Teen Titans/Yu Yu Hakusho: "Titanic Spirits" Chapter 1: "Titans and Detectives"

Disclaimer: Teen Titans, both the various comic incarnations and the current animated series, do not belong to me. Yu Yu Hakusho, both the manga and the animé, do not belong to me.

Author's notes: My friend Lady Hikari and I have long fantasized about a meeting between the Titans and Reikai Tantei. Lady Hikari believes that Hiei would be a good boyfriend for Raven, given that both of them are dark, demonic, and broody. After a while, I was converted to the same mode of thinking. That's the foundation of this crossover, and also, Lady Hikari and I worked out the plot and details for this story together.

Also, this is going to be NC-17 for an upcoming lemon scene. For now, it teeters between PG-13 and R.

Timeline: For Teen Titans, after season 1. For Yu Yu Hakusho, after the Dark Tournament. I haven't seen any YYH episodes after the end of the Dark Tournament; hell, I haven't even seen the end of the Dark Tournament itself yet, but I already know how it's going to end. Besides, everything else afterward gets a bit confusing for me.

Today was an ordinary day for the Teen Titans. Robin and Starfire sat in the living room, Beastboy and Cyborg were playing videogames, and Raven was in her room, supposedly meditating.

"I am worried about Raven, Robin," Starfire said.

"Why?" Robin asked.

"She has been more withdrawn than usual, and the last time I tried to speak to her, she yelled, 'Leave me the hell alone,'" Starfire replied.

Robin raised an eyebrow underneath his mask. "Raven actually lost her temper with you?"

"Yes," Starfire replied. "It is very unusual, coming from her. I fear something is drastically wrong with her."

"Maybe I should try to talk to her," Robin said. He stood up and went to the door to Raven's room. He knocked. "Raven? Are you in there?"

"Go away," the dark monotone voice replied on the other end.

"Raven, what's wrong?" Robin asked.

The door slit open, and Robin could see glowing red eyes on the other side, set in an ashen gray face that had a mouthful of fangs.

"I said . . . GO AWAY!" Raven shouted, her voice not even human anymore.

"Ok . . . I'll go . . ." Robin said and departed.

Cyborg and Beastboy joined Robin and Starfire in the living room. "What's up with Raven?" Cyborg asked.

"We do not know," Starfire replied.

"Probably PMSing," Beastboy said.

"What does it mean, 'PMSing'?" Starfire asked in that cutely innocent voice that Robin utterly adored.

Robin looked aghast, then glared at Beastboy.

"What?" Beastboy asked.

Robin sighed. "PMS means 'premenstrual syndrome.' The only thing I actually know about it, being that I'm not female, is that girls get kinda irritable during that period."

"Oh," Starfire said. "We have something like that on Tamaran, but I do not believe it has the same name."

Suddenly, there was an alert flashing on the monitor of the giant computer.

"It's Inferno!" Robin shouted. (A/N: "Inferno" is a completely original villain, not one already present in the DC comics or animated universe.)

[Insert Japanese TT theme song]

By the time the Titans reached the downtown plaza, fires were already everywhere.

"There he is!" Robin shouted. He leaped at Inferno, a man with spiked crimson hair and golden eyes, and somersaulted for a flying kick.

Inferno's only response was to generate a wave of fire that sent Robin flying back, and singed the bare skin of his arms.

Starfire flew at him, firing starbolts. Inferno dodged each and every one of them, then shot fireballs back at her.

Beastboy turned himself into a Komodo dragon and leaped on Inferno. The aforementioned pyrokinetic generated a flaming aura that threw Beastboy off him. The breath knocked out of him, Beastboy returned to human shape.

Cyborg shifted his arm into plasma cannon mode and fired plasma blasts at Inferno. Inferno dodged and created a flaming bird that swooped down on Cyborg and clutched him within its talons.

"Not a good idea to be made out of metal," Inferno mocked, "especially since even the toughest metals melt when the surrounding environment is hot enough!"

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven shouted, using her shadow-telekinetic powers to douse the flaming bird. Cyborg was soon caught by Raven's telekinetic grip and gently lowered to the ground.

"Thanks, Raven," Cyborg said.

