In Love Again

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Chapter 1: In Trouble Again

She shivered. He had touched her until she was trembling and aching, whispering his name, almost begging him to love her. The he stepped back, when she wanted only to drown in his arms. The harshness in his moonlit face frightened her. It would end in pain. She knew that, but she nevertheless whispered, "Yes. I'll stay with you tonight. I cannot imagine tomorrow."




"Virginia! Yo, earth to Virginia!"

Dazed from the novel she was reading, Virginia turned to Jet as she put down the book that read, With Strings Attached.

She let out an exasperating sigh and started at her rebellious comrade dreamily while asking, "Yes...Jet?"

When she stood up and took a step towards him, he took a step back. "Have you been reading that shit again?" He asked as his eyes narrowed with disgust. She took another step closer and he once again took one back. "Gimme a break! Not again!" I knew trying to sneak a late night snack was a bad idea! He thought as he quickly tried to think of a way to distract her.

As Virginia took two steps closer, Jet felt a surge of panic run through him. Virginia, their team leader, was once again swept away by the passion she read in a book and the spell was too strong to break. Jet used the only resort he thought of at the time. "...Clive? Gallows?!?"

He glanced nervously around the empty Maxwell kitchen searching for his comrades, until his gaze settled on Gallows and Clive who were heading down the wooden stairs. Jet managed to hide behind the table as Virginia stood on the other side. "Hey punk, sorry to leave you during your time of need, but I gotta upgrade my gun. Besides, this looks like this could get good so," He paused for a second, then grinned, "see ya later!"

Jet's eyes widened, as the strongest of the group was willing to leave him there. Ah well, what did he expect? "Clive?" He asked desperately as he shifted focus.

"Though it would be the right deed to help you, I have to make sure Gallows does not start wasting Gella on parts of the gun upgraded that he doesn't need. Besides, it is your turn to snap her out of it, is it not?"

"He'll be fine on his own!" Jet yelled in disapproval, still circling the table with Virginia on the other side.

Scratching his head, Clive murmured, "Apparently not. Remember what happened last time?"


"Alright you guys! Stand back and watch me and my improved gun work our magic!" Were the last words of Gallows during that fateful battle.

After the battle...

"Who saw this coming?" Jet asked his team as they stood around the bed of the saloon in Claiborne.

The other two team members raised their hands. It was obviously Clive and Virginia.

"So this is the team I can count on, huh?" Gallows managed to sputter out, lying in the bed close to being unconscious.

"Well, we did manage to defeat the monster you could not manage to defeat yourself." Clive replied.

"Not to mention that you told us to stand back and watch you and your new improved gun work your magic." Virginia added.

Silent for a moment, Gallows managed to retort, "Shut...up."

End Flashback

Silence filled the house.

"So? He should have learned by now!" Jet yelled. Sadly enough, he was the first one to say anything.

"Well, too bad punk, cause obviously I haven't!" Gallows replied, trying to get Jet and Virginia alone in the house. He's a hazard to society. People should really lock him up.

"Well, I suppose this would not be happening if you did not try to sneak a midnight snack." Clive acknowledged directed to Jet.

"Whatever!" Jet yelled at him. "Just help me out!"

Gallows thought for a moment, then replied, " can do punk! We're off!"

Jet was still hiding behind the table and asked Gallows and Clive, "Well, what're you doing upgrading it so late at night!?"

Clive adjusted his glasses and replied, "We would have upgraded it earlier if someone did not decide to check out the Hob-Gob's lair to see if there was any treasure there!"

Jet was in a stump. "Then, why didn't you upgrade it earlier on in the day?" He managed to ask after a moments worth of silence.

"We would have if someone had not suggested that we eat first." Clive countered brutally. Yes, Jet was now the victim of Clive's never-ending assaults.

"Hey, I was hungry!" Gallows protested.

There was once again silence.

"Precisely. In other news," Clive started after pushing up his glasses, "if you want to snap her out of it, you could always awaken her aunt and uncle who are sleeping at the neighbor's house. I am sure they would appreciate it."

Gallows blinked. "That was sarcasm right?" He asked, dumbfounded.

"Yes." Clive answered. "Yes it was."

"Whatever. If you guys leave me, you'll never hear the end of this!" Jet said before Gallows and Clive could step out the door.

Clive stopped and countered swiftly, "Technically, we would not hear the end of this either way, correct?"

Jet's face turned red. If we were talking about crayons, it would've been torch red.

When Clive and Gallows left the house, leaving Jet and Virginia alone, silence followed. "V-Virginia? Yo...are you okay?"

Virginia didn't say a word, instead, she and Jet began the –table dance- as I like to call it. No matter where Jet went, Virginia was always on the opposite side of the table. He tried everything to snap her out of it, but nothing would work.

10 minutes later

Okay, I can't exactly make a run for it, or she'll probably end up raping me, I can't exactly call on my team and I can't call her aunt and uncle. I have one last resort.

Jet thought as he loaded an ice cream bucket full of cold water. Before this same exact circumstance happened to Clive and Gallows, and from that experience, he recalled exactly what to do. It was getting tiring because they circled the entire table at least 12 times and Jet was going nowhere and fast. It was pretty disturbing when she was hitting on Clive; a married man, and Gallows; who tried to take advantage of that opportunity.

"FEEL THE LOVE!" Were his final words before he threw all the cold water onto her.

The second the cold water touched her skin, she jumped back and shrieked. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?"

"What do you mean 'WHAT AM I DOING'? He yelled back, trying to keep his distance.

"EXACTLY WHAT I SAID!" Virginia yelled as she looked down onto her now soaked violet dress.

Jet dropped the ice cream bucket onto the ground and yelled, "You were reading that crap again!"

Again with the silence.

"You know what's sad?" She asked him with this scary tone in her voice.

Jet looked towards her as she gave him a sinister stare as well as smile. "What?" He asked her.

"Just between you and me," She continued, "I don't believe a word you said."

Jet's sweat-dropped.

Minutes later, Clive and Gallows entered to see an unconscious Jet lying on the wet kitchen ground with Virginia sitting on a chair, book on table, with her reading it while trying to dry her hair with a towel.

"Should we?" Clive asked Gallows, but not loud enough for Virginia to hear.

Gallows smirked, then replied, "Nah, he'll wake up sooner or later."

"Understood. Goodnight Virginia." Clive said softly, trying not to gain her attention.

"Uh huh." She replied quickly.

2 hours later

"Dammit...she really pounded me...Stupid violent tomboy." Jet said as he sat up from off the ground, his eyes still adjusting to the darkness he now sat in.

For a brief moment, he saw the light of a flame ignite, and a silhouette to go with it. His eyes widened as he feared of who the silhouette might belong to. Right when he was certain who it was, a voice came that said, "Welcome back...Jet."

Chapter 1: In Trouble Again/END