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Malignitas Facies Tudor's thoughts

Malcolm Shiri's thoughts

"Everybody when they speak"


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Malignitas gave him a cool smile. (Norwegian)"It's Audacte, but you wouldn't be able to cast it. You do not know the ancient Elfin language do you Draco dear? No? Didn't think you did."

Chapter 10: Old Holly.

No one questioned the two kings of Slytherin as they went into their room ten minutes before the next class began. They had DADA next, with the Gryffindors no less, and caution had to be taken.

As the friendly Weasley had kindly told Malignitas they were going to practise the Riddikulus spell today with the Wolf. It wasn't a difficult spell - it should have been taught to them years ago in Malignitas and Draco's opinion, but the result of the spell was something worth worrying about.

As the dreadful Granger had informed her crew of merry men, they were going to practise with a Boggart. And those creatures had some unwelcome properties; when faced with them they would convert into your worst fears.

Now Malignitas wasn't worry about meeting his worst fear face to face, he was quite sure it wasn't anything too terrible. He couldn't for the sake of it come up with one single thing he feared when he thought about it. No, the issue was that what ever the creature transformed into the others, both Lions and Snakes, would see it too. And that wasn't a good thing, no matter how little he was affected by said fear, they would see one thing he felt uncomfortable about. It was something they could hold against him. His enemies would see one of his weaknesses.

And Draco as his…companion…was also on his mind. No matter what they were, friends or acquaintances, it would not do for his enemies to know his fears and weaknesses either. Malignitas preferred them ignorant and unknowing like they were now, so he would do what ever it took for them to stay that way. But he couldn't Obliviate them as long as they were students of Hogwarts. Someone would eventually figure out that some parts of their memory had been messed with. No, that wouldn't do at all, he couldn't give the Professors any reason to doubt his perfect Prime Student image, his mask and cover.

So that was the reason the two handsome young men were in their room where Malignitas was holding his right hand out in front of Draco. The spell to make the upcoming class more in favour of the two was an elfin spell made to lessen the fear, and only Malignitas could cast it.

"Stand still and shut up so I can concentrate". Light orange sparks of light danced around in Malignitas' palm as it faced Draco. The caster closed his eyes briefly and found his channelling tree.

Elves used magic quite differently then wizards. They had no use for wands. They themselves were magical creatures with their own magical core and didn't need one in a wand to channel their magic. Because of their close relations with the trees their channelling core was in the shape of a tree that could be found when one concentrated on it, thought it could only be found by the 'owner'. Each tree was as different as the elves themselves. Though there were four main categories after the four main elements: water, fire, earth and air. But there were also sub-categories such as shadow, spirit, ice, lightning and metal. These were also elements, but since it was rare for an elf to have control over them their status was that of sub-category elements.

Malignitas' tree was an old Holly tree surrounded by fire, since fire was his natural element. Even if it were old and slightly dark looking it still had remarkably green leaves, in the light of the fire surrounding it the leaves nearly got an emerald look about them.

One thing about elfin magic that Malignitas thought was brilliant, was that every spell or cures you cast would be of a colour that mirrored your natural element. So all Malignitas' curses and spells would be orange, red or yellow. It was brilliant in that concept that no one would know which spell you used before it hit them because the colour was different for each elf and not many spells needed to be spoken for them to work. This gave anyone that could use elfin magic a trump card.

As the orange sparks in Malignitas' palm grew in vehemence, the son of the Dark Lord lay his hand over Draco heart.

The blond gasped; his heart was on fire, but it didn't burn him. His breath came in hurried pants as he felt the magic wrap itself around his pumping organ like a protecting veil. Glowing strong and bright. He felt stronger, braver and better than he had ever felt before. He was unbeatable, inextinguishable and indestructible. He didn't know the word fear, yet alone the feeling! Nothing could get to him.

Malignitas looked into Draco's eyes to see if it was working correctly. As his dark green eyes meet Draco's sparkling silver once he nodded in approval and lifted his hand from Draco's warm and firm chest.

The heavenly feeling of power and happiness Draco had felt only a second ago dimmed down to the unrecognisable. It was still there, he could feel it, but it was nothing to the ecstasy he had felt a moment ago, he longed for that feeling already.