"You're welcome," Raven replied. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" She levitated a minivan and motorcycle at Inferno, but both melted under the heat of his flames. Then she herself felt the "flames of hell" as Inferno shot a barrage of fireballs at her.

Inferno stalked toward her. "Ready to give up yet?"

Raven felt it inside her, rising, boiling. "Don't come any closer," she warned, her face turned away from him.

Inferno charged up a fireball and took two more steps.

"Fool," she snarled and with a hideous roar, she whirled to face him, eyes glowing red and fangs replacing her teeth. Shadows surrounded her, levitating her high above Inferno. The shadows extended from beneath her cloak and wrapped around Inferno, clutching him.

Inferno charged up his flames, but they were smothered by the cold darkness.

"What's the matter?" Raven asked, her voice inhuman and cold. "Do these shadows frighten you?" A tendril of darkness extended and sharpened into a stiletto point.

"Raven!" Beastboy shouted. "Snap out of it!"

"Yeah!" Cyborg agreed. "You can do it! Don't let it win!"

Raven glared down at Inferno with cold blood-red eyes. "You like fire so much? Where you're going, there's always fire."

Then the shadow-stiletto pierced Inferno through the chest and emerged out of his back.

"Raven! No!" Starfire shouted, dismayed.

It was that which finally snapped Raven out of it. The shadows retreated, returning Raven to her normal height and the blood-red glow faded from her eyes, revealing confused violet orbs. She looked down at Inferno with an expression resembling horror.

Robin rushed over to Inferno. "He's dead."

"I did this?" Raven asked, disbelieving.

"Yeah," Robin replied, his voice tinged with shock and horror, but surprisingly enough, no anger. Not toward Raven at least.

"Aw, man," Beastboy said. "Raven, what did you do to him?"

Raven turned to Beastboy and growled, her eyes turning red again.

It was then that a sinister voice chuckled.

"Who's there?!" Robin asked, Birdarang in hand.

An impossibly tall figure walked towards the Titans. As he got closer, they could see that his skin was red, his hair was silver, and he had four golden eyes where two should be. Not to mention that his only concealing garment was a loincloth.

"Not you . . ." Raven uttered, her voice filled with a mixture of anger, hatred, repulsion, and slight terror.

"Yes, it is I, my beloved daughter," Trigon said. "How I have missed you."

"And I have not missed you at all," Raven replied.

"So you are Raven's father," Starfire said. "I wish I could say it is nice to meet you, but knowing of your terrible deeds, I cannot."

"So Raven has told you about me," Trigon said.

Robin was utterly confused. "You're Raven's father?"

"Old news to us," Cyborg said, referring to himself and Beastboy.

"Yes, I am," Trigon confirmed. "And I am the one who can tell you what is behind Raven's recent mood swings."

"What?" Robin asked.

"You see, demons and humans are both capable of reproducing," Trigon explained, "but the circumstances preceding demonic reproduction and human reproduction are subtly different. Humans have fertility cycles, in other words, it is once every month they are able to conceive. Demons are somewhat different. Instead of fertility cycles, we have mating cycles. Once demons have sufficiently matured, their instincts are focused on finding suitable mates. The hormonal increase, as you humans would call it, makes them more aggressive and violent, as you've undoubtedly seen with Raven."

"If Raven finds her mate, will she become pregnant after they have sexual intercourse?" Starfire asked.

"It is possible she will, and possible that she won't," Trigon replied. "After all, a mating cycle is a mating cycle, though female demons may sometimes be fertile during one particular cycle or another. It all depends on the woman herself. Oh, one more thing."

"What?" Robin asked.

"A demon's mating cycle will lead him or her only to a specific person," Trigon replied. "Good-bye." He vanished.

[Insert YYH theme song]

In Sarayashiki, Japan

Yusuke Urameshi, juvenile delinquent and badass Spirit Detective extraordinaire, was currently on his way to Genkai's home in the mountains. Idly, to himself, he wondered just what the hell the old bat wanted him for.

When he got there, he found Kurama, Kazuma Kuwabara, Botan, Yukina, and a teenage Koenma already there.

"So what are we all doing here?" Yusuke asked. "And shouldn't Hiei be here, too?"

"Hiei is here," a female voice, familiar but softer than he remembered, replied. "It's just that he is currently . . . indisposed."

"Genkai?" Yusuke asked, turning to the owner of that voice.

