-Upon Flaming Wings-


-Something happens to Pyro, because of Magneto. He loses his powers and is in the hospital for a little while. What'll happen when Amara is specially chosen to watch over him? Even when he returns to the institute? Contains Amara/St. John and Romy! How could I write a fic without Romy? *smiles* I couldn't.-


Amara Aquilla woke up, sweating. It was just a nightmare, she told herself sternly. She looked around her room. Silver moonlight poured through the billowing curtains. Her heart pounded, despite her frantic attempts to calm herself down. The chill air sliced through the open window and made her shiver slightly, not out of coldness, but out of slight fear. She bit her lip and pulled her legs up to her chest. Her brown eyes widened when she heard a noise. It was Logan, out wandering the halls. He normally patrolled in the early morning and late at night. He knocked on her door.

"Everythin' okay in here?" He opened it and peered in. "I heard ya scream." She nodded and tried to relax.

"Fine." She paused. "It was just a nightmare." He stared at her then closed the door, patrolling once again.


"What?" Amara asked, her eyes going wide. She stared at Professor Xavier. "Why me?"

"Well because your powers are much more similar to his. Listen, Amara, I know this is a shock but you have to understand. Gambit told me that he had lost his powers." The professor sighed. "Magneto has to be stopped. Your only job is to take care of St. John."

"Well.. I suppose I could.." She said quietly. Xavier smiled.

"Don't worry, Amara." He dismissed her and she went up to her room. It was still raining and had been all morning. The soft, light drizzle was now a steady downpour. She sat on her bed and stared out the balcony doors.

"What have I gotten myself into?"


Amara walked through the wet streets. She held the note the professor had given her to give to Gambit and Piotr. She got to the hospital and walked in, going to a woman at the desk.

"Can you tell me what room St. John Allerdyce is in, please?" She asked timidly. The woman at the desk looked up at her.

"You must be Amara, hm? Yes, his room is 5B." Amara nodded and said a quiet 'thank you'. The professor had called and told her to make certain that Amara be allowed in the room. She found the room with little difficulty and rested her hand on the doorknob. She pushed it open slightly and peered in. There were two men in there. One was standing and leaning against the wall, and the other was sitting down. She took a deep breath and walked in, knocking quietly as she went.

"Hm?" She saw them turn and look at her. She bit her lip and prepared to speak. Her voice caught in her throat. She fit names with the person, instead.

Gambit was tall and lean, well-built and looked strong. He had a cold gaze and his red-on-black eyes made her shiver. He looked intellegant and battle-smart. A long trench coat flowed down him, to his feet. Under it, he wore his normal outfit, which was a tight black suit with his belt and finger-less gloves.

Piotr was cold, emotionless. His eyes were like dark voids, ready to suck her in. She could clearly see intellect and intellegance in those voids. He seemed to have a wisdom that didn't seem to fit his age.

Her sights turned to the hospital bed. Her vision blurred. A pale, unconscious man laid there limply. He was hooked up to machines and IVs, that connected to his arms. That must be St. John, she thought to herself. She had never met him personally but she could almost feel his pain radiating off him.

"Bonjour, fille. What can we d' fo' y'?" She turned and saw Gambit narrow his eyes at her. He seemed very polite and well-mannered.

"My name is Amara and Professor Xavier sent me to take care of St. John." Gambit watched as she held the note out to him. "This is for both of you. He wants you to read it and go to talk to him immediately." He took the note and looked at Piotr, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, Remy will read it. Merci, petite." He pushed himself off the wall and walked to the door. Piotr got up and walked out. Gambit stopped and looked back at her. "Take good care o' him fo' Remy." She gave him a small smile and nodded. He left and closed the door behind him. She looked back at St. John.

"What am I supposed to do?" She whispered to him. She reached out and touched his forehead. She withdrew her grasp with a startled cry. He had a fever. She ran out and pulled a nurse toward the room. The nurse only connected another IV to him. Then she turned around and looked at her.

