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Apollo- *pushes in* eh, eh, wait a sec!

LBE- What?

Apollo- I haven't committed any random acts of evil yet.

LBE- So?

Marik- Yes, see even I'm behaving!

LBE- What are you doing here? This is a Bey Blade fan fiction.

Marik- Oh

Bakura- I guess Apollo's staying here then right?

Apollo- *looks at reader* hmmmmmm na. Let's go.

LBE- Sorry about that. NOW C3 !!!!!!

Tala- HEY! Wait, I'm evil--



"AHHHHH!" Takuya screamed, but couldn't step back. He was stuck in between a monster and a force field. He stood there, unable to move or do anything but scream and stare.

The silver mist melted away forming, a huge three headed dragon. The other head's eyes's opened-- a pair of blue and a pair of red.

Takuya gasped. "What is going on here!" he cried as the dragon snapped it's fangs, each as long as his arm. "SOMEONE HELP!" He pleaded.

The dragon growled and the left head swung to look at Takuya.

Takuya gulped, the dragon head was so close, he could feel it's hot breath on his face.


"Spring Shade Catholic Orphanage?" Max read aloud.

Tyson nodded, standing up. He looked to the card and then to his Beyblade. Dragoon shimmered red for a second then stopped, but only Tyson saw it. "It's in the next town over." Tyson said. "I passed it when my mom brought me to her work one day."

"Do you think we should return it?"

"How, Max?" Tyson asked.

"We'll go to Spring Shade, stupid." he said. "And we'll give it back."

Tyson didn't speak. 'But how did it get here in the first place?' He thought. 'This doesn't make sense.' Suddenly his Beyblade vibrated and glowed, again with light only Tyson could see. 'Dragoon, what is going on?' He sighed.

Max looked at Tyson. "Hello? Earth to Tyson!"

"Oh!" Tyson jumped. "Ya, maybe we should bring it back."

"Tomorrow then, after school?" Max asked as they started to walk up the beach.

"Ya, sure." Tyson muttered, still staring at the card.


Tyson rolled over in his bed and looked at the red lights of his digital clock. "Auwwwww." he groaned. The numbers 3:12 met him. "Why can't I sleep?" he sighed.

The blue haired boy sat up and rubbed his left eye. The pale light of the crescent moon shone through the blue blind on his window. Tyson looked around and stood up.

"This is not funny." Tyson sighed. "First the freaky dream, then all those flashes and the card out of no where." he said. "There's something wrong. I never thought something this paranormal would happen!" He slumped down into his bean-bag chair and turned on his tv, low. "Give me dark bit beasts, give me lunatics, give me evil bladers, give me computer bit beasts. JUST LET ME SLEEP!" He flipped the channel to the late news, he didn't know why, but he did.

"And in other news," the announcer said. "There's been strange happenings in large museums, in Japan, USA, Great Britain and Russia today."

Tyson gasped and leaned forward. He turned on the closed captioning, to make sure he didn't miss a thing.

The announcer shuffled his papers and continued. "It seems all of the ancient Beyblade displays have been destroyed over night. All papers, statues etc. have been moved, broken or stolen in the past day. If anyone has any information about this crimes, please call your local authorities."

Tyson sat back. "Wow." he whispered. "It seems the whole Beyblading world has been turned on it's head."

"And another flash for you late watchers," the reporters said, "A young boy has gone missing from a local orphanage two days ago. Please if you have seen his boy please call 1-800-555-SAVE. Here's the latest photo." The screen darkened, then Tyson saw the same boy on the card. The same pale skin, the same platinum blonde hair and the same cold grey eyes.

"NO WAY!" Tyson exclaimed, then quickly put his hands over his mouth. He put the tv on mute to make sure there was no sounds coming from the other rooms. He exhaled and pushed mute off.

The news did it's ending cue and the commercial came on; some advertisement for a new reality show-- The Average Jane.

Tyson closed his eyes and put his hand on his forehead. "This is nuts."


"It seems all of the ancient Beyblade displays have been destroyed over night. All papers, statues etc. have been moved, broken or stolen in the past day. If anyone has any information about this crimes, please call your local authorities."

Kai sat slumped on his couch, watching the 3 o'clock news.

"Hmf." He said. "Why someone would do that is beyond me. What more can be found with that old junk?" He laughed to himself, flipping the channel.

Kai suddenly narrowed his eyes, His Beyblade was clicking in its drawer. He looked over to his desk. "Huh?" The boy stood up and opened his desk drawer.

Dranzer rolled and clicked, glowing blue.

Kai jumped back. "What the hell?" he gasped.

Dranzer jumped and clicked again. It continued rolling in circles on its side.

Kai slowly reached out and touched his Beyblade, it stopped spinning around, so he picked it up. 'What was that?' he thought.

Then he saw flashed, frozen scenes; a boy being kidnaped, a picture of a orphanage, a man with a shadowed face, a little girl sitting along on some cold steps crying, Tyson arguing with Max Dragoon and Dranzer fighting, Raye with misted eyes standing alone in the rain as a silhouette of Dredger flew around Raye started to laughed evilly.

Kai threw Dranzer away from him, the boy fell on the floor gasping. "That was not cool. Something's up. . . . again."


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