Teen Titans/Yu Yu Hakusho:

"Titanic Spirits"

Chapter 7: "Hell in Your Eyes"

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Author's note: This is it, the battle that will decide the fate of the universe. Due to a suggestion in the AFF.Net reviews for this story, I've changed the name of the last chapter. By the way, I am planning out a sequel to this story, so this won't be the last time you see the Teen Titans and Spirit Detectives together.

"I believe that you are the one who will die, Trigon," Hiei sneered.

"Overconfident much?" Trigon sneered back.

"No," Hiei replied. "I just have the right amount of confidence."

Trigon turned his attention to Blackfire. "Blackfire, you ungrateful brat. I gave you the power to take vengeance, to rule. And you threw it away."

"I like myself better this way," Blackfire replied nonchalantly. "Anyway, prepare to die, Trigon!"

Throughout these exchanges, Raven was glaring at Trigon with smoldering rage, evident through a black rei-ki aura.

"I'd like to see you try," Trigon challenged.

Blackfire soared into the blood-red sky to confront Trigon. "You asked for it! Black Star Meteor!" She fired a spirit-generated starbolt at Trigon, who blocked with ease.

"Would you like to try again?" Trigon asked.

"Black Shooting Stars!" Blackfire shouted, firing a barrage of spirit-starbolts. Trigon blocked each and everyone, though.

"This is very, very pathetic," Trigon said. "But I'll give you one more chance. Then it's my turn."

Blackfire's eyes glowed pinkish lavender. "Eye of the Black Star!" With that, she unleashed the full force of her starbolts through her eyes. The light was so bright that it created a blinding flash, and then smoke.

Blackfire stood just outside the black cloud of smoke, smirking. "That'll teach you to mess with me."

"Somehow, I don't think he's all that dead yet," Kuwabara said.

Indeed, Kuwabara was right, for the smoke cleared . . . revealing Trigon.

"Good," he growled. "All that rage. Why do you think I chose you? But like I said, that was your last chance. Now it's my turn!" He unleashed a bolt of golden fire out of all four of his eyes, striking Blackfire through her mesh-covered midriff.

"Blackfire!" Starfire shouted, flying up to catch her older sister. "Are you all right?"

Blackfire's eyes slitted open. "Kick his ass for me, will ya, Koriand'r?"

"I will," Starfire replied, floating down with Blackfire. "In the meantime, I shall heal you." For the third time, Starfire activated her Nova Healing power.

"My turn," Kurama said. "Rose Whip Thorn-Wheel!" He lashed with the rose whip, spinning it like a wheel. The barbs on the whip ripped open Trigon's scarlet flesh, but the wounds regenerated.

Trigon chuckled. "Very good, Kurama." He let out another chuckle. "Why, you clever little fox. Did you leave one of your Death Seeds inside me?"

Kurama gasped. "How did you know?"

"Very little happens in my own body that I do not know about," Trigon replied. He smirked. "Go on, Kurama. Say the magic word."

Kurama smirked. "Really? All right, then."

"Don't do it, Kurama!" Raven exclaimed. "Knowing my father, it's some kind of trick!"

"Die," Kurama said, triggering the Death Seed. It bloomed inside him, and beautiful flowers of all sorts burst out of him. However, Trigon wasn't exactly dead.

"Such pretty flowers," Trigon said.

"I don't think turning him into a flowerbed is gonna do anything," Cyborg said.

"It usually kills the victim," Kurama replied. "I have no idea why it didn't work on him."

Trigon pulled the flowers out of himself, and faster than even the Flash, he threw them at Kurama, each one striking with swift, vicious accuracy. Kurama fell, bleeding from his various wounds.

"Kurama!" Hiei shouted. Raven and Starfire moved to Kurama's side, both of them using their healing powers on him.

"You will pay for this, Trigon!" Hiei declared.

"I'd like to see you try, Jaganshi," Trigon said. (A/N: For those of you who don't know, "Jagan" means "evil eye." "Shi," when attached to the end of a Japanese word, means "master." So "Jaganshi" means "Master of the Evil Eye.") "You're strong, but the Jagan you possess is not truly yours. You have no idea of its full capabilities."

"True, but I know enough to do this!" Hiei shouted, ripping off the headband that acted as a ward for his Jagan.

"Holy shit!" Cyborg and Beast Boy shouted. "He has three eyes!"

"Trigon has four," Raven replied, deadpan. "You didn't freak out when you saw those."

