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Chapter One and Chapter two: Yunsung, Talim, Maxi, Cassandra, and Xianghua team up, and discover they're the only ones left of their friends who haven't been possessed by Nightmare's Soul Edge.

Chapter Three: Maxi and Cassandra decide to search the east side alone, Yunsung, Talim and Xianghua searching the west side. Maxi and Cassandra meet up with Ivy and Maxi is trapped, but eventually gets away from her, after getting a little info on Nightmare. Meanwhile, Xianghua is kidnapped, while Yunsung is badly hurt trying to defend her.

Chapter Four: Talim finds Yunsung in the forest, badly beaten. They bond over time, and realize they do have affection for eachother. Yunsung is confused and does not know what to do with these feelings. Maxi and Cassandra on the other hand, spot Cerventes and try to pry some information out of him. Xianghua discovers her captor is Raphel.

Chapter Five: Maxi and Cassandra kill Cerventes, getting little information out of him. Talim and Yunsung know that it is day thee and they are supposed to meet Maxi and Cassandra at the dojo, but they decide by the time they got there and back Xianghua would be dead. Xianghua is killed and turned into another minion by Nightmare. Maxi and Cassandra wait at the dojo for their friends, and are soon attacked by Taki. She leaves, having been called by Nightmare, and Maxi and Cassandra's relationship sprouts a romance.

Chapter Six and Seven: Talim and Yunsung run up to Nightmare's castle to help Xianghua. When she comes out with Kilik to attack them, they realize they are too late. They are defeated and taken into Nightmare's prison, and well as Maxi and Cassandra. They free themselves and become entangled in a huge fight, but are soon put in chains again. With Framal only needing one more soul, things do not look good.

Please read earlier chapters if you are still the slightest bit confused... Without further ado, here is the last chapter. NO FLAMES PLEASE, only constructive criticism!!


"They're back," Maxi said to his friends, Yunsung, and Talim, their expressions not hard to read. Talim reached out in her chained arms to try to grab Yunsung's hand. Maxi's eyebrows furrowed.

"Don't go getting all sappy Talim, everything is going to be okay... We aren't going to go like this..." A sinister sounding laugh filled the room.

"You're wrong Maxi..." Maxi turned his head sharply to face Cassandra, flaunting a key, and waving it above her.

"Am I?" He gave a crooked grin.

"Well, you will be if we don't get out of here right now."

"Cassandra! How did you get that key?!" Talim rejoiced.

"I'm just chock full of surprises. I had to kick some major ass it get it, so let's put it to good use!" Unchaining Talim and Yunsung, the clanks of metal in the hall grew louder and louder, and when she reached to release Maxi, Nightmare's large boot appeared in the door way. Yunsung took Talim's hand and disappeared around the corner. Cassandra stood and faced the nine people guarding her exit. They were largely out numbered.

"Better quit now... if you want to live!" Yunsung yelled, jumping out from his hiding spot and extending an open palm, which threatened their enemies to try. Nightmare gave a crooked grin and a raised eyebrow, nodding at his only obstacles.

"Right... A fight to the death... Let's go!" Yunsung proclaimed. Nightmare and his nine slaves faced Maxi, Cassandra, Yunsung, and Talim with unafraid arms. Maxi and Cassandra looked at each other, guessing their fate. With a war cry, Maxi ran forth, aiming towards Nightmare, who dodged the blow easily.

Yunsung ran along the wall and placed a neat slit in Kilik's side, followed by Talim's wind blades piercing him in his vulnerable back, silencing him into darkness. Yunsung closed his eyes and gave a short prayer, then grabbed his sword to block an attack from Seung Mina.

Maxi danced with Nightmare, taking blow after blow head on. Nightmare's power proved to be too great combined with the souls of his friends. Cassandra grabbed Ivy's throat throwing her to the wall, and slashed her sword aimlessly, blinded by hatred. Finally slicing Ivy's neck, she moved onto Raphael who blocked every one of her attacks, and gracefully sliced her shirt, her chest falling out. In horror, she hugged her chest, Raphael taking advantage and cutting her arms.