"Your eye colour is one of a sparkling silver and you wear a stupidly huge grin so I'm quite sure of my success. As your grin is dimming I'm sure the good feeling you just got from the spell also is dimming. But don't fret, it will surface again when you fell the slightest bit of anxiety. Now do something useful with yourself and fetch our books." Malignitas had not finished his sentence before he again closed his eyes to find his channelling tree and to perform the spell on himself.

And as the elfin magic user's eyes changed to a sparkling dark green and he shook his smug grin off, the two left their room to attend the DADA class one floor up.

Outside the DADA class room, the first floor, Hogwarts

The plotting Gryffindors were waiting anxiously for the DADA class to begin. Just the idea of seeing Tudor's indifferent mask slip for some seconds as he saw the thing he feared the most was mind-blowingly thrilling.

Ron Weasley was rubbing his hands together and wearing the largest grin in his family history. This was going to be a great day, he knew it, nothing could go wrong, their plan was idiot-proof. Not even Tudor and Malfoy could fuck it up, all of their slimy tricks and spells would not help them when they were faced with their worst fear. Ron was sure the two snakes would have something stupid that they were afraid of like cute bunnies and sweet old ladies. Not something so manly as spiders! Oh he could see it now: Tudor striding forwards arrogantly and facing the Boggart with a sneer. But then the Boggart started to shrink and transform into a teeny weenie mouse. Tudor would let out a whine and jump as the mouse would squeak and walk towards him. His eyes would grow bigger, his jaw would slacken, and his wand arm would start shaking slightly. And he would be scared shitless, of a cute white mouse. Oh it would be the show of the year.

The red head was brought out of his day dream as Malcolm nudged him in the side; their two victims were coming down the corridor, looking as calm and cool as always, as if they had no worries in life.

"Shall we go in then gentlemen, and madam?" Malignitas spoke up as walked up to Weasley, Shiri, Thomas, Finnegan, Longbottom and Granger. He didn't wait for their answer as he and Draco walked past them and into the classroom, where all the other students were present.

"Well, now that we are all here – Mr. Longbottom would you shut the door please – we can begin." Professor Lupin greeted the class before he walked over to an old wardrobe and pushed it over the floor towards the middle.

"Now gather around here class. Today we will practise the Riddikulus spell, can any one tell me about its functions?" Both Hermione, Draco, Malignitas and Shiri lifted their arms.

"Yes, Hermione?"

Said girl lifted her chin and smirked slightly at the two Slytherins. "Of course Professor. The Riddikulus spell is used when you are faced with a Boggart, it repels it. Boggarts are shape-shifters, they take the shape of whatever a person fears the most. By casting the spell correctly, you will force it into a shape you find truly amusing. And as you start to laugh and are no longer afraid of it, the Boggart will feel confused. When it is confused it is much easier to deal with and you can push it into a wardrobe or box. Any dark and drafty room will do."

"Very good, 5 points to Gryffindor." Lupin walked over to the huge wardrobe which had start shaking slightly and rested his hand on the door knob. "In here I have a Boggart Mr. Filch found the other day lurking around in the dungeons. We will use it to practise our Riddikulus spell on. I will set it on you, one by one, and as you are faced with it within a certain distance it will change into your worst fears. What I want you to do then is to think of something amusing. Let me explain. Neville, would you join me, please?"

Neville sent a frightened look first at his Professor and then at his friends, things weren't going as they had planed.

"Come on, don't be shy. Come on." Neville was hesitating, he couldn't do this, he was going to die! Their brilliant plan was to get the Slytherins to go first, not a Gryffindor!

"Come on. Hello. Neville, what frightens you the most of all?" Lupin asked calmly and patiently.

Neville looked down and murmured something. "Sorry?" his Professor questioned. "Professor Snape." The boy said a bit louder, which only earned him a small laugh from Lupin.

"Professor Snape. Yes, frightens us all. And I believe you live with your grandmother."

"Yes, but I don't want that Boggart to turn into her either." Neville answered, a bit frightened of how that would work out for his mental stability.

"No…it won't. I want you to picture her clothes. Only her clothes, very clearly, in your mind."