A ball of black fire appeared in Hiei's hand. A thunderstorm raged above them, and the air was permeated with Hiei's energy.

"Dragon of the Darkness Flame!" Hiei shouted, unleashing the black fire in the shape of a dragon. The black fire dragon leaped forward at Trigon, which for all intents and purposes should have annihilated him. However, he lived.

"A very powerful attack, Hiei, I'll give you that," Trigon said. "Not powerful enough, though." Black fire emerged in Trigon's hand. "I will show you the true fire of darkness. Dark Inferno!" A conflagration of black fire funneled from Trigon's hand and struck Hiei, eliciting a bloodcurdling scream of pain from him.

"Damn, that's really gotta hurt if Hiei's actually screaming," Kuwabara said.

"Hiei!" Raven shouted, catching him on a platform of shadow-spirit energy. His clothes were tattered and charred, and his skin was covered in burn marks.

Meanwhile, the energy that Starfire and Raven had channeled into healing Kurama worked its magic. However, it unleashed something inside him.

Kurama began to grow taller and paler. His hair turned silver and his ears migrated to the top of his head as they changed to fox ears. His eyes snapped open, but they weren't green anymore. They were a fierce golden color.

Starfire and Blackfire were staring in awe when they saw the new Kurama.

"Gorgeous . . ." Blackfire said, voicing what she and Starfire were both thinking. "Kurama" arose, a silver fox tail swishing angrily.

Yohko Kurama had come out to play.

"Hello, Trigon," he said, a cold smirk on his face.

"So the true Kurama has emerged at last," Trigon said. "Very well then, fox demon. Do your worst."

Black vines sprouted from the ground behind Trigon and wrapped around him, entangling him. The vines solidified into branches, the branches of the Death Tree.

"What binds you now is the Death Tree," Yohko Kurama said. "Its acid will burn through you in less than a minute should it touch you, though the agony will make each second a hellish eternity." He smiled coldly. "Or if you prefer a quicker death . . . Fox Leaf Storm!" Dark green leaves swirled around Yohko Kurama and then flew at Trigon, slashing and piercing like steel-tipped darts.

However, the Fox Leaf attack had the same effect as the Rose Whip had. It hurt, and it tore open his flesh, but it wasn't enough to kill him.

"Very good, Yohko Kurama," Trigon said. "An attack like that would finish most opponents. However, I am a lord of devils! Do you think I would die so easily?" He pulled, and the branches of the Death Tree tore underneath his power. He pulled again, and the branches tore even further.

"How is this possible?" Yohko Kurama asked, astonished.

Trigon broke free. "Die, fox. Eye of Hell!"

With a blast of hellfire from all four of his eyes, he struck Yohko Kurama.

"Kurama!" Yusuke shouted.

"Kurama!" Blackfire echoed. She flew to him.

Yohko Kurama chuckled. "I didn't know you cared, Komand'r."

"You're just too hot to die," Blackfire replied, smiling.

The dark rage was building up inside Raven, and all of her personalities were uniting under it. Black fire and purple lightning surrounded her, consuming her.

When it faded, Raven stood, but changed. Her eyes opened, pupil-less violet on red. She was dressed in her usual outfit, but she wore a black leather cape instead of a blue cloak. Her boots were black as well and thigh-high with stiletto heels. She growled, baring her sharpened teeth.

"Father," she snarled, her voice harsh and raspy.

"Ah, what is this power that has awakened inside you, my daughter?" Trigon asked rhetorically. He smiled. "It's for Hiei, isn't it? Your anger and love have awakened this power, haven't they?"

"You will die," Raven snarled.

"What the hell just happened to Raven?" Cyborg asked.

"It's like what happened when we fought Dr. Light and Inferno!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

"This power did not come from her anger and hatred," Genkai explained. "It came from her anger and love."

Black fire surged around Raven. "Raven Claw of the Darkness Flame!" The dark flame shaped itself into a raven's claw and grasped Trigon, holding him fast.

"Arrrrggghhhh!" Trigon screamed. "What is this?!"

"This is my power, Father," Raven replied, smiling fiercely. "You always wanted it for yourself. Here it is! Phoenix of the Darkness Flame!"

This time, the black fire shaped itself into a bird and launched itself at Trigon, consuming him. Unfortunately, even that attack wasn't enough to finish him. When the flames faded, he was still standing. Granted, he was burnt all over his body, but those were healing quickly.

"No way!" Beast Boy shouted. "Doesn't that dude ever die?"