It was Genkai, and yet not Genkai. Specifically, it was not the petite old woman he had met shortly after his first mission as Spirit Detective, but the petite and beautiful young woman he had first glimpsed in the Dark Tournament. Of course, both women were the same person, but the only way Genkai had been able to revert to her younger form had been to utilize the maximum potential of her rei-ki (spirit energy). After Genkai had granted Yusuke the power of her Spirit Wave Orb, she had been too weak to revert to her youthful self.

So how had she done it?

"Surprised, dimwit?" the pink-haired vision in front of him asked.

"Yeah, I am," Yusuke replied. "How the hell did you get back to being 'hot, young Genkai'?"

Koenma had the dignity to look embarrassed at Yusuke's appropriation of the phrase he had used when explaining to Jorge (blue-skinned ogre servant) about the young and old Genkai.

"It's simple," Genkai replied. "For the particular mission we are about to undertake, Koenma decided that your best chance of succeeding would be having me restored to full strength, to the strength I had as a young woman. So he revitalized my rei-ki in such a way that it caused my cells to revert to their younger form."

"What's the mission?" Yusuke asked.

"A powerful demon named Trigon is plotting to take over the Reikai and this world," Koenma replied. "You'll be acting to stop him, of course. And there's something else."

"What?" Yusuke asked. "What the hell else is there?"

"The real reason why Hiei is not present," Botan replied. "Just last night, Hiei began his mating cycle. He became extremely aggressive and violent, so we had to lock him inside a warded room."

"So?" Yusuke asked. "What's that got to do with anything?"

"You'll be traveling to a city in the United States of America," Botan replied. "Trigon and his forces will be planning to strike there. You'll also find some people who can help you."

"But we'll have to get Hiei out if we wanna go, right?" Yusuke asked.

"Yes," Botan replied.

"You sure the evil little shrimp won't kill us all as soon as we let him out?" Kuwabara asked.

"You don't need to worry about that," Kurama replied. "Hiei has surely reined himself in by now."

"All right . . ." Kuwabara conceded. He summoned his Spirit Sword. "But I'm gonna have this ready in case he goes psycho on us."

"If it comforts you to do so, then it is fine," Kurama said.

"Don't worry, Kazuma," Yukina said. "Hiei won't hurt you."

"Aw, Yukina, I know he won't hurt me," Kuwabara replied, a goofy smile on his face.

Yusuke, Kurama, Kuwabara, Genkai, Botan, Yukina, and Koenma went to the room where Genkai had imprisoned Hiei.

"Hiei," Genkai said.

"Yes, Genkai?" a cold male voice replied on the other end.

"We're about to leave," Genkai replied. "I'm certain you already know."

"Yes, I know," Hiei replied.

"Are you ready?" Genkai asked.

"Quite," Hiei sneered. "Now may I be released?"

"Certainly," Genkai replied. She opened the door, and Hiei stepped through it.

He smirked at Kuwabara. "Drop the sword, fool. I'm not going to waste my time tearing your entrails out."

"What?!" Kuwabara shouted. "Now you think you're too good to fight me?! Put 'em up, you evil little shrimp!"

The cold smirk remained on Hiei's face. "Like I said, I'm not going to waste my time tearing your entrails out."

Yukina stepped between the two. "Please stop, both of you."

The cold arrogance faded from Hiei's eyes, replaced with cool remorse. Kuwabara relaxed, and you could tell by his eyes that he was still mad but didn't want to push it.

"All right, Yukina," Hiei said, his voice kind --- an unusual thing for someone like him. Then he turned to Koenma. "When do we leave?"

"I already booked a flight to America online," Botan replied. "It'll be ready for us tomorrow morning."

"There's an eleven-hour difference between our time zone and eastern United States' standard time," Kurama said. "When we arrive, it'll already be well into nighttime."

"All right," Yusuke said. "I can hit the local clubs and get to partying with some hot American girls."

"Urameshi!" Kuwabara shouted. "I thought Keiko was your girlfriend!"

Yusuke just stared. "I didn't say I was actually going to sleep with any of them, dumbass! I'd never do that to Keiko! Flirting and a dance here and there is one thing. Screwing them is something else!"

"Alright, alright already!" Kuwabara shouted. "I'm sorry; I took it wrong!"