"I found this in his pocket." She handed Amara a silver lighter. She stared at it after the nurse left. She saw something engraved on it. It said:

'St. John Allerdyce'

And underneath it, it said:



Amara opened her eyes and yawned. She sat up and her eyes widened. Her neck and back were sore and she was sleeping on two chairs that were pulled together. The sun shone through the window and she glanced at a clock. The phone started to ring and she jumped, startled at the sudden noise. She picked it up and was thankful that it didn't wake St. John.

"H-Hello?" She asked hesitantly.

"Amara, how is he doing?" She looked over and saw that a little bit of his complexion had returned.

"He looks fine right now. He had a fever yesterday." She said quietly.

"I see. Well, call us if anything happens. I called the school and told them that you would not be present today." Professor Xavier said and she bit her lip. They talked for a few minutes more and he told her that Gambit and Piotr had arrived. She set the phone back in the cradle and sighed, leaning back in her chair. She had a task and she would carry it out. She leaned over and pulled her chair closer to the bed. She rested her hand on his forehead. He was at a normal temperature. Then she felt a hand on hers. He was staring at her with eyes as green as emeralds. She gasped but couldn't move.

"St. John.." She whispered. His hair was like flames. Orange as bright as a flame. His breathing quickened. He pulled her hand down and held it in his.

"Warm.. Fire.." He gazed at her and she bit her lip. "My power.." She saw the desperation in his eyes, heard it in his voice.

"What happened?" She asked softly. He closed his eyes then opened them.

"Magneto.. He gave me an injection.." He winced and shifted into a more comfortable position. He was still in pain. "Sabretooth attacked me.." She picked up the phone, pulling her hand from him.

"Mr. Logan!" She exclaimed. "Hurry! I found out--" There was a click on the other end. She put her hand on his face and he pulled her into his lap. He wanted as much of her warmth, her fire, her power as he could get. They were still like that when Logan and the professor came in.

"What's the problem?" Logan asked. He blinked, staring.

"Magneto gave him an injection.." Amara started. The professor wheeled over.

"Just relax." He reached out with his mind. John's eyes widened when he saw all the memories of his loss taking place. Amara got the dose too, being so close to him. When they ended, Amara was dizzy. John passed out. The professor went to the doctor and told him that John was well enough to get out. He used some telepathy to convince him and they came in. The doctor agreed and let them leave.


Amara picked at her dinner. She still had that tingling feeling from when John had held her. Ororo stared at her in concern.

"What is wrong, Child?" Rogue looked up from her dinner, too bored of eating to focus on food. They were literally trying to stuff her. She was interested now.

"Nothing." Amara paused and hid her face in her bangs. "Just that I'm worried about St. John. I mean, he looked so helpless when he woke up. So desperate.."

"What happened to Pyro?" Rogue asked, standing up. She slammed her hand, palm down, on the table.

"Magneto stole his powers.. or something like that. Mr. McCoy and Professor Xavier are down there trying to figure out exactly what he did." Amara answered. She was shaking and her eyes were wide. "He was so scared.." She wrapped her arms around herself. "Then he was beaten by Sabretooth.. Magneto wanted him.. dead." The last word was whispered and the kitchen went silent. Only Rogue, Ororo, Logan, and Gambit, who just walked in, were in there.

"What?" Gambit's eyes were wide. He stared at her.

"He held me.. so close. He felt my power. He felt the heat of my power. He felt the fire." She looked up at them. Her eyes became watery. "Excuse me." She stood up and ran out of the room. Everyone looked at each other worriedly. Gambit looked at Rogue. She could see the concern in his eyes. She felt so bad for him, though she wouldn't admit it.


Amara sunk into her chair. She opened her book. Yesterday, they had brought John to the institute. She looked out the window. How was she supposed to concentrate? School was so boring and she had other more important things to worry about. Mostly, if she was going to pass the test from Logan. He was giving them individual training sessions. One hour in the Danger Room to see how well they did. Then they were going to learn from Scott and Jean about team work. Tabitha came in, listening to her walkman and dancing around.