"Hey, monster!" Yusuke shouted. "Here's Spirit Gun in your eye!" He fired the Spirit Gun right at Trigon's top left eye.

"Ahhh!" Trigon shouted, clutching the wounded eye. "Miserable boy! Eye of Hell!" He fired the blast with his three remaining eyes. However, without all four eyes open, the blast was not as strong as it had been previously. Yusuke dodged the blast.

"Spirit Sword Double Blade!" Kuwabara shouted, summoning his Spirit Sword, but a different version. This time, energy spilled out of both ends of the "hilt," forming itself into blades.

"Where did that come from?" Yusuke asked.

"A little something I was working on in my spare time," Kuwabara replied. "Now let's see if Red-Face wants some of this!" He charged at Trigon with the dual-bladed Spirit Sword. He leaped up and slashed Trigon with each blade of the sword.

"Not so bad for a mortal," Trigon sneered. "Too bad it is not nearly powerful enough! Akuma-Ken!"

Black energy slithered down Trigon's right arm and upward from his hand, writhing and shaping itself into a black-bladed sword.

(A/N: "Akuma" is the Japanese word for "devil," or at least that's what I've been led to believe. "Ken," as you doubtlessly know, is "sword/blade.")

Trigon struck the ground with the Akuma-Ken, sending a wave of hellfire and black lightning running through it and right at Kuwabara, who managed to dodge the attack.

"Nice try, punk!" Kuwabara shouted. He struck with the Spirit Sword Double Blade, but Trigon blocked both blades with the Akuma-Ken.

"You bore me," Trigon said. He slashed Kuwabara with the now-flaming Akuma-Ken.

"Kuwabara!" Yusuke shouted. To Trigon, "Monster! Shotgun!"

A hailstorm of rei-ki bullets shot out of Yusuke's fist and at Trigon, who didn't seem to be doing anything except letting the blasts hit them.

"How do you like that, Trigon?" Yusuke asked.

"I like it very much," Trigon replied. "Thank you." He reached behind his back with both hands and pulled them back, pointing the index fingers in a gun-firing pose. Both fingers glowed at their black-nailed tips with hellish black energy. "Devil Automatic!"

Immediately, machine gun-like bursts of demon energy fired at the Teen Titans and Spirit Detectives. Jinx used her powers to deflect the blasts that came at her, and even at Raven and the semi-conscious Hiei. Robin created force shields, protecting himself and any others. Starfire and Blackfire double-teamed Trigon with starbolts, both created from solar energy and rei-ki. Cyborg was shooting techno-spirit lightning bolts at Trigon.

"You cannot beat me," Trigon said.

"Wanna bet?" Beast Boy asked, and turned himself into a fire dragon. He breathed fire out of his mouth in a stream headed right for Trigon.

"Pathetic," Trigon spat and swatted the fire blast aside. He then leaped forward in a surprising demonstration of speed and grabbed Beast Boy by his throat, proceeding to throw him into a rock fixture. Acting quickly, Beast Boy turned himself into a chameleon.

"Come on out, Beast Boy," Trigon growled. "I know you're there. And I know where you're hiding." He smiled and fired, "Devil Automatic!"

The machine gun-style blast of yoh-ki completely crumbled the rock fixture. If Beast Boy had still been there, he most likely would be buried underneath it all.

"Beast Boy?" Starfire asked.

Except Beast Boy wasn't there. He'd turned into a fly and escaped. From what seemed to be out of nowhere, a green pegasus appeared, flying at Trigon.

"Hop on, Robin!" he shouted.

Robin somersaulted onto Beast Boy's back. "Charge, my faithful steed!" he shouted, making a joke.

"Hey!" Beast Boy replied. "Isn't the knight in these things supposed to have a sword?"

Robin channeled his rei-ki into a blade extending from his forearm. Beast Boy flew at Trigon and when he was close enough, Robin leaped off him and slashed Trigon with the force blade, following up with a series of force projectiles.

"Good, little Robin," Trigon growled. "But not good enough!" He blasted Robin with a bolt of hellfire and black lightning.

"Robin!" Starfire shouted. She flew up and caught him. "Are you all right?"

"I'll live, Star," Robin replied. "Thanks."

Starfire assaulted Trigon with a volley of starbolts. Then Blackfire glided up to her.

"Wanna try a two-for-one, big boy?" Blackfire asked, smirking.

"Gatling Gun!" Starfire shouted.

"Black Meteor Shower!" Blackfire shouted.

The green and pink-purple rei-ki bursts struck Trigon in a hailstorm.