"Let's go, already," Yusuke said.

It was nightfall when they finally arrived in the United States. Immediately, they found a bus that would get them close enough to the home of Teen Titans. Then they walked the rest of the way.

"Great," Yusuke said. "Their place is on an island."

"Their home is shaped like a T," Kuwabara remarked. "Pretty weird, but cool."

Hiei just smiled. Yes, she's close.

"How the fuck are we supposed to get across?" Yusuke asked.

"Like this," Genkai replied. She channeled her rei-ki into her finger and pointed it at the ground. Then she fired.

The wave of spirit energy pierced the water and struck the ground, splitting the water so that it left an uninterrupted path to Titans Tower. Yukina concentrated her yoh-ki (demon energy) and created frozen walls on either side of the bare earth uncovered by Genkai's attack, holding the parted waters back.

"Cool," Yusuke said. "Just one problem: Do you expect us to climb up to the Tower?"

"Is that a problem, slacker?" Genkai asked.

Yusuke grumbled. "No."

"Then get moving," Genkai said.

So the Spirit Detectives walked up the path until they reached the island that Titans Tower stood on. Yusuke and Kuwabara climbed up, while Hiei simply landed on the island with a blindingly quick and agile leap.

"Spirit Sword, extend!" Kuwabara shouted, extending his Spirit Sword until it reached the ground where the others still were. "Climb up!"

Yukina went first, followed by Botan and Genkai. Kurama and Koenma waited until they had climbed up, then climbed up themselves. Kuwabara retracted the Spirit Sword.

Yusuke walked up to the door of the T-shaped tower and knocked. The door was soon answered by a boy who was about Yusuke's age, if not a year or two older. The boy was dressed in a red T-shirt with green sleeves, green gloves, green pants, a gold belt, black boots, a yellow-lined black cape, and last of all, a white-eyed black mask.

"Hi," the boy said. "And you would be?"

"I'm Yusuke Urameshi, worst punk in all of Sarayashiki," Yusuke replied.

"I'm Kazuma Kuwabara, the true worst punk in all of Sarayashiki," Kuwabara interjected.

"Please," Yusuke snorted. "I could kick your ass any day of the week."

"Oh, yeah, Urameshi?!" Kuwabara challenged.

"Yeah!" Yusuke asserted.

The masked boy just stared at them, his expression unreadable. Of course, he was wearing a mask so no one could tell what he was thinking or feeling.

"Ok," he said. "I'm Robin."

"Robin," Yusuke echoed.

"That sounds like a girl's name," Kuwabara snorted.

"Please do not insult Robin's name," a gentle female voice said. "It is a symbol of swiftness and joy and that is why he chose it."

Yusuke and Kuwabara looked for the source of that voice and saw a girl with long red hair, big green eyes and golden/orange-tan skin, dressed in a lavender top that only covered her breasts and a miniskirt and thigh-high boots of the same color.

One thought dominated the minds of both boys.

She's hot.

"Greetings," the redhead said. "Do you wish to enter?"

"Yeah, we'd like to come in," Yusuke said, attempting to conceal his roving eyes.

Kuwabara elbowed him. "Quit staring, Urameshi. You already have a girlfriend."

"So do you," Yusuke replied in a low voice.

Kuwabara got the point and decided he'd be better off shutting up.

"Then by all means, enter," the redhead said. "As the Earth people say, 'My house is your house.'"

"Ok," Yusuke said. "Thanks."

"You are welcome," the redhead said.

"Uh, you don't mind if our friends come in, too, do you?" Kuwabara asked.

"No, I would not mind at all," the redhead replied. "As they say, 'the more, the merrier.'"

So Yusuke-tachi (A/N: That's Japanese for "Yusuke and everyone with him") entered the T-shaped tower.

"Nice crib you got here," Yusuke commented.

"Yeah, it's cool, isn't it?" a green-furred boy dressed in black with fuchsia running down the center of his shirt and what looked like fuchsia shorts over black pants. "We got the coolest games, and the most awesome computer in the world!"

"Speaking of games," said a tall, muscular boy with metal everywhere on his body, including a cybernetic red eye where his left one should have been, "I keep kicking your ass in every one we play."

