Dark Child

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/People's thoughts/.

"People talking".

Voldemort's thoughts


Chapter 1: Saved from the light.

"Where's the boy?"

"No, please, not my child!"

Voldemort glared at the woman before him, stupid mudblood. He should just kill her. At least he wouldn't have to listen to her crying over her husband and child then. But there was no reason for her to cry for the child. He hadn't come here to kill him. He'd come here to take him, to steal him away from the Light. But he wasn't about to tell this pathetic woman that. He wouldn't give her the pleasure of knowing that her only child was to live a long life.

"Tell me where your son is and I'll give you a quick and not so painful death."

"No, I'll never tell you, y-y-you ugly monster!" He smiled, foul.

"Oh, very well, have it your way then".

The living room, the Potter residence, Godric's Hollow

Voldemort looked around. The lifeless bodies of the worst thorns in his side were pushed mercilessly into a corner of the pair's living room.

He stood still, listening. A soft cry. He smiled. Such a lovely sound He walked up the stairs, seeking the sound of a scared, lonely baby boy.

He found him under an invisibility cloak, sobbing. The boy turned around, and green met red.

The child reached out for him, longing to be held.

Voldemort's cruel thin lips curled into a cold smile.

The boy stumbled into Voldemort's open arms. He didn't cry anymore; he didn't make a single sound. He just held on tight onto the man's robe, not willing to let go, because he felt safe with this man.

Voldemort looked at the child in his arms. Beautiful he was; strong and powerful. He would raise this child to be his own. He was his own in a way, and he would become the most powerful and dark child there was. He had powers that only Voldemort knew what to do with.

Voldemort had had a vision about this child, a dark angel came to him and told him about the dark child that would be born on the 31st of July, with intense, green, endless eyes and hair the colour of his heart. The dark angel told Voldemort that he had to get him, steal him away from the Light. They couldn't control him; they wouldn't understand him ergo, they would destroy his marvellous gift.

Voldemort could feel the dark powers that flowed of this boy. He had to start training him right away; had to teach him the ways of life, discipline and control over one's body.

"Malignitas Facies (Latin: Evil form majestic), that will be your name".

The child looked into his eyes and smiled.

At the Pracepta, location unknown

"Master you're back!"

"Stating the obvious, Lucius?" Voldemort smiled that was the first joke he had made in at least five years. He could see that Lucius was just as surprised as he.

"I..forgive me my Lord, how stupid of me, I was just so worried".

Ah, a little lie like that couldn't turn his mood down. He was going to let Lucius slip away for it this time. He had much more important things to do.

"Nice, now get your ass out of the way, I have urgent tasks to take care of. And bring me the softest and warmest piece of fabric you can find".

Lucius bowed and glided out of his Lord's way. /Now why would he need a soft and warm piece of fabric/

The throne room, Death Eater meeting room, the Pracepta

Voldemort sat down in his throne, with the boy in his arms. He was still smiling at him, as if he knew that Voldemort would keep him safe and make him strong.

Lucius came in with a thick dark green silk rug and gave it to his Lord. He didn't see the child. Tom had thrown an invisibility spell on him. He didn't need to use a silencing charm, the child hadn't made a sound since he found him, which was very pleasant.

"Here, my Lord."

"Good, now leave me alone till I send for you, and tell the others that if any of them should disturb me, I won't show any mercy."

"Yes, my Lord."

Voldemort wrapped the rug around the boy and made a chair - which was a smaller replica of his own - by his right side, and placed the child in it.


The child looked up at him, smiled and fell asleep.

Voldemort looked away from him and stared to write down his training program. He couldn't spoil him so this was the first and only time that he would get this good a treatment. He could keep the rug, and the chair Voldemort had made, it would change in size together with the boy and was forever his. He was to sit by his right side.

He would teach the boy discipline before power, and control over emotions and body before fun and pleasure. He would make him hard and cold, strong and faultless, powerful and wise. The boy's lessons should be combat: hand, sword and dagger, he would make his strong and fast. Magic: Dark arts, healing, wandless and bits of Light magic. He would learn to make potions, and to heal himself and others. Mind work: Reading others' thoughts, recognising lies. Languages: Latin, Bulgarian, French and Norwegian. How to survive alone, how to kill and how to create.

Tomorrow he would call for a meeting, and he would tell his followers his story, about the dark angel, the child and how he would train him to be his heir. He would make the boy the child of the Dark. The name was already in order, the dark angel had told him his name, Malignitas Facies (Latin: Evil form majestic). He would be invincible, he would be the darkness himself, and he would respect Voldemort as his father.