"Hey Tabby!" Amara said with a smile. Tabitha plopped her books down and turned her walkman off. She sat down on Amara's desk.

"Hey Amara!" She said with a smile. She winked at a boy that walked by her. "What's up at the institute?"

"Nothing really." Amara lied. She really didn't feel like telling Tabitha about Pyro. Pyro. She smiled. That name suited him so well. And would fit even better if he had his powers.

"Hm. Boring old sessions?"

"They have been everything but boring." Amara stated. "With Mr. Logan, nothing is very boring." Tabitha laughed.

"Is he still the same hard core teacher? Well, all the better I suppose. You'll be stronger before you know it, then." She said with a sigh. "I just slacked off. It was all still too high maintenance for me."


Sighing, Kitty phased through the door and dropped her bookbag on the floor. Rogue opened the door and walked over to her bed, collapsing.

"School officially sucks."

"Why?" Kitty asked with a small smile. She knew Rogue hated school. Mostly because of mutant haters making their lives worse, but also because school in general sucked.

"Ah have a damn project, not ta mention the test from Logan today." Kitty gasped.

"Ohmigod! I totally forgot! Train with me!"

"No way." Kitty crossed her arms then ran from the room, phasing through the door. She went to Amara.

"Please train with me before Mr. Logan's test! I totally forgot and I need to pass." She frantically started talking the speed of light until she noticed that Amara was in her X-uniform. "Like, thank you so much!"

"No problem. I need to go over a few things. Come on, hurry up and change." Kitty nodded, changing while Amara waited for her in the Danger Room.

"Like, ready!" Kitty burst into the room to find Gambit and Amara talking. She gave them both a confused look. She blinked at them.

"Gambit is going to train us. He said that Mr. Logan asked him to help with the test today." Amara said with a smile. Kitty grinned and hugged Gambit.

"Like, thanks!" She smiled widely. The doors opened and Rogue came in. She scowled and crossed her arms. "Rogue? What are you, like, doing here?"

"Ah'm here ta train, Kit. What does it look like?" She seemed to be in an awfully cranky mood.

"Well den, shall Remy begin de training?"


Kitty sighed and rubbed her sore legs. Amara groaned and tried to get the soreness out of her muscles. Rogue was still in there with Gambit. Amara sighed and leaned limply against the wall.

"Time to begin, kids." Logan said, walking over to them. They looked up at him and moaned.

"Aww.. but.. Mr. Logan!" Kitty protested. "We were just training for, like, three hours!"

"Good, now get up." He crossed his arms and glared at them. Amara wordlessly got up and walked back in, along with an upset Kitty, dragging her feet behind her. Gambit was leaning against the wall and Rogue stopped training, looking back at them. She blinked. "Time to get the test ready, Gumbo. Come on." Gambit nodded, pushing himself off the wall and followed after Logan.

"Well, like, at least I tried to train."

"It shouldn't be all that hard.." Amara said quietly. The other two girls stared at her.

"This is LOGAN we're talkin' 'bout." Rogue muttered.


Amara, Kitty, Rogue, and the others sat there waiting for the results. Amara thought she literally failed it. She was breathing hard after only five minutes. Kitty was almost sound asleep.

"We've decided who passed and who failed." Logan came out and narrowed his eyes at them. "No letters or numbers, you either passed or failed." He looked down at the clipboard in his hands. "Half-pint, you passed. Amara, passed. Stripes, passed. Rahne, passed." He looked back up. "Elf, passed. The rest of ya failed." Bobby and Jubilee gave him incredulous looks. Jamie just shrugged. Ray raised his eyebrow.

"I, like, passed!" Kitty cheered. She smiled widely and ran out of the room. Evan frowned. He hadn't passed any of Logan's tests so far.

"Those that failed, you're takin' a harder one tomorrow." Those who failed groaned and left, dragging their feet. All except for Jamie. Amara figured that since she was down there, she might as well visit Pyro. She looked through the window then went in when she saw that no one else was in there.


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