The way I feel:

Chapter one: Rainy day:

It was a rainy day at number 4 privet drive, a raven haired boy was sitting at a window his face in his hands, crying, he had cried almost all days since he came back, it had only been a week since his godfather, the nearest thing to family he ever had, had disappeared trough some kind of arch in the ministry of magic.

'Why had it to be him?? Why have i been so stupid to think I could rescue him?? Its all my fault..' He could almost her the voices of his friends-its not your fault Harry, don't even think that- it was exactly this what they had written in the letters that they had sent to him. He looked around in the room, it was to dark to se specific things, but he could make out all of his stuff lying around the floor, when he hadn't been crying he had been angry at the world and let it fell his room. He had gotten some injuries from falling down books or paper cuts.

'This is it the happy live of Harry potter, the boy who lived.' he thought about what his live had been like, first he lost his parents then he had to fight his greatest enemy who killed one of his school members and.. His godfather. 'Sirius. what have I done!!!' he took up a book and threw it against a wall. He was raging and crying, when he heard a knock on his window. "Hi hedwig. How've you been girl??" hedwig was the only 'person' Harry was happy to see in this damned house, and she was his only friend in here.

He hastily untied the letter from her foot and began to read it.

Dear Harry,

I know that live isn't easy for you right now, I cant tell you I know how you fell, cause I don't, but I fell really sorry for you, I wont say that you should feel good, but please don't think its your fault, It isn't its his fault you know who I mean. Please don't depress yourself more than you already are.

Yours Ginny

'Wow I hadn't thought she would actually write to me, and she didn't even say she knows how I feel like Ron or 'mione did. I think I should write back..' with that he sat down and began to write.

~*~*~*~*~ The borrow: Ginny was sitting in the living room reading a book she had seen in London when she had been there with her family, Ron was sitting opposite her writing a letter to hermione, 'I wonder what he is writing to her' Ron suddenly looked up and glared at her, she couldn't hide her grin, "so what are you writing?? A love letter??" said Ginny while giggling "no" Ron said blushing "non of your business"

Ginny was giggling when hedwig flew in and sat down on her head. "Hi girl. How've you been??" hedwig nodded as if to say that she's been good. She untied the letter and saw Ron looking puzzled at her. "What??" she said to Ron. "Whys Harry writing to you??" Ginny's eyes darkened and she said" well you are not the only person who wrote to him, and Harry isn't only talking to you!!" with that she ran up to her room. "Girls.." Ron muttered under his breath.

She began to read the letter when she had lain down on her bed.

Dear Ginny,

Thanks for your letter; you are the first person who doesn't think that he/she knows what I feel like. I can't stop blaming me for his death, because it is. If I hadn't trusted the dream than he would still be alive, anyways thanks for trying to cheer me up but I don't think it will work, Ron and hermione have already tried, by the way tell Ron don't to write the same thing in all his letters, It is my fault, and I don't want everybody to try to convince me it wasn't, and I wont be happy when only a little time before my godfather died. Don't take this to emotional I am only fed up with everything right now. I have to end now, I am starting to cry again and I don't want to wash away the ink with tears. Yours Harry*the Harry is a washed away with tears*

'Oh no. Harry.' Ginny sat in her room and began to cry she didn't want Harry to feel such bad. Ron came in her room" Ginny.." he sat down beside her and pulled her into a brotherly hug. "What is it what has happened??" Ginny only pointed in the direction of the letter, and Ron began to read. When he finished he jumped up and said" I have to write to hermione we have to do something.anything."

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