"I've just had an unlucky streak lately," the green boy said. "But you should know by now, Cy, every dog has his day." He demonstrated this by turning into a golden retriever. Ironically enough, no one had ever seen a golden retriever that was green before.

"You really must improve your shape-shifting techniques," Hiei sneered. "You're still the same color you were in your human form."

The green changeling just growled at Hiei and changed back.

"Dude, what's your damage?" he asked.

"That's the same question I've been bashing my head over," Kuwabara muttered.

Hiei smirked. "It's not a wise idea to bash your head, fool. You might lose even more brain cells that way, and that's assuming you had brain cells to begin with, which I seriously doubt."

Kuwabara summoned his Spirit Sword. "You wanna start something, you punk?!"

The smirk remained on Hiei's face. "Why should I waste my time on you? It's a known fact that you're the weakest fighter on our little team. Hell, you don't even know how to use your Spirit Sword."

Yukina and the redhead got between the two. "Please stop," the redhead said. "Enough with the mean-talking."

"I know you two don't get along, but please try to be civil," Yukina added. She looked them both in the eye. "Please?"

The hostile expressions on Kuwabara's and Hiei's faces melted once they saw Yukina's pleading expression.

"All right," Kuwabara said. "I'll try to keep a cooler head."

"And I'll try to tolerate him," Hiei said.

"Glorious!" the redhead cheered. "There is only one way to truly facilitate the end of hostilities. A hug!"

Kuwabara and Hiei paled in horror. "A hug?" Kuwabara echoed.

"Hug?" Hiei echoed. "Him? I would sooner allow him to marry Yukina than hug him."

"Yukina, will you ---" Kuwabara started to say, but Hiei interrupted him with a fierce hug. Kuwabara began to gasp for breath. "Are you trying to suffocate me, Hiei?!"

"Hiei, please be gentle with him," the redhead advised. "I understand you harbor deep affection for him, but you must hold yourself in check."

Hiei let go, his ashen face turning even paler.

"I suppose we should all introduce ourselves to each other," the redhead said. "You have already met Robin, our leader. I am Starfire. The other three occupants of this tower are Beastboy ---" the animal-morpher said "Wassup?" in acknowledgement --- "Cyborg" --- the half-robotic boy said "Hey," prompted by his name --- "and Raven, who is ---"

"Right here," a dark, feminine monotone finished.

Everyone turned to see a petite, purple-haired girl with violet eyes dressed in an indigo cloak over a black leotard that left ashen gray but shapely legs exposed. Also, she wore a gold chain belt loosely on her hips, which certain hormonal teen Spirit Detectives noticed were quite curvy.

"Ah, you are here, Raven," Starfire said cheerfully. "I thought you were in your room meditating."

"I was," Raven replied. "I only came down to see our guests."

"I'm Kazuma Kuwabara, worst punk in all of Sarayashiki Junior High," Kuwabara declared.

Yusuke snorted. "Forgive my friend, but he's delusional. I'm Yusuke Urameshi, the much, much, much worse punk of that school."

The others introduced themselves as well.

Then, Hiei's blood red eyes happened to make contact with Raven's violet eyes. The feeling upon eye contact was like an electric current.

"So what brings you here?" Robin asked.

"Trigon," Koenma replied.

"Excuse me," Starfire said. "I do not wish to be rude, but I believe that on this planet, only babies keep pacifiers in their mouths."

Koenma just sighed. "I kinda need this pacifier. It's my power source." Then with a poof, he returned to his infant/toddler form.

That was a bad idea, as Starfire picked him up and hugged him. "Oh, how adorable!"

Raven just sweat-dropped, while the Titan boys erupted into snickers.

Koenma just glared at them over Starfire's shoulder. "Excuse me, but I am prince of the Spirit World, so you should show a little more respect. As I was about to explain to this wonderful young lady before you interrupted with your laughter, I could stay in this form to conserve energy. The only reason I appeared to you in my teenage form is because people tend to take me more seriously like that."

Starfire looked distressed. "Please apologize to Koenma. I believe you hurt his feelings when you laughed at him."

"I'm sorry, Koenma," Robin said, depressed that he made Starfire upset with him.

"We're sorry, too," Beastboy and Cyborg said.

Koenma did not pay much attention, as he was too busy nestling himself on Starfire's breasts.