"She carries a red handbag…" Neville answered right away, but Lupin just shook his head. "We don't need to hear. As long as you see it, we'll see it. Now, when I open that wardrobe…here's what I want you to do. Excuse me." He said as he walked over to Neville and whispered something in his right ear.

"Imagine Professor Snape in your grandmother's clothes." The boy looked shocked at his professor, those thoughts could turn seriously kinky!

"Can you do that? Yes. Wand at the ready." He said as the wardrobe gave a terrible shake.

"One, two, three." He counted down and pointed his wand at the wardrobe in front of them. The door-knob turned and the door slowly glided outwards, letting the Boggart out. But the students didn't see the Boggart, they only saw their Potions professor slowly stride out of the dark wardrobe and towards a terrified Gryffindor fourth year.

"Think, Neville, think." Lupin whispered loudly to his student as Snape came nearer.

"Riddikulus!" the young Longbottom shouted and pointed his plain wand at his worst fear. At first nothing happened, then Snape started to turn and twist like he was trying to get something off him, and then his black robes turned into a sea-green lady robe. On his head he was suddenly wearing a hideous blue hat with a brown dead bird on it, and a dead fox around his neck. Also the red handbag was firmly in place in his hand. The whole class laughed – well the Gryffindors, and some of the lesser Slytherins choked back a giggle.

The Boggart -turned Snape, turned a hybrid between Snape and grandmother Longbottom- looked around him totally confused about the clothing change and laughter.

"Wonderful, Neville, wonderful! Incredible! Okay to the back, Neville. Everybody, form a line." Lupin said with glee over seeing his former schoolmate in lady's clothes.

Everyone was eager to try, and pushed and shoved their classmates to get a better place in the line. The plotting Gryffindors took the opportunity to get as far back in the line as possible and the Slytherin kings placed themselves in the middle of the line, not bothering to act like frightened children.

"Form a line. I want everyone to picture the thing they fear the very most and turn it into something funny." The Professor informed his students. Malignitas didn't know what he feared the most so he decided he would just have to swing it. Draco knew what he would see, but had problems coming up with something to make it funny. It wasn't a funny thing to start with; it scared the hell out of him, he would just have to improvise. He hoped to Salazar that Malignitas' spell would work.

"Next Parvati! Show us what you see." The Indian girl was first one up. She came forwards and stood before the still confused Snape till he concentrated on her and turned into her worst fear: A huge cobra snake. And so it went on until it was Malignitas' turn. This really was an informative lesson. He now knew the worst fears of half of the Gryffindors and Slytherins. Though he thought they were all really childish, didn't anyone have any cool fears, like…seeing their family being butchered or burned alive?

"He'll get what's coming to him now." He heard Weasley hiss to Shiri whom grinned evilly, probably hoping to actually learn some of his weaknesses. Like he had any, ha what a joke!

Malignitas walked calmly towards a snarling mountain troll and waited patiently for it to concentrate on him and shape-shift into something else. The troll really was pathetic: It didn't even have killer claws or anything, it just smelled really bad.

He could hear Professor Lupin in the background calling him on, telling him to face his fear. Suddenly when the Boggart had had enough time to figure out something even he didn't know, it started to shift forms. First it shifted into the form of a human, a wizard to be precise, with black plain robes and a cloak with the hood up. The face of this person was hidden in shadows of the hood, you could only see an inkling of a chin.

Malignitas tilted his head to the side and tried to figure out what and who this man was. He knew it was male because of the hint of a chin, it was obvious a man, but who? He looked down his body and caught his breath. The hands of the man were gripping painfully around a jewelled sword that was going right through his stomach, lethally placed in his liver and kidney. The man was dying, and Malignitas learned his identity by looking at his bloody hands. The man was his father, Lord Voldemort, and he was wearing his family ring, the silver ring on his left ring finger. The emerald stone in the ring was a bright contrast to the red ruby in the sword's hilt.

Before him stood his dying father, lethally hurt by the Gryffindor sword. Malignitas just realised what fear felt like; he was holding his breath, his heart was hammering painfully and hands felt clam and cold. But it didn't last long, the Audacte spell kicked in and made an obstruction between him and his fear. He let go of his breath and calmly pulled out his wand as the feeling of strength, bravery, happiness and power overflow him.

