G Gundam Hysteria II

By SC-0612, Shadowlord, Ronin, & Sage

Prologue: The Gundam that Tripped and Fell to Earth

Disclaimer: SC: None of the four of us own G Gundam.

Ronin: Although Sage dreams of buying it from Sunrise.

Sage: *sighs* Yeah...

Shadowlord: You're really strange, Sage.


Neo-Japan Space Colony:

*a group of Neo-Japanese Busshi MS, led by a Gun Magna MS, circle around a newly formed crater.*

Ulube: Listen up, boys! We need to take him out as soon as he sticks that ugly gundam head of his out of that hole, okay? Don't waste this opportunity, guys. Hello? Do you read me? Private Kodansha? Private! Do you copy?!

*Inside Private Kodansha's Busshi*

Kodansha: Zzz...

Ulube: Private!!!

Kodansha: ...? *wakes up* Major Ulube! What is it, sir?

*shots fire out from the crater at the surrounding MS*

Ulube: Oh, never mind...just go beat the living daylights out of the Beast...

*A loud roar issues forth from the crater as the Dark Gundam arises*

Kodansha: Eep! *flees* Mommy!

Ulube: *sighs* Why do I always get the pathetic ones? *dodges a shot from the Dark Gundam* Damn! *chases after Kodansha* Wait for me! *stumbles and falls* Ow...

*The Dark Gundam climbs out of the crater. It struggles to its feet and turns to leave.*

Ulube: Uh oh...

Dark Gundam: *trips over Gun Magna* Rrrrlll!!!

Ulube: Owie...

*The Dark Gundam leaps into the air and flies off in the general direction of the Earth.*

Ulube: Oh, the pain...


A/N: Shadowlord: More to come, rabid fans!

Sage: Hn...immodest little twit.

Shadowlord: Well...you're an...an immodester little twit!

Ronin: Be nice, you two.

SC-0612: Yes, listen to Ronin and be polite.