"Sasuke... don't even mention him. I've had enough headaches, thank you very much..." Ino groaned. Sasuke Uchiha, wonderful guy... Not if you were locked in a room with him for three hours.

"Ino, what changed your perspective?" asked Sakura innocently, even though she knew exactly what Ino meant.

"Well, you seem awfully ignorant for someone who LOCKED US IN!" Ino screamed.

Sakura twiddled her thumbs, looking downwards. "It was an accident. Besides, how come you aren't swooning after such a wonderful encounter?" Sakura said, grinning. Sakura, after giving up on Sasuke ever thinking of anyone other than himself and his brother, had been annoyed with Ino for talking on and on about it. So, she 'accidentally' locked them in a nin-academy closet together, hoping it would bring them together or drive them apart.

So far, it seemed it worked. "Well..."

"Well nothing! All he does is complain. He kept mentioning you, and Naruto, and how there was no space to do anything... I don't think he noticed I was there, really, until about an hour in..." Ino droned.

Naruto is annoying, but he's more interesting..." Sakura said, grinning, "and he already likes me..."

"Who'm I left with?" Ino whined.

"Chouji!" Sakura teased, while Ino looked disapproving.

"Chouji's nice! Don't make fun...Anyways, I have to go. Shikamaru wants me for something..." Io said, looking annoyed. "I just can't believe Sasuke was so..." She headed off.


When Sakura next saw Ino, it was that evening, as she burst into Sakura's room and flew onto her bed, back first. Sounding dazed, she said, "Sakura... I think I'm over Sasuke..."


Stupid! I was bored... Does it sound at all possible? I think this is a one-shot...