The Joke : Complete

by Susan Owens

Rated: G

Summary: Murdock plays a joke on Face that backfires

Disclaimer: I don't own them

Copyright: 2000

Archieve : Yes

Comment Card: yes

Author's Notes: I hope I wasn't too hard on Face

The Joke

Templeton Peck stood in front of the mirror preening himself. He had been doing that for the last four hours. He had a date and wanted to be perfect. Nothing but the best for the women who dated Templeton Peck.

HM Murdock stood at the doorway of the bathroom.

"You know Face. One of these days your reflection is going to leave you."

Face looked at Murdock and shook his head. "Murdock don't be silly ."

He looked at his teeth and smiled, they were perfect no stains, just pearly white .

"I'm telling you Face. It's going to leave you ."

Face just laughed as he went down stairs. As Face walked into the hallway he saw a large standing mirror. He decided to take one last look to see if everything was in order. As he looked into the mirror he saw no reflection, none at all. Face let out a scream. Hannibal and BA came running from the kitchen, Murdock came down the stairs.

"Face what's wrong?" asked Hannibal.

Face didn't look at Hannibal he was shaking. "Han... Han ...Hannibal, I don't have a reflection. It's gone." he cried.

Hannibal walked up to the mirror and saw he had no reflection either. "Face I think this is a trick mirror because I don't have one either."

Suddenly they heard Murdock laugh. "April Fools, Face."

Face stared at Murdock "It's not April Fools Day, you idiot! It's not even April! How could you play such a cruel joke on me, Murdock? I thought you were my friend !"

Murdock was stung by Face's outburst. "The man at the store said it was a fun gag and you would get a kick out of it."

Face started towards him. "If you don't get out of my sight. I'll give you a kick right up your backside."

Murdock flew upstairs and Face left for his date. That night when Face came home, Murdock was waiting for him.

"Hi, Face, I didn't think you were coming back."

"Well I had nowhere else to go."

"Face, I'm sorry. It was wrong to play that joke on you. I guess a joke isn't funny if the other person isn't laughing. Please forgive me."

"I did forgive you, Murdock. You made me mad tonight, but I forgive you. I always do."

The End