Chapter 2: I can't escape

Harry sat in his room crying.again. He couldn't stop, he missed Sirius really much. He thought about all happy moments he had had with Sirius, it wasn't fair, why did every time he gets a family something bad happen to them?? He ran his fingers trough his hair, he didn't even try to stop crying he knew he couldn't, he had tried it often, but he just couldn't do it. He can't stop, even if tried not to think about anything that could lead to thinking about Sirius, something would bring him there.. He took up his transfigurations book and started to work on the essay professor McGonagall had given them over holiday. For some time e would think about something else, he read the theme that McGonagal had given them. "NO.NO. why had it to be this??" when Harry read the theme of the essay he became a shock, the essay he had to write was about animagi. "Not even in schoolwork I can escape." he threw the book in a corner and went to his bed, where he tried to sleep. It has only been 13 o'clock but he couldn't think of anything else he would like to do.

Harry woke up when he heard a sound from his window, He stood up and opened it and was nearly knocked out from pig flying in. "Hey calm down, pig" He grabbed the tinny owl and untied the letter, it was from Ginny.

Dear Harry,

I won't try to tell you that's not your fault again, well not jet. Sit down please. (Yeah sit down!!) -Harry did, as he was told- We ('mione Ron and myself) will come to your house tomorrow and will take you to London, Don't try to protest we are going to come anyway; there will be some Aurors around everywhere we go. Be ready by 10 o'clock.

Yours Ginny

Harry sighted slightly; he liked to be with his friends but now?? He didn't think it was a good idea. But he would go anyway, perhaps he could forget about last year door some time when he is with them. He went back to his bed after offering some owl threats and some water to pig, who was now sleeping in Hedwigs cage. He fell asleep soon after he had lain down, but it shouldn't be a good sleep.

Harry was rolling around in his bed, 'No please, leave them, its me you want. ' He whispered under his breath. He was dreaming, in his dream he was in a dark room with Voldemort and he could hear the screams of his friends, Voldemort was laughing, he tried top turn and help his friends but he couldnt move. "Let them got. LET THEM GO, LET THEM GO!!!!!!!!!!" "Harry!! Harry wake up!!!" Ron was shaking Harry's shoulder. Harry jumped up in bed, he was sweating all over, he saw crying Ginny in Hermiones arm standing in the door. "Harry your alright?" Ron had a worried look on his face. "Yeah its ok. Just a bad dream." Harry said while running his fingers trough his hair. "Just a dream?? Harry when its you that's not 'just a dream'. We should tell the Aurors" Ron stood up but Harry held him back," No Ron its ok, believe me it was just a bad dream." "Ok mate, you would tell me if something isn't right??" Ron looked at Harry full of concern. "Yeah I would, now I have to dress" Harry stood up and Ron brought the girls out of the room. 'Really good, I scared Ginny half to death and Ron is feeling like he has to protect me, real good.' Harry thought while putting on a jean and a t- shirt. ----Outside the room---- "That's not good." Ron looked at the ceiling thinking about something. "But Harry said it's alright!" Ginny said her voice shaking slightly. "He always does.. he always does." Hermione said while pacing up and down the corridor. "But." Ginny wanted to say something but she was cut of when Harry opened the door and stepped out. "Are you ready??" Harry said with a fake cheerish voice and a fake smile. "Yeah lets go!" Ginny said happily and dragged Hermione behind her.

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