Talim looked at Seung Mina pitifully and almost asked if she would give up. Her answer was apparently no, as she nearly slit Talim's defined stomach. Jumping back, Talim swung her crescent shaped blades, striking nothing but air. Seung Mina's leg struck out and hit Talim's shin, Talim grabbing it and hopping to the ground, vulnerable. With a dazed look in her eyes, Seung Mina raised her sword high, ready to strike. Suddenly though, Seung Mina dubbed over, heaving. Yunsung stood over Seung Mina's limp body, White thunder wet with blood.

Suddenly Mina grabbed Yunsung's pant leg, eyes struggling to return to the beautiful brown they were before. Yunsung stared in horror at his struggling friend.

"Yunsung..." Mina whispered, before her brown eyes turned lifeless. A single drop of water fell upon her face. Talim traced to where the water had fallen and saw Yunsung's face, cringed with pain. Suddenly he opened his eyes and whirled around, facing the son of a bitch who started all of this grief.

"BASTARD!" Yunsung yelled, pushing Maxi aside to take his own furious swings at Nightmare.

Piercing Raphael's stomach with her bloody sword, Cassandra whirled around, and was suddenly bombarded by Maxi who was flung into her.

"I think Yunsung is confused about which side he's on." Cassandra helped Maxi up and swallowed, pointing to Seung Mina's limp body over near Talim. Maxi shook his head, and looked at Cassandra, who mirrored his expression. Xianghua soon fell to Yunsung's furious blade, the wounds from Nightmare obviously not impairing his performance. Sophitia suddenly sprung on Cassandra, Astaroth on Maxi, battling for life.

Talim gawked at Yunsung's anger towards Nightmare, and let her wind blades fall down by her sides. A furious ninja scream came from above her, blades aimed to kill. Maxi and Cassandra, spun their heads, shouting words of caution to Talim, Talim unaware. Yunsung turned swiftly, seeing Taki's daggers almost in slow motion. He ran to Talim with his last remaining strength and blocked Taki's daggers. Talim finally spun around and stared, Yunsung's dark blood, dropping from his weak body. Talim caught his heaving chest and put him gently on the ground, the shock not settling in. Taki flipped her ninja blades in her hands and put them back in their sheaths, satisfied.

Yunsung's breaths came ragged; he clutched his chest, feeling the deep welts. Talim stared at her lover, eyes wide, unbelieving. Yunsung looked up at her turning his head very slowly, to reach out to touch her face. Suddenly she seemed so far away.


"Here! I'm... right here..."

"I...c...can't see you..." Yunsung's shuddered involuntarily, reaching out and finally touching her face.

Maxi stopped dead in his tracks, seeing Yunsung's body fight to stay alive.

"Yunsung! YUNSUNG!" Cassandra called, desperately trying to run to him, but stopped by her possessed sister. Maxi gaped at the wound in his friend's chest, unbelieving.

"Get him out of here Talim!! Get him away!" Maxi yelled. A loud irritating laugh answered him.

"Only one will be revered, worshiped, hated, loved, and feared!" Nightmare laughed, his armor clanking against his skin as he walked to Yunsung. "One more soul... This will be the last soul I need to contribute to Lord Framal. Then he will be resurrected..."

"NEVER!" Cassandra yelled, throat cracking and full with sorrow.

"BASTARD!" Maxi yelled, finally knocking Astaroth to the ground.

"No...no...no..." Talim moaned over and over, stroking Yunsung's face, while Taki's evil laughter filled the room.

"Get him OUT!!!" Maxi yelled. Suddenly Talim sprung up onto her feet and grabbed Yunsung, forcing him to stand with her.

"Walk for me, please!..." Clutching the welts, trying to contain the blood, he stumbled along with Talim's help. Almost blinded by her tears, she led him, almost reaching the corner when Taki pounced on her neatly settling a slash through Yunsung's calf. With a shaking moan, Yunsung fell to the ground. Talim glared and with a rage she knew not she had, she screamed and dug her wind blade right into Taki's chest. She then straightened up, shoulder shaking slightly with fury.