He couldn't hear his classmates' and professor's voices telling him to 'face your fear' or 'get on with it'. All was quiet, it was just him and his dying father, the only one he cared for and cared for him back.

"Riddikulus." He said with a calm and cool voice and watched with growing satisfaction as the ring turned into a golden one with a ruby stone and a growling Griffin. And the sword stuck into the man's body now had an emerald jewel in the hilt. The last bit for shape-shifting that really brought the laughter out of the dark heir was that the mortally hurt man grew a beard. No longer was it his dying father before him, but his dying enemy. Dumbledore's life was slowly wasting away before his eyes, killed by one of the Slytherin daggers!

He wiped a tear of amusement from his eye and walked back in the line, still laughing quietly to himself. If he had cared to look at the other students in the class he would see their bewilderment. What on earth was that all about? Who was that person and what changes happened to him for Tudor to one moment fear him and then start laughing till he cried? It made no sense! He had just stood there for the longest time looking bored, then cast the spell and start laughing even though nothing about the Boggart changed.

Draco was just as confused as everybody else, but he would just ask Malignitas about it later. Right now he had something else to worry about, it was his turn to face the Boggart.

God this is all going to end horribly, how can I make it funny, how?

Despise his fears the young Malfoy heir walked determinedly towards Malignitas' weird guy with the sword in his gut and waited for it to shape-shift. And in Draco's opinion that happened too fast, before he could even swallow the sudden lump in his throat he was looking at a picture of a dark endlessly deep and cold lake. The thing he feared the most was drowning. He had had an episode when he was 5 when he nearly drowned in the small lake behind the Malfoy manor.

It had been late midnight and he had been out alone looking for his pet bird, Hades. He had found the naughty raven up in a tree by the dark lake; he had reached up on his toes to try to grip it by the feet, but it had only jumped further out on the branch. The young Draco had puffed his chest in annoyance and had started to climb up the tree. He had come up to the branch where Hades sat when he fell. The minutes after had been the source of many nightmares. A house-elf had saved him. His unconscious body was dragged up from the water where he had laid, constricted in Devil's Snare, and ice-cold grimy water for 5 minutes. Afterwards he had been forever banned from that water by his mother, though why she thought he would ever go near any small and dark lake ever again was beyond him. It was his was his worst fear to feel like he couldn't breath and to be only surrounded by darkness and cold water again.

But his feeling of fear was only briefly, Malignitas' spell kicked in and the lump in his throat was soon replaced with the heavenly feeling of power and happiness. Nothing could get him now.

"Riddikulus." Draco sneered out and looked out with amusement as the cold water suddenly dried up and the only thing that was left in the lake was desperate fish and groaning Devil's Snare, both dying from the bright sunlight. He laughed quietly to himself and walked back to the line and his friend.

"Ron, come along, you're next!" Lupin shouted and waved the boy forward. He didn't get the chance to even looked pissed at their total lack of success in their plan as the Boggart suddenly changed into a massive spider. "Concentrate. Face your fear. Be brave!" Lupin urged as the lion gapped and grimaced in fear and horror. He whimpered but rummaged around in his robe for his wand. The monstrous spider was coming nearer and nearer with each moment, clapping it jaw together feeling up to some snack.

"Wand at the ready, Ron." Lupin said a bit hurriedly as the boy had yet to point the wand at the beast.

"Riddikulus!" he said with a shaky voice and forced a pair of roller skates on each of the spider's feet so it had problems standing and fell over. The class laughed loudly along with their professor who hadn't laughed at any of the two Slytherins 'Riddikulus' spells. They, he guessed, like him, didn't see what was so funny about the snakes' shape-shifting.

"Yes. You see? Very good, very good! Marvellous! Absolutely, very, very enjoyable! Malcolm! Next!" Ron walked snugly away and gave Malcolm a high five as he passed him.

"Step up, step up!" Lupin said to Malcolm as he slowly walked forwards. And so it went on, until everyone had had their turn. As the last student was finished their professor jumped in front of the shape-shifter and it turned into a picture of the moon.

Only his eye twitched slightly as he was faced with what he feared the most. He calmly spoke the spell and made the Boggart shift into a punctured balloon.