"Arrrrhhhh!" the demon screamed. Unfortunately, the blasts in the end had the same effect as the other attacks. They had hurt him, but they had not stopped him.

"If this is a war of attrition," Genkai said, "then I fear we will exhaust our energies far sooner than Trigon will."

"If you're so scared, then do something!" Yusuke snapped.

"Yeah, you're the only one of us who hasn't tried anything against Trigon," Kuwabara added.

"That's because even my powers would be useless against him," Genkai replied. "There's only one person here whose powers could stop him for good --- and that would be those of his daughter."

"That would be true," Raven replied, "but there's something else we'll need besides my powers alone."

She pulled something out of her belt and held it out.

"What's this, a white nugget?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yes," Raven replied. "The Shiroiryu Nugget. Legend tells that 'when the one who is connected with nature's creatures eats it, he will become a White Dragon and unite with the child of darkness and light to defeat evil.' So, Beast Boy, feel like helping me fulfill that prophecy?"

"Oh, well," Beast Boy said, taking the nugget. "Nothing to lose." He ate the nugget and then gagged. "That tasted worse than Star's pudding!"

"Pudding?" Hiei asked, now fully conscious and mostly healed.

"Oh, you have not tasted my pudding, have you?" Starfire said. "That is all right. I will make a special pudding for you and Raven, the Pudding of Love."

"Don't eat it," Beast Boy whispered to Hiei. "It's gross." Then he started to shake. "What's happening to me?"

"You're transforming into the White Dragon," Raven replied.

Beast Boy changed into a beautiful white dragon with green streaks on its flanks.

"Now give me your power," Raven said.

"Will do," Beast Boy replied, breathing white fire at Raven.

"Everyone give your power to Raven!" Robin and Genkai ordered.

The energy flowed out of all of them and into Raven. White fire and light surrounded her and then she arose as her pure soulself, dressed in a white leotard and cloak. Her eyes glowed white as well.

Trigon's uninjured three eyes widened with terror. "No. No. No!"

"This is what you were afraid of, wasn't it, Father?" the now-pure Raven said, her voice like that of X'Hal, Starfire and Blackfire reflected. "This is why you persisted in your efforts to turn me to your side, because you were afraid that I would be powerful enough to destroy you someday! That day has arrived. Die, Trigon!"

With those words, she fired a blast of white energy at Trigon that came at him like a tsunami. Trigon tried to hold it back with his own powers, but even at his full strength, they weren't nearly enough to stop it. The white light overcame him and he screamed in pain as the pure light burned him away to nothingness.

"It's over," Raven said. "You are finished, Trigon." The power receded from her, flowing back into those she had borrowed it from. Also, her emotions separated themselves from her, leaving her back to her normal self. Raven began to fall backwards, exhausted.

Hiei leaped forward and caught her. "Rest now, my love," he said, his voice gentle.

"So what do we do now?" Robin asked. "There's a lot of loose ends from this, in case anyone doesn't know."

"Let us see," Starfire said. "Blackfire and Jinx were originally supposed to be in prison, no offense to either of you. Hiei and Raven are now mates, but Hiei still has his duties as a Spirit Detective."

"I will stay here with Raven," Hiei stated.

"You will?" Koenma, Botan, and the other Spirit Detectives asked.

"Yes," Hiei replied. "We are mated for life, and I shall not abandon my mate. Besides, Koenma, you can always send Botan to pick me up if you ever need me for anything."

"Yes, I suppose that's true," Botan said.

"Do not worry, Kurama, I will come to visit," Hiei replied.

Kurama, who had resumed his human form, just smiled. "Do not trouble yourself over me, Hiei. I will be fine."

"Yeah, who needs you around anyway, shortie?" Kuwabara asked mockingly. Of course, he would have made that remark if Yukina hadn't been present.

"I'll miss you, Hiei-niichan," Yukina said, hugging him. (A/N: Attaching "niichan" to a person's name, in Japanese language and culture, shows affection for that person as an older brother.)

"And I you, imouto-chan," Hiei replied.

"What about Blackfire and Jinx?" Cyborg asked.

"We'll go back to prison," Blackfire said, sighing in resignation.

"Speak for yourself," Jinx said. "No way I'm going back in there!"

"Oh, relax," Raven said. "It's not like you won't be able to break out sooner or later."

"Besides, we can always get you pardoned," Robin replied.

"Yes, Blackfire," Starfire said. "I shall fight as hard as I can for your release and I will convince our parents to do the same."

