"A New World"

Prologue: The Beginning

Legolas stepped through the vines of a plant and into a clear-air clearing. There was a pool in the middle of the clearing and nothing but trees and rocks surrounding the circle of the clearing. He smiled to himself. A lot has happened and he needed to get away from all of it. He sat down on a rock, formed like a chair. He thought about why he was chosen. Chosen to be King when his brothers, Elensal and Elmeor were older and more responsible that he was. He sighed, people had always told him his father like him the best out of his children, guess they were right.

And then there were those women who threw themselves at him. He hated that, couldn't stand someone like that. He always liked a challenge. He sighed once more and sat down on the cold stone. He looked around, happy that he had found this spot on his own, no one knew about this.

"LLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS SSSS!!!!!!" a shrill voice called for him. He groaned and shot out of his stone chair. He looked around and groaned again. He didn't have anywhere to do. He could cross the pool, but he couldn't swim, he look at a wall of rocks, piled up over a hill of some sort. He looked closely and noticed a path through the rocks to the top. He smiled and began to climb the rocks.

"Legolas, What are you doing?" the voice greeted him. He looked down to see his loyal servant, Veahawen, staring at him. He smiled at her and began to climb down.

"So sorry, Veahawen. Thought you were someone else." He looked down and realized it was a mistake. He lost his breathe and controlled it again. He was afraid of heights. He hit himself mentally and began again to climb down. But as he took for the next step, he missed it and before he knew it he was falling down to the ground. He had just enough time to see his favorite rock right under him. Then all he remembered was a sharp pain, then nothing.