"Well then class, that was all for today. Good day and don't forget I want a 25 inches essay on the properties of the Riddikulus spell and its origin by next week."

The forth year Gryffindor dorm, Gryffindor tower, Hogwarts

Malcolm didn't know where their marvellous plan had gone wrong. It had been so clever and idiot-proof! They were just to get the slimy snakes to go first, something they managed, and see what they feared the most to use later on in their plotting for revenge. But did it work? Oh no, of course it couldn't, how could he be so naïve to think it would work: They were talking about Tudor and Malfoy here! The two of them were so deep down in dark magic, the sun wouldn't even shine on them in Sahara!

It had all gone well enough, Neville had gone first, but someone had to be sacrificed. And then Tudor had gone forwards…and what the fuck was that human-ish thing suppose to be? Was Tudor afraid of men in dark clothes? Dark men who stood completely still as a statue? And Malfoy…what was his fear? A dark-something liquid, fog…with snake like plants in it??

Merlin I knew those two weren't even slightly normal. Bloody Death Eaters can't even have fears mortal people understand! Dark men and dark liquid…what kind of fear is that?


He shuddered as he thought back at his worst fear. When he waited for his turn he didn't know what would meet him. He had an idea though, but wasn't sure about it, first he thought about Voldemort. He had seen the monster once, from a memory his father had shown him, and he didn't wish to see him again. He wasn't ugly or anything, it was just his eyes and voice, his persona…he really scared him. But it wasn't Voldemort that stood in front of him in the DADA classroom, there were actually two people there, but they weren't standing. He remembered the rising panic and tremendous fear in his chest as he looked down at his parents. They were lying on the floor, covered in cuts, burns, blood and other body fluids, begging him to help them, save them, do something. But he couldn't move, he was only brought out of his uneasy trance when Remus lay his hand on his shoulder. After that he had had little problem in forcing the Boggart into something funny, but it still gave him the creeps to think that Malfoy and Tudor had seen his dieing parents too. Who knew what kind of things those two demons could do with that kind of classified information! Thankfully non of his friends had been nagging him about his fear. He wouldn't feel comfortable talking about it if they asked him, not yet anyway, he just wanted to forget their pained and tortured moans.

The Gryffindor common room, the seventh floor (base of Gryffindor Tower), Hogwarts

The Gryffindor gang had a free period and used their time moping around in their common room. They were trying to find out what their enemies feared, something which was easier said than done.

"Well that went well…give me 50 years and I might find out at least what Malfoy's fear means."

Malcolm glanced at Seamus and had to agree with him on that one, they would never find out what the two freaks feared.

"I'll give you 80, no need to be too cocky." Malcolm said to the Irish boy with a sneer.

"Oh honestly boys, didn't you see a thing?" Hermione huffed as she took place in one of the armchairs in front of the fireplace.

Malcolm cocked his head to the side. "See what Mione? That the two of them are as far from normal as you can get?" The boys around him grinned and gave a low laugh.

The 'female' part of the gang rolled her eyes and moaned: she was surrounded by blind idiots. "Let's not all of us become comedians. Okay the plan didn't go like we had hoped, but we still saw something."

"And what as that Mione, that Tudor spent most his time trying to figure out what he was seeing and then just blinked, waved his wand and start laughing even though nothing about the man in front of him changed? Or what about Malfoy, he smirks, waves his wand and laughs when he makes the dark liquid go away…Either the two of them are really sick fucks or they have an awfully bad sense of humour." Ron was leaning against the wall. Just within moments his bobble of happiness had burst and reality had slammed itself into his face: the snakes weren't normal, and they didn't fear bunnies.

"No Ronald. See that Malfoy's fear is something that has to do with a dark liquid or fog. Maybe it has something to do with something that's happened to him before, something he's seen or experienced. Did you see the fishes and the Devil's Snare? Maybe he's afraid of a place where you can find the plant and fishes. And Tudor…that evil bastard isn't making it easy for us. But I did notice something he probably hoped I didn't. The man he feared was wearing a silver ring with a green or blue stone - I couldn't see - and he had a sword through his stomach, so he was hurt and bleeding. When Tudor forced the Boggart to shape-shift into something funny the man's ring turned golden with a red stone and the jewel on the sword turned from red to green. So both the sword and ring changed, and that made the man somewhat funny in Tudor's eyes."