"Thanks, Koriand'r," Blackfire said. "And when I do get out, don't be surprised if I come for a visit." She looked at Kurama. "You gonna visit me while I'm in jail, foxy boy?"

"Yes," Kurama replied. He gave her one of his roses and smiled. "Keep it for me."

Yes, Kurama did find himself quite taken with Blackfire. She was beautiful, clever, and witty. Perhaps they might have something in the future.

"In the meantime," Yusuke said, "let's party!"

So for the whole night, Titans Tower's living room was party central. Loud dance music was blasted throughout the entire place.

"This party is pointless," Raven said. (A/N: Direct quote from the party scene in "Sisters," I know.)

"Really," Hiei said. "Then perhaps we can go do something else." He smirked evilly. Raven smiled back, just as evilly.

Hand in hand, they departed for Raven's room, and soon enough, the other Titans and Detectives could hear banging. They were all grateful they couldn't hear the noises Hiei and Raven were making, though. Soon enough, the banging was drowned out in the noise of the dance music.

Blackfire smirked at the remaining Spirit Detectives. "Don't tell me you're afraid of a little dancing."

"I bet Hiei could do the dragon, if he was still here," Kuwabara said.

"Be grateful Hiei isn't here to hear you say that," Kurama replied.

Then, a song started up. "Oh, I love this song!" she squealed, and grabbed Kurama by the arm, dragging him onto the dance floor.

"Damn, that girl's got some serious moves," Yusuke commented.

"Yes, Kurama has certainly got his work cut out for him keeping up with her," Genkai added. She looked up, seeing Kurama bust some moves of his own. "Then again, he'll probably do just fine."

"Go, Kurama! Go, Blackfire!" Beast Boy and Cyborg cheered. "Go, Kurama! Go, Blackfire! Go, Kurama! Go, Blackfire!"

As it turned out, the highlight of the impromptu party was when Blackfire moved into the center of the small crowd and started dancing. Now everyone was cheering for her.

Kurama just watched, trying to keep his demon self in check, who was practically drooling --- in his cool, dignified way, of course.

"Yes," Genkai said. "He's certainly got his work cut out for him."

Jinx had gotten into the spirit and she was dancing her wicked heart out, causing Beast Boy and Cyborg to practically drool. Robin was attempting not to stare, for Starfire's sake.

"Come join me, little sister!" Blackfire shouted, and flew to Starfire, then pulled her onto the dance floor. The two began to dance together, and everyone was watching. Of course, Robin and Kurama gave the evil eye to whoever dared ogle Starfire and Blackfire. Of course, that turned out to be every male in the Tower, sans Hiei.

After the song finished and a new one started, Jinx became Blackfire's new dance partner. The ogling apparently refused to stop.

"Teenage ningen males are idiots," a cold male voice said.

"I'd have to agree with you there," a monotone female voice said.

"Hiei! Raven! When did you two get back here?" Robin asked.

"Since all your noise kept us distracted from each other," Raven replied. "We decided we might as well enjoy the party."

"Bakayarous, the whole lot of them," Hiei said.

(A/N: "Bakayarou" means "stupid bastard" in Japanese.)

"Would you show me how to dance, Kazuma-kun?" Yukina asked Kuwabara.

"Uh, sure," Kuwabara replied.

"Oh, no," Yusuke said under his breath.

"What was that, Urameshi?!" Kuwabara shouted. "You trying to say I can't dance!"

"You're a graceless fool," Hiei contributed. "That speaks for itself."

"Shut up, you three-eyed kisama!" Kuwabara yelled.

(A/N: "Kisama" is Japanese for "bastard.")

"Please stop," Yukina said to both Kuwabara and Hiei. "This is supposed to be a party, is it not? So can we please try to have fun?"

"All right, Yukina," both men conceded.

So the party continued.

End Notes: So here is the end of Teen Titans/Yu Yu Hakusho: Titanic Spirits. Fortunately, it's not the end of their adventures, together. No, like I said, I will write a sequel to this. Now, to clear up some things.

First, X'Hal is an energy being worshipped as a goddess by the Tamaranian people. Second, "Fox Leaf Storm" and "Spirit Sword Double Blade" are strictly original attacks I invented for Kurama and Kuwabara. Third, when Raven and Hiei bonded, they transmitted a piece of their own spirits to each other, thereby enabling them to use each other's abilities. That's why Dark Raven could use Darkness Flame techniques.

Thank you all for reading this, and look out for my soon-to-arrive second TT fic, The Crow: Black Robin.