Nightmare raised the soul edge over Yunsung's destitute body, and cackled. Talim screamed with rage and grabbed her wind blade from Taki's chest, aiming for Nightmare. Maxi raced to help her, and Cassandra did the same, running away from her sister.

Maxi ripped Nightmare's armor off his chest and Cassandra dug her sword into his skin. Nightmare swung his sword around mercilessly, flinging Maxi over to the wall. Talim made a deep gash down his chest and stomach, and Cassandra finally stuck her sword through his neck, almost finishing the sin. Nightmare fell to his knees, shaking like a mad man. Talim walked over to him and took one wind blade.

"THIS IS FOR YUNSUNG!" She yelled, and swiftly took his head off, the rest of his body falling to the ground as well.

"Talim..." A weak voice came from the ground. It was Yunsung. She dropped her weapons and ran to him. Maxi, Cassandra, and even Sophitia watched in silence.

"I'm sorry..."

"No! Yunsung, don't talk like that! We'll get you to a doctor. We'll save you!" Even as she said it, he closed his eyes and then opened them again slower. "Please don't die... Please! You can't leave me!.."

"Oh... yeah, I still owe you that... rain check, huh?" Talim laughed, though the tears were still falling down her face.

"I love you..." She whispered in his ear. Suddenly the wind blew strong, ruffling everyone's hair. Cassandra took Talim's hand and spun her around leading her around the corner. Maxi nodded at Cassandra and heaved Yunsung's body onto his shoulder, running as fast as he could.

A white ceiling was above. Blurry faces from around the room peered at him. A hush fell across the room. A red haired boy attempted to sit up, discovering that his stomach and chest were covered in white gauze. A cool hand touched his brow, pushing back red strands that fell across his eyes. Yunsung reached for the hand, and with what strength he had gained back, he grabbed the tiny hand and held it recognizing the fingers.


"Yun!" Talim reluctantly couldn't embrace him... she just smiled and planted a kiss on his cheek. Cassandra grabbed his hand and shook it.

"Welcome back!" He smiled at her and then looked around for Maxi.

"Where-?" He asked, straining himself.

"Outside..." Cassandra said.

"I need to talk to him."

"You need to get well," Talim argued. He looked at her for a second, and smiled.

"Help me up please," He said grasping her hand. Cassandra nodded and helped him to stand, Talim at his other side. Refusing more help, Yunsung turned the corner by himself seeing a blond haired man peering over the bridge into the water. In the water, Maxi saw a refection other then his own. He whirled around and saw Yunsung, his smile as broad as ever.

"You should be resting."

"Nah... You know me..." He smiled. Yunsung clasped his shoulder.

"You're stronger then I could ever be Yunsung. I envy you." Yunsung almost fell back in surprise.

"W-What?" Maxi nodded, smiling.

"I am at least five years your senior, and yet you are wiser then me in ways." Yunsung looked at him, his brown eyes wise and sad. Yunsung shook his head.

"What happened to Framal?... Was he resurrected?"

"No, he just needed your soul... And thank the Gods he did not get it. Nightmare is still out there... feeding off of innocent's souls... I feel as if I have not avenged my crew... I promised..."

"And you will. Maxi, you are not old. You have twenty years to become gray and old. Until then you can avenge your friends all you like..." He smiled. "I will avenge my friends also..." He said, thinking of Seung Mina.

"Yunsung." Maxi changed his tone. "I have heard... in the prophecy of the Soul Edge... If the blade dies... the souls it has stolen will return." Yunsung was silent, comprehending. He looked at Maxi, and gave a grim smile.

"You know what I do... The only question is will you come with me?" Maxi looked at Yunsung and corrected him.

"The only question is will the girls come with us?" Yunsung clapped a hand on Maxi's shoulder and walked into the building to tell the girls. Maxi hung back and looked into the water at his reflection. For the first time in a while, he smiled at the person he had become, the water mirroring him. He turned and ran to his friends.


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