Malcolm stood up and sent Hermione an urging look. "That's all well and good Hermione, but what does it mean?"

The said girl curled herself deeper into the chair and didn't look at her companions. "I don't know, it's all really weird…Tudor might fear the man he saw, but without his ring or sword the man hasn't any power, so Tudor changed them. Maybe that was what he thought was so funny, he took his powers away…"

Malcolm huffed. "Yeah maybe, maybe he's really a vampire and afraid of silver. And Malfoy is afraid of dirty water. Like Seamus said: Give us 50 years and we might figure it out! Face it, our plan went south. We will just have to find a better, more Gryffindor way to find out what kind of dark magic they're using."

They male part of the Lions nodded away while Hermione glared at them for killing her more than good enough suggestion. They were blind idiots the lot of them. But she would get to the bottom of Tudor and Malfoy even if it was the last thing she did.

The potion corridor, the dungeons, Hogwarts

"(Bulgarian) Well, that went well...We now know our classmates' worst fears, both Gryffindor and Slytherin. And hopefully they didn't figure out ours before we forced the Boggart to shape-shift. Shiri's fear was the most entertaining I must say, I never knew his parents were such moaners, maybe it runs in the family? But either way we gained a very useful card against him."

Malignitas and Draco were walking to their next class: Potions with the Hufflepuffs. Many of their House mates and Hufflepuff fourth years were walking along side with them so they chose to speak privately. They didn't want everybody to know what they were saying, and thus discover what they were doing. Have you ever heard of a prime student that planned and executed cunning schemes on fellow classmates? I think not!

"(Latin) Yes we did, it went better than I would have dared to hope too. That elfin spell of yours worked wonders. I don't know how long I stood there before the spell kicked in, but I don't think it was more than 3 seconds." Draco turned to Latin as they walked past Fredrich Bauser, sixth year Slytherin and son of a German Lady. The chances that he understood Bulgarian were too great to risk.

"(Latin) No I don't think you did either. Though I stood a bit longer than I would like because I first had to figure out what was in front of me, and the fear didn't come before I did and ergo the spell wouldn't work. But I doubt anyone really understood what my fear was." Malignitas also jumped over to another language when he saw Bauser. The snaky Slytherin sixth year was too interested in their business for it to be good.

"(French) Yeah…Who exactly was that man? Why do you fear him? I didn't really see what different form you forced him into to make him funny." Draco looked over at his friend, Malignitas' worst fear was still a mystery for him, and the only thing he saw that changed with the 'man' was his facial hair and the sword in his stomach.

The dark lord heir looked over at Draco as well and kept his stare firmly. "(Bulgarian) That's very private Draco. You don't see me asking you what yours meant, now do you?"

The blond tore his eyes away from Malignitas' burning green once and let them wander down the corridor.

"(Norwegian) No of course not, forget that I ever asked." He murmured to himself, but his friend heard him loud and clearly.

Malignitas smirked and adjusted the book bag he was carrying, quickly going over their homework in his head. "(Bulgarian) I'll forget it in my own time thank you. And Draco, since I'm sure you don't have anything else you would rather do in your next free period, why don't you use your intellect and memory to write down all of our fellow classmates' worst fears. I want a copy of them by tonight evening; with names, worst fear, forced shape-shifting changes, and how long it took them to use the spell correctly. I also want everybody else's reaction to the person's Boggart.

The Malfoy heir swallowed a sneer and a wicked comeback that wanted to wipe Malignitas' arrogant smirk off. But as he silently was challenged by the Slytherin high king's hard eyes he submitted to his wishes and agreed to his 'punishment'. Schooling with Malignitas Facies Tudor was exigent but also very gratifying at times.

"(Norwegian) Of course. I'll copy the text directly over to your notebook, shall I? What kind of ink do you use in it?"

The young dark wizard smirked pleased with Draco's submissiveness. "(Norwegian) Just write it in dark blue Draco, and thick black letters for the names. Could you also link each name with the information on the person I have written at the beginning of the book? Lovely. Now, Potions it is, is your knowledge on Grassberries and their juice satisfying enough for Snape?"

To Be Continued

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