G Gundam Hysteria II


By Shadowlord, SC-0612, Ronin, and Sage


Disclaimer- Shadowlord: We don't own G Gundam or any of the characters. We never have, and we never will, unless Sunrise reconsiders my offer to buy Kyoji and Schwarz for a bag of mixed nuts and an ice cream cone.

In response to reviews:

Koto * Juri: SC-0612: Uh-huh. I hate to say it, but I'm not really a fan of Sai Saici the Rat-fearing Chef, so he's gonna get teased with the rest of them. And I don't think Hiei's going to be showing up anytime soon.

Shuffle Queen: Sage: Yeah, there are four of us. You think I could ever be the same person as Shadowlord?

Turtle Lover: Ronin: Sage, do you enjoy making Shadowlord mad? Because you do a very good job. Anyway...yeah, Episode 13 will be fun. I'm looking forward to making fun of Master Asia.



Episode Two: Just What IS The American Dream?

Part One: Jingle Bells, Domon Smells...



New York City, Neo America:

*Neo America's Gundam Maxter is paraded down Park Avenue, celebrating Chibodee Crocket's victory against Scud Gundam. The crowd cheers, hoping this is a sign of more victories to come.*

In a nearby bar:

Bartender: *cleaning bar vigorously* Must...get...clean...Must...rid bar...of chicken smells...

Domon: *watching parade on television* He sure is popular around here, isn't he?

Bartender: *soaking bar in disinfectant* Of course. He's going to fulfill the American Dream.

Domon: What's that?

Bartender: What's what?

Domon: The American Dream.

Bartender: What about it?

Domon: What is it?!

Bartender: What's what?

Domon: ...

Kid: Hiya, mister!

Domon: Aah! *cowers under stool*

Kid: *picks up stool* Mister?

Domon: Back, foul beast! *scrambles up onto the bar counter*

Bartender: Aw...I just sanitized that...

Kid: Mister, I just wanted to show you something...*holds up a poster advertising the boxing match Chibodee would be in that afternoon*

Domon: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- oh. Eh...right. *coughs* Sorry.

Bartender: Are you going to get down now?

Domon: *backs away nervously* Not until he leaves...

Later, outside:

Domon: Man, that kid is stalking me or something...*sniffs cloak* Hmm...chicken wings...

Mysterious Man: *drops out of a tree* Go to the boxing match!

Domon: AIEE...oh, it's just the creepy guy. What do you want?

Mysterious Man: You're here to fight Chibodee Crocket, right?

Domon: No, I'm here because Belchino said it was the only decent bar in Neo America.

Mysterious Man: *sighs* Why are you in New York?

Domon: Because Rain said so.

Mysterious Man: Do you enjoy irritating me, or is it an accidental side affect of being stupid?

Domon: Uh...hey!

Mysterious Man: Right. Go to the boxing match and fight Chibodee.

Domon: Why do I want to fight Chibodee?

Mysterious Man: Because Rain said so.

Domon: Good point. Okay!

Mysterious Man: And change your clothes. You smell like you crawled through food products.

A small office:

Douglas: Now, Chibodee-

Chibodee: Yep, that's me! Chibodee Crocket! The Champion!

Douglas: Eh...right...anyway...try not to do anything too...flashy.

Chibodee: Flashy? Me?

Grumman: Yeah...you tend to do flashy things.

Chibodee: *looks hurt* I do?

Douglas: Uh...yes, you do. And that's something we don't want right now.

Chibodee: Why?

Grumman: Neo Japan's Fighter has been sighted at a bar in the city, and we'd rather you not attract attention.

Chibodee: At a bar? Fun! Which one?

Douglas: I don't know...

Grumman: Chibodee, this guy defeated Michelo Chariot and his Neros Gundam.

Chibodee: The guy with the obsession with feet? Aw...I wanted to toast him...but I can handle this loser. I AM the Champion, after all! *gloats*

Grumman: *whispers to Douglas* So much for the not flashy idea...

Douglas: This is Chibodee. Is it possible for him to not be flashy?

Grumman: Good point. Hey, let's go get some chicken wings.

Chibodee: I AM the Champion!

At the boxing ring:

Announcer: It's the match of the century, folks! Who will be crowned the greatest boxer in Neo America?

Will it be Chibodee Crocket, the colony champion?! *the crowd cheers wildly* Or will it be the challenger, Carmela Conomy?!


Random Conomy Fan: Yeah! Go Conomy- *is tackled by rabid Chibodee fangirls* Um...never mind...

Announcer: Conomy has already made his entrance, so now we await Chibodee's grand appearance! And here he is! Neo America's favorite New Yorker, Chibodee Crocket!

Chibodee: Yeah! I am the Champ! I will always be the Champ! Even if- *is thrown backwards by "Conomy's" punch* -even if I get knocked on my butt...what was that for?! The match hasn't started!

Domon: *yanks off Conomy's robe* Chibodee Crocket, I challenge you to a Gundam Fight!

Chibodee: You cheater! *swings wildly at Domon* I'll shut you up!

Domon: Aah! *flees* It's a crazed boxer! Run for your lives!

Chibodee: Hey! *stands* Get back here! I'm not done with you yet!

Mysterious Man: *sitting next to the now-pummeled Conomy fan* Domon can be so stupid...pass the popcorn, please.

Conomy Fan: Go...Conomy? *is tackled* ...

Mysterious Man: *climbs over the Chibodee fanatics piled on top of the foolish fan* Time to go save Domon's hide again...good luck with your fangirl problem.

Fan: *muffled* Help...


Grumman: *munching chicken wings* Wow. Security here is pathetic.

Douglas: Yeah...hey! Let's assassinate someone! Like that Gundam Fighter!

Grumman: But first let's assassinate someone else! *points at a random passerby, who starts to look very nervous* Like him! We're from the Department of Defense! We wear suits! And ties! We can handle this!

Douglas: Yeah! *reaches for the bowl of chicken wings*

Grumman: Hey! Mine!


Ronin: We are so going to insult the Chibodee fans...either that, or someone from the DoD will have us arrested.

Sage: Yeah. The Department of Defense has nothing better to do than read fanfiction.

Ronin: Well...you never know...