"Sly little pervert," Botan muttered.

Robin just glared at Koenma. You couldn't tell he was glaring through his mask-covered eyes, but you could tell in his body language and the way his jaw was set that he was not very pleased by Koenma putting the moves on his girl.

My girl? Robin thought. Starfire's not actually my girl . . . Damn. I gotta stop watching all those gangster movies.

As much as Koenma enjoyed laying his head on Starfire's breasts, even he realized when it was time to get serious. "Starfire, may you please release me?" he asked.

"Of course," Starfire said and let go of him. Koenma instantly reverted to his teenage form.

"Now what about my father?" Raven inquired.

"You mean Trigon?" Koenma asked. He caught the "Of course, you moron" look she sent him. "We're here to help you stop him from taking over Earth and the Spirit World."

"What would he want with the Spirit World?" Cyborg asked.

"There are four worlds," Koenma explained. "This world is known as the Ningenkai, or the world of humans. The world Botan and I come from is known as the Reikai, or the Spirit World. The world that Kurama and Hiei are native to is the Makai, or the world of demons. The fourth world is the Meikai, or netherworld. It is where the souls of the dead and demons banished from the Makai reside."

"Thanks for the interdimensional geography lesson," Cyborg said. "But that still doesn't tell us what the hell Trigon wants."

"He wants to bring Makai, Reikai, and Ningenkai under his heel," Botan summarized.

"Why not go after Meikai, too?" Beastboy asked. "Y'know, just to get 'em all."

"The netherworld is home to demons who were too strong for the Makai to control," Botan replied. "That's why they were sent there. If Trigon attempted to conquer that particular world, he would run into quite a bit of trouble."

"So what's your stake in this?" Robin asked.

"Other than the fact that we don't want the spirit and human realms under this nutcase's control?" Koenma asked. "It's kind of a personal matter, too. My father, Enma Daioh, and Trigon once had a very nasty disagreement many centuries ago. Specifically, they fell in love with the same girl, but she liked my father better as it turns out. To this day, Trigon's still mad that my dad stole 'his girl' from him."

"Just like him," Raven stated.

"So, what can you guys do?" Beastboy asked. "Do you have any powers? I mean, I've already seen Kuwabara do that lightsaber thing, but do the rest of you have powers like that?"

Yusuke's response was to raise his index finger in a gun-firing pose. Said finger began to glow blue at its tip.

"You don't mind if I wreck anything here, do you?" he asked, smirking.

"Ok, ok!" Beastboy shouted. "We get it! You can shoot energy blasts out of your finger! Just don't wreck my Playstation 2!"

Kurama pulled out a rose from his hair.

"A rose?" Starfire asked. "How lovely!"

"What is with this guy?" Cyborg asked, obviously thinking that Kurama wasn't exactly 100% hetero.

"Rose Whip!" Kurama shouted, and the rose converted itself into a thorned whip. "This rose whip can cut through any Earthly material, even diamond."

"As long as you don't use it to slice up anything in here, it's all cool," Cyborg said. "And, yeah, the rose is a pretty cool flower."

"Thank you," Kurama said.

"What about you, Hiei?" Starfire asked. "Do you have some special power that you wish to share with the rest of us?"

Hiei just smirked and vanished from sight. Starfire looked around, then felt someone tapping her on her shoulder. She jumped up into the air in fright, or to be more accurate, flew up into the air in fright. She looked down and saw Hiei standing right where she'd been before. Then he vanished again.

Starfire looked around and felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist. She looked up and saw . . .

. . . Hiei, smirking wickedly.

"You did want to know what my power was, right?" he asked.

"I suppose I know now," Starfire said. Her eyes glowed. "But I should tell you. I am much stronger than I appear."

That said, she swung her arms out, breaking Hiei's grip. Hiei merely landed agilely on the floor. Starfire floated back down to the floor as well.

"Are you ok, Starfire?" Robin asked.

"Do not worry, Robin," Starfire replied, smiling. "Hiei did not injure me at all. He merely wished to demonstrate his power."

"Damn, that's fast," Cyborg said. "Nice moves."

"You'll find out my powers when we go into battle," Genkai said. "Only then."

"All right, cryptic lady," Beastboy said. "Sheesh, you're just as bad as Raven."

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