regarded her with a look, mixed between great bewilderment and awe. Time passed between them, and though she knew she should say something, the words remained painfully dry and never escaped her lips.

One of his hands reached out and accidentally touched one of the pink puddles, it snapped him out of what ever trance he seemed to be caught in, and he shifted to regard the sticky substance on his fingers. His mind racing.

"Merlin's beard!" he murmured in a frightened tone as it all slowly came back to him, the look that focused on her next was one more of terror than awe, and a hand reached forth and gave her a hard shove that got her tumbling back and on to her behind.

"Oh by bloody Merlin's arse" he shouted, leaping to his feet and taking in the mess around him. "This is a disaster"