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Here's my newest fic, got the idea on the CAN believe it or not. X_X (Just don't tell)


Blue lightning crackled in the grey sky, a light rain began to fall. A normal summer storm.

A lone figure stood on a stretch of beach, rain soaking his black coat and wetting his platinum blond hair. The figure's eyes were grey, a light icy grey. His skin was pale and he was of average height for a teenage boy. A lonely person, standing in the soaked sand.

Thunder boomed in the distance and the rain began to pour as lighting cracked across the sky.

The figure rubbed his hands together, just staring through the fog and rain to the river, as if he was waiting for someone -- something.

Night fell before anything stirred. No one had seemed to see the boy as they rushed to their cars, or ran home caught walking in the rain.

It stopped raining around midnight and stars slowly speared from behind the clouds, the moon casting an eerie light over the ground.

The boy looked up, studying the clearing sky-- like black velvet with diamonds littering the surface. 'He should be here.' he thought. 'I've waited forever.' He looked around . 'Where are you, K.? You said we'd meet today.'

Suddenly a person walked up behind him, soft footsteps making little noise in the damp sand.

The boy turned. "K.?"

The person looked up, grinning. "Well, it seems we have met finally. My little pet."

The boy gulped. "Tell me, why do you want me help?"

"You have something I want."

"What? K, what do you want?"

"Your past." The man grabbed him, slapping his hand over the boy's mouth.

As the boy struggled, something fell out of his pocket-- then they vanished.

Tyson had a happy, dreamy look plastered on his face as he slept that night. His head at the wrong end of the bed and completely unaware of what was going on -- but not for long.


Suddenly he was pulled from his dream in which he was eating donuts with Max and he felt like we was falling, through black mist. Finally, he landed hard on a white floor. Tyson moaned and looked around. "Hey, what happened to my dream."

"Tyson." said a voice. A loud voice, dangerous but calm.

Tyson whipped his head back and forth. "Where are you?" he asked.

Suddenly the blue and white form of Dragoon came before Tyson, it's orang eyes staring at it's master.

"Dragoon!" Tyson exclaimed. "What the heck are you doing here."

"Someone needs your help Tyson." said Dragoon's deep voice.

Tyson stared. Then said, "You pulled me away from my donut dream from that?!"

Dragoon sighed, it seemed he had a lot to say and patience wasn't one of Dragoon's strongest qualities. "Tyson, listen to me." he said. "Go to the beach now! Someone is in great danger! Go now!"

Tyson stared, but before he could protest about wanting to finish his other dream, he was pulled from his sleep.


The boy opened his eyes. "Dragoon?" Tyson murmured, then fell asleep again.

Tyson's Beyblade, glowed with impatience.

Some hero..........................................